71796 – CLIP – Afternoon relaxation – part 2

While having a casual chat, Goddess Victoria and Goddess Ingrid are humiliating their slave. That way the afternoon is much more enjoyable to them. They make him clean their shoes with his tongue and, after that, to deeply inhale the smell of their nylons. The job is done only when the slave removes all traces of sweat from their beautiful feet!
Afternoon relaxation - part 2
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70441 – CLIP – Empress Victoria – marshmellows And Creme 1 (HDTVMOV)

next actionclip with phantastic long legged and strict goddess empress victoria! her masked slave is already awating her, head down on all fours of course as empress victoria appears….dit you notice her incredible loooong and sexy legs? she is wearing her house slippers. she is in a nice mood today so she starts to ask him some questions, playing a lil bit with him cuz she knows that her footslave cant wait to touch her sexy feet! but of course he is allowed only when mistress is in the mood to… so first he is only allowed to massage her feet, her sexy toes, her arches…next she puts some marshmellows in between her toes that her slave has to eat off. of course this is a great day for her slave…of course she makes it not too easy next, cuz he has to eat everything off from uncomfortable angles… and of course she helds some of the marshmellows so tight between her toes, its not too easy for the slave to catch them…but he does a good job so far, so he is allowed to lick her feet also. german language! part 1 of 2. to be continued… clip duration: 7.47 mins.
Empress Victoria - marshmellows And Creme 1 (HDTVMOV)
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71799 – CLIP – This is WHY it has a 2nd Job

BITCH has a 2nd Job just so it can afford to meet with me on a regular basis. I won’t let it cum so it always stays frustrated & needs to keep on working that much harder for my perfect feet. I usually rub them all over it & then send it on its way with blue balls. So my plan was only to frustrate it.. But I look so fucking hot in this dress & my pretty toes look so sexy in black pantyhose that they made the BITCH have an accident.. lol.. hope nobody notices the big stain on the front of its pants!.. ha ha
This is WHY it has a 2nd Job
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Custom clip request “”Goddess Celine appears in front of the slave, kneeling in front of her. Goddess is dressed with a short dress with a huge cleavage, red lips and heavy make up around her eyes…..She?s wearing a red ultra sexy dress and tiny panties…She starts teasing his prison ….lots of ass and legs scenes , makes him weak, hard, crazy…..then at the end she will k!ll him after he came of course! Such a sexy executrix!!Every man dream indeed!”””