173436 – Lady Scarlet – Coupe de grace – part 1

ITALIAN LANGUAGEI?m lying comfortably on my black leather sofa, wearing stockings, robe and leopard-print heels: lying naked and blindfolded on the floor in front of me this slave does not know what he will have to face. I tied his hands to the feet of the sofa, he has no way to oppose what I’m about to do to him. First, I use his mouth to take off my heels and then let him kiss my veiled feet. But the delicacy does not last long, immediately afterwards my feet widen his mouth and one at a time I push them all the way down to his throat. He begs for mercy, asks me to untie him but I push harder and harder until I hear him cough as I announce that a coup de grace is about to arrive…
Lady Scarlet - Coupe de grace - part 1
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