69588 – CLIP – What a boring day… – part 3

When ever she is bored, Goddess Bianca has a solution. Nothing makes her more happy than dominating over her obedient slave girl Alena. It’s hard to find words to describe her satisfaction while she is watching the slave licking the soles of her old, worn off Converse sneakers. No need to say how much more satisfying is seeing Alena sniffing her smelly socks and licking her sweaty feet.
What a boring day... - part 3
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68916 – CLIP – Be chaste for your mistress!!

Hey you little jerk-off loser! Now it’s time to fill your slave balls with lot of sperm again! At the moment they are empty because of your jerking addiction! And I am the reason! 😀 But now it’s over! Now you will be chaste for your mistress as long as I want you to be chaste! Of course it won’t be easy! I will tease you to have some fun! You will follow my instructions, is this clear!? And don’t dare to touch your dick without my permission! Listen my instructions NOW! It’s time for chastity!
Be chaste for your mistress!!
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69466 – CLIP – Swallow spit and ash (Realplayer)

What a disgusting freak you are! We already know what to do with the likes of you. While we smoke we spit the first ashtray full first and you will be watching us. Yuck – a lot of spit and ashes, what a wicked combination! We laugh at you, loser, and do you know you what we like best? You will lick the ashtray clean in front of our eyes, and you will swallow everything that?s in there. We will put it all directly into your mouth!
Swallow spit and ash (Realplayer)
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69638 – CLIP – Roadside hookers

A totally amateur film. My truck driver friend stops on the side of the road next to some hookers and asks them to step all over him. Check out what they say as they do this for the first time. The film is in Polish, but the best parts are translated and the film has subtitles. It is filmed with a handheld camera so the image is shaky at times. The driver deserves credit for being able to focus the lens on himself while he is trampling………………The first girl – she is wearing red knee-high boots with high-heels and is afraid to step on him. She warns him that it must really hurt and is afraid that she will pierce his skin with her heels. When she already gets on top of him, she is afraid to move so that she won?t hurt him. She says that she weighs 70 kilos(154 pounds). She constantly says that he is crazy and keeps laughing at him.The second girl – She is wearing high-heeled sandals. You can tell it?s her first time doing this kind of thing and she seems quite happy. Hearing his heavy breathing, she asks him if he?s having a good time.The third girl ? before the trampling she was asked to put on different shoes cause she was wearing knee-high boots with no heels. So she borrowed some shoes from her friend, namely silver sandals with high-heels. But hardly anybody will find the little girl socks she was wearing in her boots attractive. At first she was asked to record the film while standing on his back. Then my friend asks her to step on his stomach and takes the camera from her. He tells her to dig her heels into his body and to jump on him. He constantly tells her not to be afraid. The girl starts to do as he tells her and steps on him harder, putting all her weight on the heels. Once she gets used to standing on him, he tells her to step on his head with her whole body. She then gets back on his stomach and starts jumping, saying that she has already made many marks on his body. After a few minutes, she isn?t afraid of stepping on him at all and does everything she is asked without protesting. In the end he sticks out his hand and asks her to step on his palm with her heel.The fourth girl – She is wearing amazing boots on platforms, with treaded soles and very thin heels. She says she weighs 65 kilos (143 pounds ). He can?t take it under her heels and asks her to take her shoes off. She is wearing yellow stockings. When he asks her to stand on his face, she only asks him if she won?t break his nose. Once he assured her that she wouldn?t, she instantly complied with his request. She is very good at trampling barefoot. She doesn?t have any hang-ups and you can tell she enjoys it. He asks her if she likes it and she says yes, smiling. Then she puts on her shoes again and steps on him, moaning and picking where to stand on him.The fifth girl – She claims she weighs 60 kilos ( 132 pounds ). She is wearing black shoes with thin and low heels. The heel is very thin and very sharp. The shoes are heavily worn. Like the other girls, she is also anxious that she may hurt him. He assures her that she won?t and tells her how to walk on him. The only thing that bothers them are the mosquitoes. He asks her to take off her shoes and then walk on him because he can?t keep the mosquitoes away. As the girl takes off her shoes, he asks her to stand on his head. She is terrified but does it anyway. Then he asks her to stand on his neck. She says she can choke him, but stands on it anyway. She returns to trampling in her thin heels. She does it more assuredly now and obeys his requests. At the end, he puts out his hand, but can?t take the pressure from her standing on it.The sixth girl ? She is wearing pink high-heels with ankle straps. She has no problem with stepping on someone and even does the filming while standing on his back. It looks like she has done this before and she even looks pleased. Then he takes the camera and films her walking on his stomach. She doesn?t have a problem with stepping on him and even stands on his face when he asks her to. She sticks her heels into him, leaving many marks.The seventh girl ? She is wearing white slippers that are probably twenty years old. He asks her to take them off and trample on him in her stockings. It?s her first time but she does everything he asks, even standing on his face. You can tell by her voice that she thinks the whole thing is really funny.The eighth and ninth girls ? There are two at once. One in black high boots with very long heels and the other in white boots. The girls talk to each other while standing on him and it doesn?t seem to bother them at all. The one wearing black boots is really digging her heels into him. You can see that she stands on him with only her heel. When she walks on him she also leans back on her heels to give him maximum pain. Meanwhile the second girl is stepping on his balls. It looks as though the girls want to tire him out and quickly end this trampling thing. The girls put their whole weight on him and he finally starts to protest. The tenth girl ? She is wearing red and black high-heels. The heels look very worn. After only 10 seconds of trampling she asks him if he?s had enough. Of course not. He asks her if she likes it when he moans but she says she doesn?t care and just does her thing. The eleventh girl ? She?s doing this for the first time. She says she heard about him from a friend and knows what it?s about. She is wearing black shoes with red straps and heavily worn heels. She does everything she is told without worrying if she?ll hurt him. She?s not very good at this and it?s hard for herto balance on him. She holds a tree for support and starts to walk a bit better. She really digs her heels deep into him. He asks her to stand on him in such a way that he won?t be able to take it anymore. He tells her to leave marks on him. In the end he asks her to take off her shoes. She is wearing pink socks. Now she?s feeling a little more comfortable walking on him. She stands with both feet on his face, and puts one leg on his neck. The twelfth girl ? She is wearing pretty black sandals with sequined straps on platforms and thin heels. The girl has no problem with stepping on him. She asks all the time if she?s walking on him correctly and eagerly stands where she is asked to. She says she weighs 58 kilos (127 pounds). She sounds happy. The only thing that bothers them both is the sound of the mosquitoes. Time: 72.24 min.
Roadside hookers
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69366 – CLIP – Giantess jeans face sitting (WMV Low Resolution)

Now the little slave bitch is flattened beneath Erina?s ass. In her sexy jeans Erina feels really good and she feels even better when she begins to flatten the little bitch with her ass. There is no escape. Erina, much larger than her little pet, wants face sitting and that is exactly what she enjoys now – in its most extreme variation. The petite slave bitch helplessly has to bear the weight of Erina?s ass!
Giantess jeans face sitting (WMV Low Resolution)
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68544 – CLIP – Snack bar 3

One schoolgirl escapes after every break between the classes at the bar. There is one tiny bartender girl who is born for mistreatment. Schoolgirl Julie knows to use it for her pleasures. Little Mariah is too weak to defend herself. Julie is escaped from the class of gym. Instead of that she will uses tiny belly of the barmaid and sits full weight on her stomach.
Snack bar 3
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69622 – CLIP – Crush Apples Decolte 044v T16 (1)

3 Apples crushed under my sexy décolleté light blue whit platform and heel 16 cm. The first apple gets stuck between the platform and the heel of my shoes and walk indifferent, then crush it. The second runs continuously and slide, often stuck between the platform and heel, I can only lock under the sole and press until it chip away. The third apple is broken up by my high heels and smashed to the ground with all the other apples. At the end there are only pieces splashed on my shoes on the floor and apple jam. Video FULL HD 1920×1080
Crush Apples Decolte 044v T16 (1)
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