58601 – CLIP – Doreen refreshes herself in the bathroom (IPOD)

In the meantime her new slave knows his place ? right beneath her feet! Because of this he already lies willingly on the floor of the bathroom when Doreen enters. For a better view in the mirror she stands on his body and watches at her image. She applies some makeup now. But because he groans from time to time she has to press her foot on his head to make him stop. Because he still whines she take off her flip flops and chucks his face with them. Now she can finish the makeup eventually and leave the bathroom again.
Doreen refreshes herself in the bathroom (IPOD)
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58563 – CLIP – Cathy takes the slave the possibility to breath (WMV, High Definition, 1280x720px)

Today Cathy will punish the slave by taking him the possibility to breath. Therefor she has thought about something special… The slave lies on his back waiting on a training bench. Cathy sits down on him and presses her big boobs on his face! He can breath hardly only now. But she wants to punish him further. She orders him to sit down so she can take his head and presses him even more against her huge tits! For a change she switches the position from time to time. Not only her breasts will be pressed against his head. He takes his breath with her stomach too! He begs for mercy ? but it is far away from being over…!
Cathy takes the slave the possibility to breath (WMV, High Definition, 1280x720px)
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59930 – CLIP – The Simple Fact is IM BETTER Than YOU

[FULL HD – 1920 x 1080] I’m so far out of your League it’s laughable.. Did You REALLY think a girl like ME could EVER be interested in you?.. The only use I have for you.. is your $$$$$.. or to kick in the balls or spit in your face for my own personal amusement.. or possibly to just STEP ON & use you as a doormat for me to wipe my dirty feet off on.. Your Nothing in Life. Your a LOSER!.. lol *** NOTE: Reminder to Customers *** HD Video files are Larger Downloads.
The Simple Fact is IM BETTER Than YOU
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59928 – CLIP – Your Addiction to My Feet Never Ends

[FULL HD – 1920 x 1080] You started off just looking at my pics & videos.. then you just had to buy them.. HA HA.. & Now your buying me shoes.. toe rings.. & sending me tributes.. Your fear is to be FUCKED by Me REALLY HARD.. HA HA.. Looks like it’s Already too Late BITCH!.. lol *** NOTE: Reminder to Customers *** HD Video files are Larger Downloads.
Your Addiction to My Feet Never Ends
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59873 – CLIP – Dancer tramples with extreme heels (WMV – 1920×1080 – FULL HD)

Jenny’s used to wear extreme high heel shoes as a dancer and has no problem walking on her slave – even when she’s wearing her sexy shoes with 14cm / 5,5 inch heels! Even when she’s just slowly walking over his chest the brutal shoes leave marks all over his skin – but Jenny wants more. She digs her heels into his skin and shifts her weight to cause the slave maximum pain while she makes absolutely clear what’s the only important thing for him – to satisfy her! He has to thank his mistress for being allowed to serve her as her human carpet before she takes the shoes off and continues to trample him under her sexy bare feet. Of course she tries to hurt him as much as possible without shoes too – and by jumping, stomping and standing on her toes she does a damn good job at it!
Dancer tramples with extreme heels (WMV - 1920x1080 - FULL HD)
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59133 – CLIP – Lady Xenia – The Brutal teacher 1 (HDTVMOV)

after the enormous success of the latest features with lady xenia and her slave we are starting a twoparted new feature today. lady xenia is a strict brutal teacher in this clip. as she enters her pupil is standing up. welldone. and he is ordered to sit down. lady xenia writes some mathematics at the chalc board. simple ones and the pupil has to solve them…but…what an idiot…even those simple ones are too hard for him. every lack is punished imediately with some sharp slaps at his face. but to emphase the pain even more lady xenia ordering him on the ground, puts out a whip and starts whipping him on his back. not so hard here…but this is just the start. she puts on some leather gloves and slaps his face now with the gloves. also he him with his tie and trample his hands very hardly with her high heels. next more whipping before he is ordered to strip… now another whip comes out and this bitch reddens his back in seconds. he is moaning a lot, but there is of course no mercy… clip duration: 8.33 mins.
Lady Xenia - The Brutal teacher 1 (HDTVMOV)
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57968 – CLIP – If you Were a Ball of Clay

Giantess Katelyn knows how jealous you are over the small ball of clay by her sneakers so she shows and tells you what you’d be feeling if you were that lucky ball of clay. After walking back and forth behind and over the ball of clay numerous times she plays the game of weight with the clay. She simply places her sneaker on the ball of clay and watches as it slowly begins to squish beneath her sneaker – all without any added weight. She then slowly adds more and more weight until the clay is flat.Giantess Katelyn then peels the clay off of the sole of her sneaker, showing you how you would have ended up, and rolls it up to let you experience it one more time but this time underneath her other sneaker! She seductively rolls you around using the sole of her sneaker and then SLAM! She crushes half of the clay ball. She then quickly stomps on it again! After the second stomp she rolls the remains beneath her sneaker, rolls it up again with her hand and then stomps on the full clay ball one last time!
If you Were a Ball of Clay
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