63440 – CLIP – Cum between our hot feet! (360p WMV)

Do you want to jerk off? Do you want to put your tiny little dick between our sexy feet? Do you want to rub him on our soles? Hmm, ok! you are allowed to do so today. But don’t think you can cum as you like! We will tell you your speed and what to do. We will give you a countdown. But don’t dare to cum too early! You don’t want to make us angry, do you…?
Cum between our hot feet! (360p WMV)
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67497 – CLIP – Amber takes a bath in jeans (HD Video)

The red haired Amber already draw a bath in her tub. She tries to find out the temperature with her feet. Next she steps into the bathtub – still wearing her tight jeans! She wants to take a bath and sits down with her jeans in the already water filled tub! She wants to turn you on and teaseyou so she presents you her sexy wet jeans butt! She dabbles in the water and enjoys the wet jeans on her skin! Again and again she makes her jeans even more wet!
Amber takes a bath in jeans (HD Video)
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67551 – CLIP – You will cum in your own face

You little wanker slave will now humiliate yourself for me.I want you to jerk off for me. And you will do this exactly the way I tell you to!First, you’re going to get all hot and horny watching my sexy ass. You can grip your cock, but you will not cum – yet.Lie down in front of a wall, up with legs and pelvis! Now you can really get going. Jerk off until you cum – right in your slave face!I know you’re horny and you know that you will feel extremely humiliated afterwards. But I want you to do as I say – because this is what makes me horny! So, listen to my voice, watch my hot body and then you can start wanking, cumming right into your own face, your filthy cum face!
You will cum in your own face
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67545 – CLIP – Losing Your Load to Santas Girl.

I’ve been working at the Mall as a Santa’s Girl for a local Charity that I support & my feet have been sweating inside my boots for HOURS.. So get under them BITCH!.. Was that YOU at the Mall today?.. I Saw You.. You were that fucking perv with the big bulge in your pants!.. lol.. You were staring at my boots & drooling with a boner in your pants.. You couldn’t take your eyes off my feet!.. I KNOW that was YOU!.. HA HA FREAK!.. lol ( HD 1920 x 1080 / Re-Release )
Losing Your Load to Santas Girl.
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67544 – CLIP – The Mistress with the Leather Gloves – On Slave Hunting & Kidnapping

The Domina with the leather gloves hunting in the car a guy through the forest, the still tried in vain to escape. Lady Vampira punished the refugee with the bullwhip whip and abducted him handcuffed, in the boot to the Femdom Empire. In the studio, “the new property of the mistress” locked in the cage, so that “it” can not escape once again.
The Mistress with the Leather Gloves - On Slave Hunting & Kidnapping
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A Femme Fatale is a mysterious and seductive womanwhose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. How far are you willing to go for your nylon addiction? Today i will bring you into a deep state of seduction make you sell you soul to Me, make you become dependent of ME, my mindless doll. How can I fail this game when I have the most powerful ”vitamins”?

67542 – CLIP – Stiletto in the Balls INTERROGATION

A Female Detective captures a Sex Perv by kicking him in the groin REALLY HARD in order to take him down & Subdue him. NOW She needs to INTERROGATE him to learn the details of his crimes for the Prosecution to build their case against him. She may be Beautiful – But she’s a VERY Skilled Fighter with a Reputation of being Sadistic towards Perverts that attack girls & She’s Determined to make him talk! This HOT Female Detective couldn’t care less what she does to him or how badly she hurts him to get him to Confess. So she kicks him MORE & injures him WORSE til he can no longer Stand. BUT he’s STILL Not Talking. Then she has the Solution.. Her SHARP Stiletto Heel in his balls until He DOES! ( HD 1920 x 1080 )
Stiletto in the Balls INTERROGATION
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