173439 – Lady Scarlet – Coupe de grace – part 2

I?m continuing the special treatment for this filthy worm lying naked at my feet. I allowed him to kiss my feet veiled with nylon but I just had a better idea on how to use my stockings. I take them off with the help of his mouth and I make collars for my little puppy: one around his neck and one I tie around his cock and balls as I like it. Now I want to feel his tongue on my bare feet, I put my toes in his mouth, rub my soles on his tongue stretched out and then I also spit in his mouth to help him lubricate… I make him lay on the sofa like a puppy and while one foot crushes his head the other rubs incessantly on his tongue until the moment when I leave him there waiting for my forgiveness.
Lady Scarlet - Coupe de grace - part 2
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