44123 – CLIP – My First LEZBO Footslave!

Ok, so I heard about this lezbo wh*re that is like totally obsessed with worshipping Mean Girls like ME 🙂 and she lets you treat her like complete garbage…lol! And it turns out that this little slut is TOTALLY obsessed with MEEEE…of course. I am THAT f*cking HOTTT! 🙂 She has apparently been paying to download & watch MY videos! LOL! So I decided to borrow her from GoddessNo and use her in MY clips! :)She basically just crawls in the front door and starts groveling at my feet, telling me how BEAUTIFUL I am…blah, blah, blah…stuff I already know. But she knows her place and realizes how much more GORGEOUS I am than her, so I allow her the privilege of giving ME a foot massage. This chick is SOOO pathetic! Like, she is f*cking THRILLED just to RUB MY FEET BECAUSE I AM SO MUCH HOTTER THAN HER! LOL!And I let her know in the video that she is SO lucky and tell her right to her face that I think she is not as pretty as me!! HAHAHA!!!

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44177 – CLIP – Internet Beatdown

The economy is so bad that some idiot put an ad up on the internet advertising that he would let girls abuse him, beat him up, and take out their frustrations on him- for whatever amount of money they wanted to pay him! So these two girls answered the ad and thought it was HILARIOUS that they could just ABUSE this guy, treat him like sh*t, and be as MEAN as they wanted to him! Apparently, they both have ex-boyfriends that they had some frustrations with- so they decide to take them out on this anonymous loser that shows up at their door!Trampling, kicking, faceslapping, ballbusting, whipping, and general humiliation take place at the loser\’s expense while the girls laugh.The girl filming keeps shouting encouragement from behind the camera and even mentions that she is filming it because \ girlfriends will think this is hilarious\ and she cant wait to show them.How much money does he earn for all his begging and abuse? The girls are even mean when they pay him…but you\’ll need to watch the video to see how much they pay him for basically letting them treat him like sh*t… &iid=44177 &iid=44177

44176 – CLIP – Bootboy Beatdown – PART 2

\ this PART 2 we are really letting the Boot-boy have it with the same boots that this loser bought us! LOL! Its SOOO funny- HE paid for them, brought them to us, and now we are simply USING them to BEAT HIS A** with!! LOL! I even stand on his back in my new stiletto boots and strike VICTORY POSES! :)I REALLY kick him as hard as I can in the ribs until he finally groans out a \ I kick him AGAIN one more time really hard just for fun! LOL! \ PERFECT

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44175 – CLIP – Bootboy Beatdown – PART 1

\ Crystal and I are just getting back from the club after wearing our new boots out that loser slave bought for us. The problem was, the boots were SO hot that all these other losers guys kept coming up to us and hitting on us! It was SOOO annoying!So we decide to have a little fun and play a little trick on that dweeb that brought us the boots earlier in the day! He was SO pathetic, we call him up and tell him to come over so we can give him his \ for getting us the boots. Then when he comes over we tell him to put his hands behind his back so we can give it to him…and then Princess Crystal HANDCUFFS him! LOL! Then I calmly explain to him how SICK we are of LOSERS like him HITTING on us at the club, and we want to take our anger out on someone- and his \ is that we are going to take it out on HIM! LOL!\ PERFECT ***In this first part it is mostly whipping with a flogger and crop…***

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44174 – CLIP – Bootboy Beatdown

\ is the FULL CLIP of Princess Crystal and I beating down the pathetic loser that brought us our free boots and presented them to us on bended knee like a little B*TCH.We had a bad night out at the club and trick this loser to come over so we can take out our agression on ALL the men that hit on us when we go out! We start by whipping him (part 1) and then kicking, stomping, and stepping on him. (Part 2)**This clip has both parts 1&2 in it. But if you want to see how we met \ you need to buy \ to bootboy\ as it is not included in this clip!\**\-PRINCESS PERFECT &iid=44174 &iid=44174

43292 – CLIP – Single Tail SAM; Part 3 of 3-Final Punishment Windows Media

SAM won\’t forget to be timely and not waste his mistress\’ time. Just so he doesn\’t forget Domina M gives him some serious, sharp whacks with a cane.His moaning might give her away to the others in the household so he gets a big ball gag stuffed in his mouth. At the end she canes him for each minute he was late in rapid succession, leaving some serious welts on his ass. 5 minutes

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40691 – CLIP – fd – lsmw – TOILET AND OTHER SCENES 05 – HQ 640×360

HQ 640×360, time 41:17. Lady Sylwia and Mistress Weronika version. REQUEST:\ would start by being dressed in a light coloured feminine short summer dress with white bra and panties and tan pantyhose and high heel summer sandals or shoes.                                                                                    She would enter the bathroom and open the lid and then take a quick pee, dress, flush, wash her hands and leave.                                                        Then she would be in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating a biscuit. Some close ups of her crossed legs would be nice, also a close up of her scratching her thigh through the pantyhose so you can hear the rustling of nails against nylon. She sips her coffee and then finishes it.                                  She goes back to the bathroom and sits on the wc with her pantyhose still on. She has a lipstick and a compact mirror in her hands. The imaginary slave kisses her ass while she puts lipstick on using the compact mirror. When she finishes her lips, she gets up and puts the nail polish and the little mirror away on the washing machine. She undresses and uses the toilet. While she sits quietly and waits for him to finish cleaning her she tells him \’I like you much more as a toilet than a sex slave. Finally you have become useful to all the women who come here.\’ She wipes and inspects the paper. \’Very good,\’ she says, and then she drops the paper into the bowl. \’But clean me again anyway.\’ After a minute, she alights and dresses her panties up first. Then POV from the slave\’s angle to show her pulling up and fitting her pantyhose. Once she is finished she looks over her shoulder and runs her hand down her ass once to make sure she has dressed it perfectly. She tells the slave, \’I know you love watching my beautiful ass. I\’m glad you can finally do something that pleases her…I\’ll see you later.\’ She lowers the lid and then flushes. She washes her hands and leaves.                                                          She exits the hallway and goes to the living room.                                        She reads a magazine for a minute or two. Show a bit of dangling shoe, crossing and re-crossing her legs once up close, so we can hear the sound. She returns to the bathroom to take a quick piss without talking to the slave. She leaves and exits the apartment, and we see her closing the door after her. If possible show her coming back up a flight of steps with the camera behind her. She enters the apartment and then goes straight to the bathroom. She uses the wc for a quick pee. After she is finished, she takes her shoes and dress off and dresses in a silky house or bathroom robe. She leaves.                She is in the living room, seated to stretch her legs and toes a bit. She reads again. She gets up taking the magazine and puts on high heel slippers.   She goes back to the bathroom and lifts the lid. She sits with her pantyhose on and tells him \’Adore my ass\’. She reads for a minute or two and then she puts the magazine away and gets up to undress. She pisses and then flushes. She closes the lid to sit on the wc like a chair and then takes her pantyhose off. She washes them quickly with a light soaping and then hangs them up to dry on the rack above the bathtub. She leaves and disappears down the hallway. The camera ends the clip by showing the pantyhose drying on the rack for a few seconds and then fading to black.   Please add yourself to this scenario with Sylwia by dressing in the scottish mini, high heels and pantyhose and making visits in-between Sylwia\’s, or sometimes together in the bathroom at the same time, one standing by the side or doing something in the mirror while waiting for the other to finish, other times alone and seperately. If you are too busy and some other lady wants to, she can join Sylwia in the way I described for you above. If so, it will probably add another 10 minutes to the clip, but I don\’t mind\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=40691 &iid=40691

44048 – CLIP – Pedicure Bitch

MPEG VersionPrincess Bridgette kicks back w/Her Girlfriend in a candid *real-life* session clip. Lesbian pedicure bitch LOVES being treated like sh*t by gorgeous Girls. Pedi-bitch works hard down on her knees, giving Princess Bridgette a thorough pedicure, then sucks a dildo & opens wide so Princess can spit in her mouth, all while Bridgette\’s friend is cracking up laughing!

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42855 – CLIP – Empress Victoria – Lick My Heels (HDTVMOV)

here is another phantastic clip with long legged and superdominant mistress empress victoria. she is looking gorgeous in a pink combination and is wearing leopard high heel sandals on her well shaped feet. when she is caressing her legs by herself she asking you if YOU like what YOU see…of course YOU do… soon YOU will be controlled toetally by this dominant lady and YOU have no chance to resist and escape her commands when she instructing YOU to lick that sole, to lick that heels and to lick whatever she wants YOU to lick clean. and if YOU do that well, YOU may have the honour to worship her sweaty bare feet also…but do it well or YOU wont get that chance again! very dominant and teasing clip with fluent talking goddess victoria (GERMAN LANGUAGE!). clip duration: 07.10 mins.

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