62998 – CLIP – Stop playing with your dick and wear this chastity! (720p HD WMV)

You fucking shit! Who told you that you are allowed to play with your small dick? Not me! So stop doing it! And to prevent you from doing ever again you will have to wear this chastity from now on. But that’s no big deal because your penis has no use at all! There will be no girl ever who likes to play with it. And no man either… So there is no reason why I shouldn’t jail this useless thing! So come to me and put it on…!
Stop playing with your dick and wear this chastity! (720p HD WMV)
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63473 – CLIP – Jerk-Off task – With something special!

Hey my little slave pig! The thumbnail is already turning you on, hmm? And now you know that you are going to see the whole clip because you cannot wait any longer! You want to see your mistress in this tight, hot leggings, hmm? That made you very horny already, right? Admit it! But that’s only the beginning…! I’ll give you a jerk-off task and you have to follow my orders! So let’s start, buy the clip and do whatever I tell you!
Jerk-Off task - With something special!
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63510 – CLIP – Jumping trampling torture (WMV – 1920×1080 – FULL HD)

Mistress Mara always thinks of new ways of torturing her younger slave. Today she wants to test how well he can handle some serious jumping. She’s wearing a pair of flat boots and starts by normally trampling him and standing on his head – then proceeds to jump on his chest and stomach. In between she steps on his face and head a few more times before she takes her boots off. But without shoes she can jump on him even better. She barely gives him time to breathe between all the jumping and the slave moans every time her bare feet hit his chest and stomach. Of course she also doesn’t miss out to trample his face and head under her sexy bare feet before she gives him a rest – for today!
Jumping trampling torture (WMV - 1920x1080 - FULL HD)
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60669 – CLIP – Trashy Revenge

Katelyn turned her now ex best girl friend into exactly what she is- trash! So trashy that she fucked Katelyn’s boyfriend behind her back. How much lower can you get?! Her boyfriend is really no better though for taking the bait so she turned him into trash too! Katelyn bags up her now ex boyfriend first. She packs him so full that you can see the trash wanting to burst out of the bag. He was also claustrophobic so he must be dying in his trash bag, haha! That won’t be anything compared to what else she has planned for them! She then bags up her ex girl friend by compressing the massive amount of trash under her pointy black high heel shoes one by one and shoving it into the bag. There’s a few pieces left over of them both that she couldn’t fit into their respective bags which will later get to know the inside of her fire pit pretty well! Katelyn then tosses them both over her shoulders and walks to her bedroom. Katelyn arrives to her bedroom, tosses them both onto the bed, and get’s a little more comfortable by getting into her lingerie. She’ll need the belly room! She spits on her trashy ex girl friend, hits her with her clothes, and rides her. Katelyn’s more bi than she ever was but it looked like her girl friend was more bi because of how trashy she always was. Katelyn knows how bad she wanted her but Katelyn never gave her the pleasure. Katelyn only rides her for a few seconds, only because of how hot the situation is with Katelyn in full control of the bitch. Katelyn then tells them both that their fate is going to be to go throughout her entire digestive track. It’s going to hurt like hell when her stomach acids rip them apart! Katelyn then takes her time and eats them both, with some loud burping here and there to make more room, eating her boyfriend last.It’s going to be a pain in the ass to digest all that trash but it will be well worth it! Katelyn then burps up a huge piece of plastic from her ex boyfriend’s trash bag. She’s so stuffed that she really can’t fit it so she just uses her high heel and crushes it onto the bed, right before completely passing out with pure satisfaction from getting her revenge.
Trashy Revenge
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Custom clip request ” Brought into servitude of god..or sis Celine You play a sexy crazy nun and I play someone who has been sent to you, sis Celine for reforming my sinful ways. I enter and you are wearing a sexy nun clothing. (Either the same one as in the video Spiderman?s enemy preferably or the latex one) You explain to me that this is no ordinary convent you run here, oh no. This one is for especially bad cases, cases that you decide what happens to them and when they can leave. You calmly explain that here we learn obedience to god and more importantly we learn to obey sis Celine. First things first, I wont be needing my male clothes anymore so I better hand them over to you. The first step in learning to obey is to be humiliated before sis Celine, to achieve this I am going to be dressed like a good girl. (If you have two nun clothes it would be nice to make me wear the other one if not just some regular girl clothes panties, skirt, blouse, shoes etc. etc. Tell me I will be wearing these until I learn obedience to you. Continue telling me that from now on I will spend most of my day praying on my knees for guidance on how to be a good upright young lady. The rest of the day I will spend singing with the choir or doing other things (make up things nuns do) You say we now have to pray together, almost right away you catch me not doing it well because I am busy staring at your butt/breasts. You now know that you need to make me lose my sperm and my sinful desires if I am going to be successful here. You order me to wank right for you. It doesn’t take me long for you and I lose my sperm all over a rag or panties..(something you can make me put in my mouth). For the rest of the day I will be praying for forgiveness and tasting my own sinful desire. This is where you decide to make me wear a veil (preferably one similar to your nun one if you have two) Camera fades out and then comes back in pretending it is another time later. You come in still as a nun, you ask me if I would like to go home, I say no. And to end the video I sign a paper giving all my money and positions to sis Celine and signing my life over to the convent forever. This is what you were planning all along, trick me and brainwash me into becoming from a naughty boy into an obedient nun locked into your convent forever while you get my money