49035 – CLIP – Gargle my Panties!

Walter breaks Kate\’s washing machine so now she\’s going to use his mouth to get the job done! She shoves her panties in his mouth to the point where he nearly gags! \ like a washing machine! Move it! Come on!\ she says slapping him around shaking his face side to side! \What the hell are you doing? Stick it back in there!\ she says frustrated! She slides up over his face sitting on it so he can\’t spit them out anymore! He could be choking and gagging but she couldn\’t care less! She remains seated on his face despite his wimpering cries!She gets off pulling her dirty panties out of his mouth inspecting them to see if they\’re clean! Unsatisfied she slaps his face repeatedly with her panties and shoves them back in his mouth while sitting on his face again! \Clean it! Move it! I want to hear you gargle! Gargle them!\ she says refusing to get off his face until they\’re clean! She sits fullweight on his face until he ceases to move! He probably choked or suffocated until he blacked out! &iid=49035 &iid=49035

38751 – CLIP – Jeanssitting – Chrissy (Real Player)

Chrissy\’s fridge didn\’t work any more, so she called the electronic repair service. But after fixing the repair guy tells her the price – and guess what – it\’s far too much! But he shouldn\’t try to rip off a girl like Chrissy! So she\’s punishing him with some smother training and shows him what she thinks of ripping of other people! Great Facesitting in Jeans with a beautiful & naturally dominant girl!

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38257 – CLIP – Wild Riding Jasmina (WMV Low Resolution)

No mercy for the pony, as Jasmina shows him here what a rough military drill pony training means? and you will see how strict the cute hot blonde girl actually is! She rides him pulling his clothes untill he hardly can breathe, smacking him, bouncing on his back, squeezing his lungs with her long legs in hot leather thigh high stiletto boots, and does not even stop brutally whipping him when he exhausted breaks down right under her hot ass! Youll see she still cannot get enough and his hard life as pony does not end with that!

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39495 – CLIP – Used as a couch by Mercedes in tight jeans (WMV Low Resolution)

Bound by Mercedes the slave becomes her living seat for watching TV. Her new jeans is very tight and is pressed hard on his face. If it hurts the slave? Not her problem – not while watching TV. He\’s supposed to be her living sofa and ass sniffer. She enjoys forcing him to smell her ass and pressing her ass down on his face over and over again.

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47884 – CLIP – Smothered By The World\’s Greatest A**

I won a \ A**\ contest at a bar in S. FL last week (for real- I really did!) and this lucky f*cking slave got his face sat on by it! And all he had to do was take a bunch of super-hard kicks in the balls by ME in the previous video to get it! LOL!I KNOW my a** is incredible, but it still amazes me what you losers are willing to do just to have me sit on your face…-Goddess No &iid=47884 &iid=47884

43732 – CLIP – fs – k – FACE SITTING DOCTOR – REVERSE – HD 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 16:59. Klaudia version – \ are a sexy doctor. Your patient has come to see you & is complaining of pain in his jaw & cheeks. You examine his face & tell him that there is a new type of treatment available and he would be the first to try it out.You tell him it involves heating up the muscles in his face which will make him better.You ask him if he would like to try it & he says yes. You say \ You will have to lie on the floor\ The man is not sure why.! \ You must lie on the floor or I can not heat your face!\ you say. He lies on the floor You get up from your chair and step astride his chest. You then squat above his chest. You say \ To make you better, your face and cheeks must be hot . To do this I will have to sit on your face!\ You then sit on his face,pinning his arms using the same positions as you did in your Black Widow Facesitting clip. After a short while you sit back on his chest and feel his face & ask the patient if he feels better. He says no. You then say \ Your face needs to be sat on some more\ You squeeze his face a little between your thighs before continuing to sit on his face.For a short time you sit on his neck & then on his face, feeling his face in between. Later in the clip, while sitting on his face you check the pulse in his wrist to see if he is still alive & say \Do not die with me sitting on you.It would not be good for me!`You also say during the clip `I am your facesitting doctor!`, `I hope no one comes in now. They will all want to be sat on` & `Are you still alive under my perfect ass? & Do you like me to sit on your face?` `. Please use the usual sitting positions & feel free to say  anything else you wish. You are enjoying your new treatment & do not really want to stop as you secretly like to sit on men, but towards the end of the clip, you sit on his chest & ask. \Now my ass has sat on your face, are you feeling better?\ The patient says yes. \Good. Make another appointment for next week and I will sit on your face some more\ You get up & return to your chair and the patient gets up and leaves.\ &iid=43732 &iid=43732

46890 – CLIP – Laetitia – Preparing Whipofficer (HDTVMOV)

here is a new clip with new young dom laetitia! she is dressed in a uniform style here with her own heavy black boots and going through our whole collection of painful punishment instruments. as a natural dominant lady she is still new to showing this side but she really loves this. she told us that she cannot await to have a loyal slave ass over there to stripe with all our canes and crops… she may not look like a classic stern mistress, but trust us…she really is… and she looks so beautiful when her hair swinging wildly when swishing the whips through the air… a classic femdom pov clip from us…for the slaves who have imagination and who have enough of the usual actionstuff you can get from all around… clip duration: 8.43 mins.

HDTV 1280 x 720 px size! 3800 kBit/s. Excellent brilliant Quality!

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