63924 – CLIP – One magic kiss

Custom: Poison Ivy vs Robin. Robin being caught in your vines, unable to move. You walk saying that you should kiII him but you have a better plan, you are going to own him. So you give him a kiss than tease him about it. Now he is completely controlled by you, thinking he is in love. You make him get down on his knees. After kissing your feet, you make him worship you. Then tell him he can have another kiss if he becomes completely yours. I think it would be super hot to say that your lips have a special toxin that makes Robin fall in love. From there some reminders that he has to earn the right to another kiss, by kiIIing Batman or helping you steal or something of that nature.
One magic kiss
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64515 – CLIP – Under the table, slave girl! – part 2

A successful business girl like Goddess Valentine needs everyday feet massage at the office as well as complete removal of sweat from her nylons. She is under the pressure all the time and her feet get very sweaty in those shoes – that’s something she hates. That’s why she makes her secretary to smell her sweaty feet before removing all that sweat from the nylons with her tongue.
Under the table, slave girl! - part 2
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64514 – CLIP – Every day is a new day to prove yourself – part 1

Many slaves would be honored to be used as a footstool to lady’s like Goddess Bianca and Goddess Victoria while they rest their tired feet. If, after this honor, they get the job of cleaning their shoes and sweaty nylon stockings with their tongue, there would be no end to the happiness. But that is the privilege of the best and even the best are always under evaluation… the slightest mistake and someone else gets the chance…
Every day is a new day to prove yourself - part 1
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64271 – CLIP – Sexy jeans ass rides her face (Low Resolution)

Kira R grabs her girlfriend Gretta and throws her on the bed, because she wants to show her once again who is the more dominant of the two lesbian jeans girls! Gretta has no chance and soon is lying beneath the jeans ass of her friend! Kira R uses her face as a seat cushion and makes herself comfortable on it the way she likes it! Kira is riding Gretta’s face properly and rubs her jeans pussy against her face! Then she gets a good spanking smack on her tight jeans ass!
Sexy jeans ass rides her face (Low Resolution)
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64262 – CLIP – Small penis – what shall I do with you…? (WMV Low Resolution)

What shall I do with such a pathetic loser like you? There is nothing I can do with such a tiny dick!Just be happy that I even use you as my money slave! So this is the only way for you to believe that you are worth of doing SOMETHING! So let’s go – give me your hard earned cash!!! And now look at my fucking hot ass! Do you believe that I will allow you to touch my butt? Do you think that I ever let someone with such a pathetic dick touch my ass? No – never! You are only allowed to pay, money pig !!!
Small penis - what shall I do with you...? (WMV Low Resolution)
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64512 – CLIP – Extra warm summer shoes – part 2

After Goddess Victoria had enough fun teasing the slave it’s time for him to get on it! First he is called to completely and thoroughly lick clean the soles of her summer shoes. They are dirty and that is unacceptable! When that job is done its time to suck the smell and sweat from her wet short nylons. She spent a lot of time in those shoes so the smell is especially strong and sweat is exceptionally tasty!
Extra warm summer shoes - part 2
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64531 – CLIP – Decision Time: My Feet OR Wifey?

[FULL HD – 1920 x 1080] Wifeys in the next room & She wants Your Attention. She wants to talk to you about “something important”.. But U couldn’t care less. The ONLY Thing that is “Important” to YOU is my perfect pretty lil feet. We BOTH Know there’s NO Decision here.. it’s my feet & Your NOT going anywhere! LOL *** NOTE: Reminder to Customers *** HD Video files are Larger Downloads.
Decision Time: My Feet OR Wifey?
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64529 – CLIP – Fucking You So HARD

[FULL HD – 1920 x 1080] Fucking you is what I do BEST!.. I Get inside your head & you can’t cum out of it – til it’s too late & I’ve Fucked You SO HARD.. You wake up the next morning Confused & ALL You Know – is you Want MORE & You NEED Me. It’s a Vicious cycle. Once You get Fucked by ME.. You Want it ALL the Time!.. It’s a HIGH you just can’t live without.. HA HA BITCH. LOL *** NOTE: Reminder to Customers *** HD Video files are Larger Downloads.
Fucking You So HARD
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64523 – CLIP – Amelia’s Distraction – (Full HD Version)

Amelia is a very attractive woman so it is really hard to resist on her feet when you have a foot fetish! She is actually watching a movie with this loser but he just can’t stop to watch and fix her feet! She makes him take her shoes off after this long day at work so her feet were now really close to his nose! This loser now just can’t resist to rub his nose in her feet! They were actually so smelly! Amelia notices something weird so she now wants to know more about his foot fetish! Are you smelling my feet or what? Really? She now wants to know how far this can go so she makes him takes some deep breaths in her toes! She also makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles from heel to toes! How does my feet taste? They’re not too sweaty?
Amelia's Distraction - (Full HD Version)
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63710 – CLIP – Lady xenia – A Whipping To Remember 1 (HDTVMOV)

today its time for our next actionpacked feature with lady xenia and her slave. she is dressed in a very dominant pvc outfit with shiny boots and is already armed with a crop as the slave kneels down on the floor, eyes bowed down and awaiting whats in mind of this cruel bitch today… its time to feel her weight as she orders him on all fours and takes a seat on him…riding time… some rounds across the room while the slave begins to breath deeply… next the slave has to bend over a punishment bench and the pain continues with some hard slaps of her crop against his naked backside… soon it gets red even before another crop goes into action followed by a whip… at least the bitchy mistress changing to a colourful, but very painful dressage whip and now she starts to send real pain into his already bruised backside…and this is just the start… (to be continued)… clip duration: 8.22 mins
Lady xenia - A Whipping To Remember 1 (HDTVMOV)
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63628 – CLIP – Deep Inside Daphne’s Mouth

In this ultra sexy deep mouth fetish video, Katelyn (unseen) slowly lowers you into Daphne’s big wet mouth. On the way down you get to see Giantess Daphne’s wanting expressions, her large plump breasts and mountainous curves, and then you get oh so close to her huge lips of perfection. Her tongue extends to greet you into her wide open mouth. From here, you get stunning ultra closeup micro views into Daphne’s warm mouth… to end you slip all the way back her tongue and disappear down her throat.This mouthcam video features super closeup views inside Giantess Daphne’s wide open mouth. You get to see her lips, tongue, teeth, and throat close up. Sexy music plays throughout with all natural sounds to set the mood (no dialogue).
Deep Inside Daphne's Mouth
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