79640 – CLIP – Nadia Sits on Your Face!

WHEN NADIA SITS, YOU HOLD YOUR BREATH!”When I sit I want you to hold your breath for real ok! You behind the computer, come on, lets go!” Nadia says talking to YOU before sitting! “You better be holding your breath now!” she says sitting on YOUR face! “You better not be sneaking breaths, don’t cheat!” she warns! Wiggling her bum a little in your face taunting you as you SCREAM FOR AIR!We must warn you that Nadia can be quite cruel when SMOTHERING! “I hope you’re passed out now, or de@d…either one!” she says giggling! We really hope you survive through this one! Otherwise it would be bad for business if you don’t!WHEN NADIA SITS ON YOUR FACE COVERING YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN YOU MUST HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR REAL! ONLY WHEN SHE GETS UP ARE YOU ALLOWED TO BREATHE! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SEE IF YOU COULD SURVIVE UNDER HER BUM WITHOUT PASSING OUT UNTIL THE END OF THE CLIP! HAVE FUN!
Nadia Sits on Your Face!
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79308 – CLIP – Controllers 7

DuneFeet inspectors Teodora and Aurora are in the visit. In the flat of Mitja they are found many malfunctions. He wants to bribe them with the money but they have other ideas. The day with domination instead of money. He has no choice and he must except their offer. They trample him, barefeet. He screams and they must put their hands over his mouth.
Controllers 7
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79624 – CLIP – Go slower

Do you want to cum today? Really? Hmmm, we will see about that;) I will tease you with my sexy body, taking off my clothes slowly, giving you a private striptease….I want you to start stroking really fast and with every piece of my clothes off, you have to slow down a bit and when I take off my panties, you have to stroke really slowly and you can cum. You think you will cum? Hahahaha, I am sure you will be so horny by then that even if you barely touched your dick, you would blow a huge load of cum…..or not? 😀
Go slower
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79554 – CLIP – Stella294 (HD)

Stella sits on a bench in public. Her feet are hurting because she is walking all day long in her stilettos. Luckily, she still has her pink high heels in her bag. She pulls out the stilettos, massaging her aching feet and pulls the comfortable high heels on. Beautiful close-up of her feet and toes, great dipping and dangling scenes and nice pov scenes, too.
Stella294 (HD)
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79336 – CLIP – Quitting smoking with a twist (small version)

I want my slave to stop smoking – and today I’m crushing 5 of his precious packs in front of his eyes – with my spike running shoes! One pack after another is mercilessly crushed and totally ripped apart by the sharp spikes. The shoes are so vicious even the PVC floor below is ripped apart – and of course all the cigarettes as well! I think I’ll do this every time I see him smoking from now on – until he finally quits!
Quitting smoking with a twist (small version)
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79567 – CLIP – Mercedes changes you into a real woman! (SD Video)

Hello my little loser! I’m going to change you into a real woman today because your male qualities are… well… disappointing!! Look at this pink lipstick. This is your favorite color, isn’t it…? Yes… perfect… a little bit here… and there… yeah, that’s it! You look soo sexy now! And now your eyelashes… some eye shadow here… some powder there… Yeah, perfect! Now you are a real woman!
Mercedes changes you into a real woman! (SD Video)
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79623 – CLIP – Go faster

Stroking with me is like a dr.ug for you. You never have enough. Oh, boy, I have a good news for you. Another stroking lesson is here;) I will make you really hot today….watch me take off my lingerie, piece by piece… You have to start stroking very slowly and with every piece of my clothes off you have to stroke little faster and when I finaly take my panties off, you can cum. Hmmmm, are you ready to start?;) Hot and seductive clip!
Go faster
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79639 – CLIP – Nadine Sits on a Wimpy Young Face!

Nadine who’s 6ft tall and weighs approx. 150-155 pounds sits on the skinny face of our young 18y.o. boy! His face just gets flattened under her tight jean covered bum!THIS CLIP IS SHORT FOR A REASON! OUR POOR 18Y.O. LITERALLY COULDN’T TAKE ANOTHER MINUTE UNDER NADINE! HIS FACE AND NOSE WAS CRUSHED FLAT UNDER HER FULL WEIGHT! HE WAS IN A LOT OF PAIN UNDER THERE!
Nadine Sits on a Wimpy Young Face!
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79618 – CLIP – Christmas Bonus Rip-Off

Watch this clip and your christmas bonus is history! You do not believe ? You think you buy this clip , jerks a bit and back out afterwards ? Oh no my dear, this single clip is enough to rip-off your bonus ! My manipulation and seduction skills are far beyond everything you have experienced before. You will send your christmas bonus while watching this ! You will even beg me to be my property ! Count on it Slaveboy !
Christmas Bonus Rip-Off
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79638 – PICTURES – photoset #001: Miss Melanie take a cig in black stockings

Melanie Livingston? Yes, a new amateur girl in the world of adult entertaining industry. She born in Hungary, but living in the UK 4 years ago. Some weeks ago she had an idea, she like to show herself for the world. Founded a contact to the webmaster of our site, and taked a promise, she providing minimum 10 of new videoclips in every weeks! We wait her contents with the hottest love! On her first video she showing her pumps and pretty soles (size: 5 UK) in her black nylons, between she take a smoke by a cig. This is the photoset for her first videoclip.
photoset #001: Miss Melanie take a cig in black stockings
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79592 – CLIP – Gift for my cuckold

Hmmm, I feel sooo good. My body is still on fire. My lover just left, we had such a great afternoon. Three hours of non stop sex. He knows how to satisfy me. Do you think you could ever fuck me like him? Hahaha, never! You are just a loser, not a real man. And thats why you will always be just a cuckold, nothing else. You can only listen to my erotic stories, but you will never touch my body. But you know what? We decided to save a little gift for you. Look…used condom full of his cum. He didnt cum only once during our sex session, he came…..if you want to know more about our afternoon, you have to pay for it and buy the clip, loser!
Gift for my cuckold
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79631 – CLIP – Melina has very nice, natural hands!

Can you see Melina’s hands…? Her hands are soo soft and all natural! She exactly knows that her hands are very sexy and so she likes to show them to you! You are really a lucky guy! She strokes her hands slowly and also lets them move along her legs… she shows you the front and the back of her hands in close-up… I’m sure you hardly see such beautiful hands! Very sexy!!
Melina has very nice, natural hands!
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