54419 – CLIP – I Want u To Lick My Dirty Socks (Part I)

Hi-Quality WMV Version Snobby model & cosmetology student Miss Ani thinks it’s funny to make boys come over to take their lunch money (for the week) while giving them little in return – like w/this slave in the video clip. She tells him She wants him to lick Her dirty socks after She wore them inside Her boots in class alllllll day long!
I Want u To Lick My Dirty Socks (Part I)
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54412 – CLIP – Asian sis share their foot slave

Those two asian sis usually share their shoes, socks, and nylons, but they also share their foot slaves. When they’re back home after a long day at school or work, they love to talk about their day while making him smell their stinky feet. Both of their feet are ultra stinky, they smother his face, then trample and jump on him! They love to torture foot slaves together…
Asian sis share their foot slave

47754 – CLIP – Smoking, spitting, swallowing (WMV Low Resolution)

Snooty Gianna enjoys a cigarette first, smoking and puffing. Of course she doesn’t need an ash-tray, because she will put the ash in your mouth.Open your mouth wide, because ash isn’t the only gift you will be given – Gianna wants to spit in your mouth as well. That’s your mixture now, ash combined with spittle, and of course you will be a good boy and swallow it all, just like Gianna has told you to do
Smoking, spitting, swallowing (WMV Low Resolution)
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54078 – CLIP – I like to sit on your face – it\’s comfortable! (WMV Low Resolution)

Serina is looking for a comfortable seat. And so she will sit down on the face of her servant.With her tight jeans she is really flattening his face. You can see how is nose is pressed out of shape by her mighty jeans ass.Again and again she is pressing down on his face, trying out different positions.The main thing is that she is comfortable. She doesn\’t care about his pain anyway!
I like to sit on your face - it\'s comfortable! (WMV Low Resolution)
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54234 – CLIP – Mistress Saskias ashtray (Realplayer)

You see my cigarette? I bought the cigarettes with your money.And now I will use you as my ashtray. While I do this I’ll tell you what else I will buy with your money. And be sure of that – I will spend all your money!I will take another drag of my cigarette, and then I’ll tap the ash right into your mouth. It must go somewhere, after all!!!
Mistress Saskias ashtray (Realplayer)
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53999 – CLIP – Iron it flat.

There you are you fucking loser! Not only you did a really poor job ironing my clothes but you even left the Iron out! FUCK YOU ARE A USELESS SERVANT! Why am I even keeping you around really I wonder! Now go get the Iron. Yes, it is still a little hot. Pull your pant’s down, GRAB YOUR DICK WITH ONE HAND AND THE IRON WITH THE OTHER HAND and get ready to follow my CBT INSTRUCTIONS.
Iron it flat.
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54405 – CLIP – Crushed by a giantess in tight jeans

Jana is sitting down with her tight jeans on top of the girl she has made a lot smaller.Compared to Jana she is no taller than a doll. Even more overwhelming is Jana’s full weight on her body.Brutally Jana lets herself fall down, crushing the poor sweet doll, pressing down on her. Later she even pulls off her jeans and lets the little one smell her mighty ass.
Crushed by a giantess in tight jeans
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