ITALIAN SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The video has two women without a relationship of domination or submission between them but of the same level, for example two mistresses doing exercises, not a slave and a mistress. The video starts with the two of them having a soft fight for training for about a minute or so. Then one of the two interrupts and asks the other if she wants to try the lift and carry and asks to sit on the shoulders of the other, the other accepts and makes her go on her shoulders using the trapeze. I want both of them to be friends with each other and neither will treat the other as a slave. For the rest of the video this pose goes on, then as soon as the woman below starts to get tired she asks the one above if maybe she wants to get off and the other with some excuse replies that she would like to do a few more laps. So they continue like this, but then when the one below is really tired then then they resume their previous training. Again the girl above asks to be taken but the one below refuses and proposes to do the opposite. So they switch roles and stay that way until the end?
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