53430 – CLIP – Ignore the Floor

Sandra and Melina couldn\’t stop laughing after I lied on the ground at their feet while they were conversing. I got the idea for the clip after seeing the two of them chatting it up about vacations, so figured \’hey there\’s an idea, why not just lie beneath their feet and film!\’. So I aimed the camera at the both of them talking, and placed myself where I belong, at their feet! The conversation they\’re having is not scripted or faked for the clip, it\’s real!

After a while they both stepped up carrying on with their convo while ignoring the \’human floor\’ lying beneath their feet! The girls discuss traveling, parties, and vacations that they\’ll be taking (prob with the \’floor\’s\’ money!) as they stand on IT!


Ignore the Floor
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36615 – CLIP – HotSpankingGirls – Maria Valeta (WMV Low Resolution)

Maria Valeta wants to have some fun and has the idea to make her slave make himself some red lips. Since he has never done that before he acts like stupid and Maria punishes him with some hot faceslaps! She humiliates him and laughs about him while he is painting his lips. At the end she laughs about him because he looks so ridiculous.
HotSpankingGirls - Maria Valeta (WMV Low Resolution)
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47744 – CLIP – Spat on, Laughed at and spat into the mouth (WMV Low Resolution)

What do you think you are for Katja & Ljuba? You’re nothing for these dominant Russian chicks. While they enjoy a cigarette they just laugh at you. They spit directly into your mouth and even use it as their ashtray. That’s what your slave mouth is there for and when they spit on the floor it’s your job to lick it all up. They also press their shoes into the spit puddle and you’ll lick their show soles too. You’re just spat on, laughed at and they spit into your mouth. And what’s the story’s end? Of course – you’re going to eat the cigarette bum too. They also spit into your mouth again to make sure it goes down smoothly.
Spat on, Laughed at and spat into the mouth (WMV Low Resolution)
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53306 – CLIP – 0018 – Adriana crushes barbie doll under her tires (WMV, FULL HD, 1920×1080 Pixel)

Adriana’s done with this ugly doll and wants to get rid of it. She puts it in front of her car, gets in and then drives right over it. But of course that doesn’t completely crush the doll. So she goes back and forth a couple of times before she stops with one of the front tires right on the doll – and turns the steering wheel to grind it into the ground. Of course the doll can’t stand the pressure and grinding and finally breaks apart in numerous pieces – now Adriana’s satisfied!
0018 - Adriana crushes barbie doll under her tires (WMV, FULL HD, 1920x1080 Pixel)
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44834 – CLIP – ff – md – BONDAGED SLAVE BEGGING – HQ 640×480

HQ 640×480, time 9:59. Dominika version: SCENARIO:\”The slave has his arms bondaged behind his back. He did something bad so he has to beg his mistress for forgiveness. He is crawling on his stomach at her feet. Mistress Weronika is sitting on a couch with her legs crossed and bare feet. She makes the slave beg without letting him kiss her feet at first. After a while, she orders him to keep begging while kissing her feet. Finally, she places one foot over his head sticking his face on the floor and ordering him to kiss the floor for forgiveness. For the whole clip, she has her legs crossed.\” This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario to mistressweronika@gmail.com
ff - md - BONDAGED SLAVE BEGGING - HQ 640x480
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53429 – CLIP – Human Washing Machine


One of our Greatest Stars Returns! Stacy the Star of 2 of our past GREATEST HITS! \’Dorm Room Blackmail 2\’ and , \’Oktotenfest 2006\’!

She shoves a pair of dirty thongs that she actually wore for 2 days straight prior to the shoot just because she wanted me to have a real gagging effect for her video! She practically shoved her thongs down my throat then sat over my face and smothered me! First she smothers in her jeans, then pulls them down and smothers me under her panties as I Gagged on her Thong!

\”Wash my panties for me!…Good rinse cycle!\” she shakes her butt all over his face and laughs. \”Are you choking there on my underwear\”. \”I should maybe put a little soap in there…that\’s a good idea\” She taunts and laughs sadistically.

Human Washing Machine
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53424 – CLIP – Despina’s First Experience – (Full HD Version)

Despina is working as a barmaid not so far and she was really curious about our foot fetish studio! She told us that she could never do it because her feet stink too much after a shift as a barmaid! I did kind of a crazy bet with her…I told her that she could use the same socks for three days to work then our slave will have to survive twenty minutes with her socks in his face! If not? I’ll give you 100$ tip on my next visit! She was so excited about that bet! Even if I’m working double-shift? Despina just can’t wait to take her boots off then cover his face with her sweaty socks! They were so gross and smelly! Are you sure you will survive down there? She rubs them all over his face while chating with her friends on the computer! She also makes him to lick the dirty bottom right after sweating eleven hours in her boots! Her smile of satisfaction is just priceless! (French Language)
Despina's First Experience - (Full HD Version)
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53422 – CLIP – Just kiss my Feet 1

Chloe lays into her assistant verbally and physically, she’s sick of him and decides to really put him in his place. He’s desperate to keep his job, which makes for excellent sport for Chloe. “Just kiss my FOOT”, she yells at him as he mumbles through his excuses. She makes him feel the full power of the humiliation, treading down hard in his face with her boot, really making him feel part of the ground she walks on. She empties his wallet onto the floor and laughs at him as he begs for his cash back. “All you care about is yours stupid money”, she sneers at him. “Well money’s not everything, so just shut up and kiss my feet! You’re my property now, whats yours is mine, when you hear me click my fingers, you just do whatever I want…”
Just kiss my Feet 1
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53409 – PICTURES – Sophia\’s Wrath

Lady Sophia Black is naturally intimidating. She\’s outright dominant, positively predatory and takes what she wants from men. She doesn\’t take no for an answer becuase she doesn\’t have to. She\’s on his case and loving the way he\’s squirming as he makes his applogies. \”Sorry???\” she laughs at him, \”No, I\’m not accepting your apology… I\’m going to make you respect me, do you understand?\”. She slaps him hard in the face and tells him, \”Your going to get down on your knees..\”, she smiles slightly as he slowly drops. \”Now, put you hands on the floor… get down and kiss my feet!\”. Its plain from the satisfied smile on her face that Lady Sophia loves watching men crumble at her feet. \”This is where all men should be.\” she says to herself, \”At my feet, licking them clean.\”.
Sophia\'s Wrath
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