46101 – CLIP – Eaten alive – POV AVI

I am a woman of superhuman size and strength .A woman of exceptional stature.You would fit so nicely between my molars!wanna come in?just look how my tongue flicks up and down ,its an invite! come inside..the heath of my breath lures you inside… This POV-VORE custom clip is intreaguing by its unique way that i describe what the little man will feel and see while being chewed , smashed between my massive merciless teeth and lured towards my stomach.

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46364 – CLIP – First Date? (Full Version)

This is Macy\’s first shoot with us! Walter left her in the room for only a moment, big mistake! She takes his cell phone and orders a pizza to bring to the studio! She even invites a few of her friends to come over for a party later that evening!Walter overhears her conversation and walks in the studio room with a confused look on his face! He knew he shouldn\’t have hired another girl! Already he has his hands full with the girls he has (bunch of little trouble making brats…all of them!) and yet here he is hiring another new girl!Macy tells him she has no time to waste and wants to see him get to work while she\’s still on the phone with the pizza parlor! He drops down to his knees and begins SNIFFING HER WHITE SOCKS! She laughs at him so much he looked like he was turning red at one point! Walter SNIFFS HER SOCKS SO HARD IT TICKLES HER! She couldn\’t stop laughing at him for being such a WEIRD FOOT FREAK!\ if your girlfriend found out about this?\ Macy asks Walter. \I don\’t have a gilrfriend\ he replies. \I\’m sure you can see why?\ he says. MACY LAUGHS AT HIS PITIFUL LIFE AND JOB SO MUCH! She practically INTERVIEWS HIM WHILE HE\’S SNIFFING HER SOCKS!\Is this like a first date for us\ Macy asks laughing as Walter sniffs her socks!LET ME JUST SAY THAT WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE A GIRL LIKE MACY JOIN OUR RANKS! WALTER FELL IN LOVE WITH HER LAUGHTER (LITERALLY!) WE ARE SURE HER LAUGHTER AND FUN WILL CONTAGEOUSLY SPILL ON TO YOU! SHE REALLY ENJOYS HERSELF A LOT! FOR A FIRST SHOOT SHE WASN\’T SHY IN THE SLIGHTEST! SHE IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHAT OUR COMPANY\’S FOUNDATION IS BASED ON! GIRLS HAVING FUN WHILE BEING THE BEST! WELCOME TO THE PINK TEAM MACY!(CLIP TIME 11:59) &iid=46364 &iid=46364

44565 – CLIP – fd – a – DAY WITH ALICJA – 01 – SD 960×540

SD 960×540, time 7:16.REQUEST:\ Please ask Alicja to do a maid scenario clip for me dressed as a maid. She is sweeping the corridor in front of the main door of the apartment with a broom moving towards the bathroom door. She finishes. She leans the broom against the wall and then she walks through the bathroom door.She lifts the toilet and uses the toilet slave to take a pee. When she has finished dressing, she begins to clean the toilet with a spray and brush and finally wipes the toilet seat. She stands and looks down at him and laughs a little. She says to the slave in Polish \’Cold showers are good for you.\’ Then she flushes the toilet and lowers the lid. She leaves and takes the broom from the corridor and disappears beyond the corridor.\ This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com &iid=44565 &iid=44565

46066 – CLIP – Wicked jeans rubbing on Luba Luv\’s face (Low Resolution)

Today Luba Luv is to be dominated by her girlfriend Valery. On the sofa Valery is sitting down on Luba Luv\’s face and lips, pressing shut her nose with her hands. Luba Luv is completely at her girlfriend\’s mercy and although she resists and struggles, she doesn\’t stand a chance against her girlfriend\’s dominance. Valery\’s jeans ass is rubbing against Luba Luv\’s face and then Valery is spanking her with a cushion as well. Luba Luv is getting used by her girlfriend like a toy until Valery has come, with all this jeans rubbing. Afterwards Luba is dealt out some more blows to her hot jeans ass!

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46401 – CLIP – Super Dork!

The year is 2025 and planet earth is in danger of being over run by a group of evil, merciless Superheroines! \ Who would have thought just a tiny stick of Kryptonite and a boot fetish would bring the mighty Superman to his knees…\ Wonder Woman and Silk Spectre have successfully drained Superman of all his powers leaving nothing but a weak,submissive geek! \’Clerk is mocked and verbally humiliated by these two SUPER POWERS! And is forced to lick the citie\’s grime from under their boots! The pathetic worm is then lifted off the ground by his throat in to the air showing the superiority of these two GODDESSES! He is then tossed to the floor, and will have to live the rest of his life on earth as a pathetic excuse of a mortal! &iid=46401 &iid=46401

46688 – CLIP – Shopping All Day & My Feet Stink

[FULL HD – 1920 x 1080] I\’ve been walking around the Mall all day long & Shopping for hours in these boots!.. I\’m not even wearing socks & my pretty feet have been sweating in them all day.. my feet are so sweaty that they are actually swishing around inside my boots.. So now that I\’m home.. I\’m going to take off my boots & you need to get down on your knees & lick the sweat from the bottoms of my pretty feet & clean in between my pretty toes with your tongue.. make yourself useful bitch.. a good toejam licker might just get to jerk it to my stinky boots!.. lol *** NOTE: Reminder to Customers *** HD Video files are Larger Downloads.

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46078 – CLIP – Jane – Coated Sandals (HDTVMOV)

today we present you a new fetish clip with blue eyed cool and sexy bitch JANE. she is a small lady and has cute sexy small toes and she has painted her in a nice pink colour. although this lady can be very brutal and rough she has also an open heart for foot-fetishists. and she loves to tease them with her feet and shoes. the shoes she is wearing in this clip are perfect for this, cuz her toes are exposed and around her ankles is a cool coat-strap. it looks a lil bit cute but the sharp heels could walk over a slaves body too for sure… nice foot clip! clip duration: 05.00 mins.

HDTV 1280 x 720 px size! 3800 kBit/s. Excellent brilliant Quality!

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