63428 – CLIP – We need some cash to buy new things… (360p WMV)

I’m soo thirsty. Come and buy us a big bottle of champagne. And some caviar will be nice too. So come on and give us the cash because you are our money slave! And you want us to be happy, won’t you? By the way, thanks for the nice lingerie! But that’s not enough! We can need some more jewelery too. And a new car! So come on and give us the money ? NOW!
We need some cash to buy new things... (360p WMV)
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66544 – CLIP – Hand Trampling

That’s the way Nicole likes it. Slave hands ready to be trampled. Nicole enjoys it to flatten the hands of the slave with her full weight. With her shoes and heels she presses down hard on his hands while the slave has to suffer. She lets him feel her bare feet as well. That?s much easier to endure for the slave. And that way he can much better admire the beautiful feet of his mistress – and breathe in their smell much more intensively!
Hand Trampling
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66409 – CLIP – Sexy Anna in wet jeans (HD Video)

Anna wears her favorite jeans and a purple bra! Then she climbs into the bath and lets the water run slowly over her tight jeans! She starts on the legs and then slowly goes up with the jet of water, higher and higher, up to her jeans ass! Sexy Anna loves this feeling of wet denim against her skin! And you are allowed to watch her and come closer and always closer again! Well, do you like it when the wet denim is glued to her naked skin?
Sexy Anna in wet jeans (HD Video)
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66402 – CLIP – Xelen ‘s ass in dark blue jeans (WMV Low Resolution)

Today Xelen Cou is showing off her hot sexy dark blue jeans again! She stretches her ass in your direction and makes you really horny! Again and again she strokes over the denim fabric, and you are allowed to enjoy watching her! Sexy Xelen Cou loves to feel your eyes on her sexy jeans ass! Of course, you also can admire her sexy black high heels! Finally Xelen shows what she is wearing underneath!
Xelen 's ass in dark blue jeans (WMV Low Resolution)
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65871 – CLIP – Cute Annett turns out to be a brutal mistress (WMV – 1920×1080 – FULL HD)

Annett’s dressed to kill, wearing a sexy black dress and hot black/red peep-toes with high heels, when she approaches the trampling slave. She laughs as she walks over the slave’s chest carelessly as she knows that’s just the soft start of this session. She steps below his belt a few times and grinds his cheeks under the hard sole of her sexy shoes before she taken them off, while standing on him. She puts her shoes on his nose one after another and steps on it with her bare feet so the slave has no chance but to smell the inside of her high heels. Now that she’s on her bare feet she jumps on his body, stomps on his chest and steps on his face and head with her full weight. A really cruel mistress in the body of a cute blonde girl.
Cute Annett turns out to be a brutal mistress (WMV - 1920x1080 - FULL HD)
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66248 – CLIP – ff – mwn – Trapped in the carpet licking between toes – HD 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 10:06. REQUEST:This is the standard trapped in the carpet scene with you and Natalia and it starts on one end of the carpet with one girl licking between the other girl’s toes(tops of feet facing the camera) and halfway through the scene, it would cut to the same thing on the other end of the carpet.This clip was made on special request – you can also send me your scenario on mistressweronika@gmail.com
ff - mwn - Trapped in the carpet licking between toes - HD 1280x720
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66622 – CLIP – Jerking YES – Cumming NO!

Come on, start jerking your dick for your mistress. Jerk off exactly the way I tell you to. You’ll jerk it hard but you’ll not be allowed to cum. I’ll show you my hot ass and tease you to the max – but you won’t have an orgasm. Every time you feel it coming you’ve to stop! You’d do everything to be allowed to spurt your load, right? Well, that’s bad luck for you. I won’t allow it. You’re only allowed to jerk it – not to cum … but … maybe … but only maybe I’ll allow it. Of course you’ll have to do something for me first!
Jerking YES - Cumming NO!
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66619 – CLIP – Teasing You til it Hurts.

WHY Am I teasing you?.. Because I can!.. lol.. You can jerk it ALL You Want to.. Go ahead & Stare at me while I tease the FUCK Out of You.. BUT You CAN’T Cum unless I give Permission.. I make you stroke it many different ways while you watch me.. WILL You Get to CUM??.. OR.. Will I Give You a SEVERE Case of Blue Balls Instead??.. THAT is the Question!.. HA HA.. You’ll just have to watch this clip in order to find out!.. lol ( HD 1920 x 1080 / Re-Release )
Teasing You til it Hurts.
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66615 – CLIP – CBT – I kick you impotent

Cock and ball torture. You have not followed my instructions and now takes the punishment. I join you impotent, ramming my knee boots in your balls and beat your cock until you’re about to pass out. Then I stop, because I want that you miterlebst missed everything and nothing. The highlight: This video is picture-in picture. You see, the CBT and me wince, without the hassle camera, of course syncron.
CBT - I kick you impotent
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