75035 – CLIP – Million dollar clip

Custom: Could you please do a video that is kind of like the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights? You challenge me to a bet. If I can hold off coming for 40 days then I win a million dollars, but if I lose and cum then you win the money. My fetish is losing to pretty girls and you are going to use this weakness to your advantage by teasing me with your amazing body. You are stunning princess and I know I do not stand a chance.
Million dollar clip
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75963 – CLIP – Last walk for my Boots

Today i take a walk with my sweet white Boots. This is the last walk for my Boots, because i destroy they with every step, I crush waste on the street, i press my heels deep into the muddy ground and my Boots goes diving in the Water. After i want to break the Heels, but unfortunately they are only bent. Do you want buy my old worn Boots now ? send my a Mail.Running Time 13,51
Last walk for my Boots
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75962 – CLIP – Jerk-off at my command! – Part 3 (1280×720)

Do everything I tell you to do or the game stops. Tell me you love my body, my legs, my feet and my high heel shoes and the taste of their dusty soles. As the countdown continues you will watch my shoes and my feet which will rive you wild! Come and play my little slave, but remember don’t you dare cum until I tell you to! 1280×720 HD
Jerk-off at my command! - Part 3 (1280x720)
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75850 – CLIP – Attika enjoys the jeans shower

Blonde Attika gets into the bath tub in jeans today! She turns on the water and soaks her whole jeans right away. You’re allowed to watch her as the water reaches her hot ass! She enjoys to feel the water drops sprinkling on her hot jeans. She stimulates her jeans pussy with the shower head and of course Attika immediately starts moaning! Look at her – enjoying the jeans shower to the fullest!
Attika enjoys the jeans shower
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75912 – CLIP – My little lingery sniffer

As you know, I have quite a liking for making you crazy with my lewd fragrances. I just love to brainfuck you until you’re nothing but a good little puppet who does everthing what I want, without even realizing it. ^ ^Just imagine how it might be to press your nose into that hot gusset, to inhale my scent and to be very close to me…The enjoyment could be soon yours. How? Let me tell you. 😉
My little lingery sniffer
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75952 – CLIP – Bra Teasing – You can see but never touch! English Language!

At the first moment you saw my big boobs you were a slave to them, a slave to me. You would do everything to touch this wonderfull breasts just for a second. A know that and I use it against you and your hard wishful cock. This teasing will drive you crazy! Especially the jerk off countdown at the end 😉
Bra Teasing - You can see but never touch! English Language!
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75950 – CLIP – Crush Pedals and Cigarette Wedges 025v T13 Green Enamel 001

The mobile camera filming my feet while I press the pedals of the car.Smoking a cigarette while driving and I turn it off when I get out of the car, smashed on the hard asphalt under the sole of my beautiful sandals.In this video I wear wedges white and silver high 13cm with buckle, green nail polish on the nails.Video FULL HD 1920×1080
Crush Pedals and Cigarette Wedges 025v T13 Green Enamel 001
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