ENGLISH SPEAKINGCUSTOM REQUEST – The scene: You?re wearing heels or boots, stockings and lingerie that shows cleavage. Your hair is down. Your slave is naked and shorter than you in your heels. You are trying to get him to confess that he stole a pair of your panties and jerked off in them without permissionSlave is naked and over a bench in the process of being paddled when the scene opens. He?s counting, eg, 47, 48, 49, 50.You roughly pull him back to face you standing. You?re significantly taller and he looks forward at your chest. You scold him to get his eyes to your face, that you didn?t give him permission to look at your breasts. Then you ask him if he?s ready to confess. He plays dumb ?I?ve got nothing to confess to Mistress.? You run your hand through his hair and sigh, then look at him kindly. ?Maybe you are telling the truth slave.?But really you are changing tactics in your interrogation. You walk and sit down in a chair. ?Come here slave. I want you to sit on my lap.? He looks at you in surprise and says he?s afraid he?ll hurt you and you tell him not to worry that you?re very strong. Your legs are together. He sits down forward with his back to you. His feet are off the ground. You tell him to turn to the side and he scoots and turns to sit sideways across your lap. You shift your legs back and forth to show him how easy it is to hold him on your lap. You ask him sympathetically if the beating hurt and he says yes mistress. You ask if he likes being on your lap. He looks down shamefully and says yes again. You ask him if he wants you to hold him and make him feel better after that nasty beating. He says yes. You let your legs split apart and his butt drops down between your legs. Your arms scoop under him and you cradle him in your lap. You guide his arm behind you and press his head to lie on your shoulder/chest. Then you squeeze him and soothe him that it?s all better now, that Mistress is done beating him and that he?s safe now in his step-mommy?s arms. You hold him for awhile and stroke his hair. You bury his face in your hair and ask if he likes the way you smell. You shift him back and forth, squeezing and tenderly holding him for awhile. He sighs and whimpers. Eventually you notice that he?s hard. You ask him if he likes it when his step-mommy holds him. He says yes. He looks soft and meditative, letting his guard down. You touch his hard cock and ask if he would like you to take care of him. He says yes. You start to stroke and bring him to the edge and back again. Optional: If the slave is small enough, you stand up holding him in a cradle to show him how strong you are and how safe he is in your arms. You tell him to stroke himself while he is in the air but don?t finish. Then you sit back down.You stroke him again and make him finish, but then you pull your hand away as he cums and ask him what happened to your panties. He confesses with a submissive whimper that he stole them and jerked off into them without permission. You look at him for a moment, then your eyes darken. You shove him to the floor. ?I knew it you bad boy. Get back up on the bench to resume your beating.
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