34186 – CLIP – human face footstool under Mistress Maeva\’s feet and shoes / HD

Mistress Maeva use the face of its slave like a footstool while she works on the computer, she put its high heeled sandals on his face to make him lick them clean and finish with its marvelous berefeet on his face.human footstool – face footstool – shoes worship – foot worship – human object Quality : HD 1920x1080Length : 07:00

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34185 – CLIP – Bianca, red high heel sandals – part 1/2

Beautiful air attendent Bianca is sitting on the couch relaxing. The camera shows her perfect face and then goes down to show her feet in her sexy high heel sandals. After moving around a little she lets her sandals dangle off her feet. Then one foot slips completely out and rubs her second foot still in her shoe. The barefoot moves around, her toes wiggle, we get to admire her perfect soft soles. Beautiful girl, very nice clip. Ambient sound, high quality and large size video: (960×540). – Duration: 2\’40 – Part 1/2

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34184 – CLIP – Forced Feet Worship 55

The Turkish Mistress Alida has packed her slave bobby completely into a plastic foil. He from tip to toe is wrapped in sculpture, can not move and sweats at the whole body. It then snatches itself he sets itself a chair over him with that and stretches its naked feet to this spoil into the face. Does not feel more dominating! Bobby is complete under its control, can not stir, gets hardly air and must kiss and lick its feet obediently.

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34181 – CLIP – PRAY TO GO(L)D HD

you told me you are a \’\’normal \’\’ man, a strong normal man.Do you think you will be able to keep your hands off while you will watch this clip?Do you think you will forget Me after you will watch me wearing this awesome gold outfit?I will be honest with you\’m the most potent drug you\’ve NEVER experienced… until now.(1280×720)

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34161 – CLIP – Miss Betty – Loungwhip Pony Training (HIGHRESMOV)

have YOU ever been treated like a pony from a dominant lady? if yes or YOU dream about, this clip is for YOU. it starts at the boots of wonderful miss betty where YOU can study those perfect heels for quite a while before the action begins. miss betty is kinda friendly in that clip, cuz she is open hearted for human animals like YOU! she is dressed in a black elegant blouse, white riding trousers and those boots. but dont think it will be an easy task for YOU today, cuz maybe YOU have noticed, that her leathergloved hands are armed with a long loungewhip…the perfect instrument to correct any lack of obiedience, if YOU are not behaving. to make no doubt about this she swings the whip with so much force, that it tears apart… great and special virtual domination clip! GERMAN LANGUAGE! clip duration: 7.34 mins.

HIGHRESMOV 980 x 720 px! 2600 kBit/s. Excellent brilliant Quality!

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34159 – CLIP – Forced Feet Worship 53

Bobby demands an absolute foot adoration of its slave Gothic Mistress Emily. Bobby kneels the hands in front with handcuffs tied up on the ground. On order of Emily it must stretch its hands forward. Plateau Heels climbs with her high ones its hands now and the Giant Goddess stops as a sign of the power on this. It shifts its complete weight on its hands. And then bobby must start to adore her feet. It kissed the lovely feet grace full in the hitting thin classic black seam nylons, kissed the black leather of the randy vulgar High Heel sandals, the metal blanks to this. It dabs the fine red lacquered toenails tattoo these shimmer by the soft nylon and all the time has the view of her coloured gone on their feet and legs. Emily then turns it the foot over in the shoe, the hers spoils sole of the foot of behind and the heel.

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33369 – CLIP – Mistress Diva Femdom # 1b

Part Two Of TwoMistress Diva finds Poor Willy sleeping on the job. She decides to humiliate him as she gets on top and pins him down. Soon she is enjoying her usual facesitting positions forward, reverse and sideways. When he is weakened she tramples him with a foot on the face making him kiss her feet as she practices her victory poses !!!!