77759 – CLIP – My high heels will meet your balls!

Are you looking at these high heels…? They are beautiful! And do you know what I can do with them…? I like to kick! KICK! KICK! Right into your nuts! I’m sure you won’t need them anymore, will you…!? This is just because you are such a pathetic, sick loser! And the worst thing is that it makes your dick rock hard! But I will kick and slap you until you have realized, that you are such a wimp!
My high heels will meet your balls!
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78793 – CLIP – Chocolate marshmallows crushed under my ass

My slave wanted to be nice and brought me a box of chocolate marshmallows – he should’ve known better! I’m not into this sweet stuff and I prefer good food! So they’re getting crushed! I really like to butt-crush slimy and greasy stuff – and they’re just perfect for that. I crush one after another under my hot ass until there’s just a big slimy mess on the glass table – and my butt! In the end I just rub my ass all over them and then use my hands to cover my ass cheeks completely! That’s definitely the best treatment for such a gift!
Chocolate marshmallows crushed under my ass
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78694 – CLIP – Natalia’s sexy leopard-thong (SD Video)

Natalia looks extremely sexy today! She wears a tight top with a leopard pattern and tight, black leather pants. Below her pants she wears a hot thong – also with a leopard pattern! Just for you she sits down with her legs spread widely and allows you to take a look at her butt. To give you an even more awesome view she bends over – and you can see her hot thong perfectly! Again and again she stretches her sexy ass towards you and presents you her hot thong! That’s exactly what you like to see, isn’t it…!?
Natalia's sexy leopard-thong (SD Video)
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78746 – PICTURES – Dein Schwanz bleibt verschlossen!

Latex transparent keuchhaltungNun hast du Versager gar nichts mehr zu melden, denn ich werde deine Geilheit nun komplett bestimmen! Du willst ihn nur einmal kurz anfassen und streicheln? Lächerlich und schlicht und unmöglich! Ich besitze den Schlüssel deines Keuschheutsgürtels und du wirst richtig viel anstellen müssen das ich deinen Schwanz vielleicht nochmal in die Freiheit entlasse.
Dein Schwanz bleibt verschlossen!
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78688 – CLIP – Coco prevents him from breathing (SD Video)

Coco has overthrown this guy and now sits down at his chest. While doing so she also shuts his mouth and nose tight with her hands. She is the mistress of his breathing capabilities and decides whether he is allowed to breathe – or not! She really enjoys it and wants to further humiliate this loser – and presses one of her legs hard against his neck…!
Coco prevents him from breathing (SD Video)
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78722 – CLIP – Stella267 (HD)

Stella sitting on her porch and smokes. She shows you her sexy boot high heels. She smokes two cigarettes at the same time. At the end of the clip Stella smokes also two cigarettes at the same time for you. She smokes at you and she tap the ash off in your mouth. Also she is showing you her boot high heels and her worn soles. When Stella is ready to smoke, she is flicking away the cigarettes individually to you with her thumb and middle finger. Great pov scenes, fantastic cigarettes crushing scenes and great close ups, too.
Stella267 (HD)
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