76793 – CLIP – Natalie on the swing with high heels and black stockings – Update 4086

Natalie is truly one of our cutest models. We’re always happy to present you with her beauty. She is sitting on the swing here wearing high heel sandals and black nylons. Lots of shoeplay, dipping and dangling from all sides. Her feet are filmed from the bottom, sometimes only inches away, and we can admire her feet from close.
Natalie on the swing with high heels and black stockings - Update 4086
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76781 – CLIP – Facesitting Alex

Mysteria does like a little facesitting and she intends to have a lot of fun with Alex tonight! First, she facesits him on the sofa. She smothers him with her muscular ass for a very long time. Alex can’t move or speak, all he can do is feel Mysteria’s hard ass and legs with his hands..She then puts his head in scissors. She starts gently and slowly increases the pressure until he taps. Her powerful legs are too much for him! Then she tortures his nipples but he can’t scream because his face is squashed by Mysteria’s pussy! Finally, she sits on his head and rests her legs on him – he is used like a chair! And just as he thinks the torture is over, she sits on his belly and slaps and squeezes his balls! Mysteria really enjoyed this session. Alex probably did too!
Facesitting Alex
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75517 – CLIP – Extreme nipple torture

You did not otherwise wanted. Who says that he is on extreme nipple torture, which must also reckon with the consequences. At the beginning, I assure you that you a few days before your wife hide after this video you must, as soon as they’ll begrabbelt you You have to run, contrary to expectations always close the shower by door lock and not take off in the work you from your colleagues. Otherwise you’re flying on. Everyone can see your nipples maltreated. And you’re not, right? For this video you need the following things (ggfl. similar alternatives are possible, if not available): cup, full bladder and intestines, vollgesifften Slip (your wife, best caviar tracks), pliers, electrical stimulation device (with intervals), Lipstick, Cloverclamps, Spider Crips, 2 bottles of 1.5 liters. DIY best of the Cloverclamps already ropes so down approach something can be fixed. The video is designed so that you listen the first parts of me and are performing the tasks alone. The second part, however, is for you filmed entirely in a form that you directly while you look the clip, and can do me look permanently, hear and receive my instructions. Warning: This video really has a EXTREME nipple torture and EXTREME Ekeltraining as background. Are you for it too weak or afraid, then please look on a purchase, otherwise you will be disappointed. All others will definitely get their money for days: And there is still room for improvement!
Extreme nipple torture
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76779 – CLIP – Dominating our houseslave (1280×720)

This was the last time our house slaves refuses to carry out our orders. He had the task to clean the floor of our sm studio but when we arrived to check if the work is done everything was still dirty and messed up. That meant some cruel punishment for this useless creature. We started with some real hard slapping. We also kicked him into his nuts and body. Lateron we decided to play a cruel game with him. Watch the clip to see what we did with our little doggy. content: domination, kicking, slapping, trampling, humiliation 1280×720 HD
Dominating our houseslave (1280x720)
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