79858 – CLIP – Flirt boy 4

This guy is conditioned by beautiful Sibilla. He tries to flirt with her but she is so disinterested. She can have any guy she wants but it’s hard to find the guy who can be pounded into submission, So, she uses her charm to said every wish she wants to him and he must obey her requests. She just says “maybe”… The art of trampling on his belly.
Flirt boy 4
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80820 – CLIP – Can you cum in 1 minute? Round 2.

I know what a horny loser you are. You get that uncontrollable urge to stroke when my gorgeous FEET are right in your face. Can’t wait to pop your load for me right now can’t you. Well better stroke the hell out of that cock immediately because today I am giving you ONLY 1 MINUTE TO STROKE AND CUM. As usual, you can’t resit, you need my tease. But beware. Failing to cum in time after edging for 1 intense minute, will leave you with blue balls for the day. Ha ha ha. Ready? GO!!!!INCLUDES: FOOT WORSHIP, JOI GAMES, HUMILIATION, ORGASM CONTROL, FEMDOM POV, BRAT GIRL, MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION, DOMINATION.
Can you cum in 1 minute? Round 2.
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80896 – CLIP – Your day starts with my latina feet – HD

What a wonderful day! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to start the day with spoiling my sexy feet! Come very close to my Latin feet. Smell the odor of my feet – kiss them – and worship them! They are even more gorgeous bare feet, aren’t they…? I will show you exactly the spot you are allowed to kiss – so don’t waste any more time and start spoiling them now!
Your day starts with my latina feet - HD
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80729 – CLIP – The most expensive shoe soles (small version)

As you know by now – I love to destroy the hard earned money of my slave. Today I’ve a special evil plan. I grab my sneakers, a roll of double-sided adhesive tape and my slave’s wallet 😉 I put some tape on the sole of the first shoe, take a 100 Euro bill out of my slave’s wallet and stick it to the tape! Same goes for the other shoe. Now I’ve 200 Euro (around 250 USD) taped to my shoes. I put them on and give you a last glance at the money – well, at least at the undamaged money 😉 I go for a walk on the outside, walk over grass and over the parking lot – and always show you in between what’s left of the money. The bills get more and more destroyed with every step I take. In the end there’s only a few little pieces left – and these I throw into the toilet and flush them down 🙂
The most expensive shoe soles (small version)
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80872 – CLIP – Sissy Since High School

Well, well, well, look who it is, the little sissy boy who could never get a date. Are you still telling people you do not cross dress and wear make up? Come on even in high school you wore make up. Remember when the football team made fun of you for wearing pink? That was so funny! Or the time I saw you wearing a thong at the gym?! I do not know why you bother trying to lie this long after highschool. Just admit you’re a sissy boy. Beg me to train you to be my perfect, prancing, sissy boy. Put you on a SIS-PROGRAM. Demand you wear thongs everyday, start bathing with feminine products, start wearing make-up. Then the next thing you know you’re a slut on the corner whoring out your hole.
Sissy Since High School
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80884 – CLIP – 2 shots blue

In order for you to get hard you need ME and I have no problem teasing you as you stroke. In fact, I like getting you all worked up, its quite fun 😉 As a matter of a fact I cant wait for you to get nice and big, right on the edge waiting for me to count you down! Oh and when the time comes, when you are so horny and can barely hold on?RUINED!!! Mmmm and that above all is my favorite part?and it wont happen once, but twice?because I CAN!
2 shots blue
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80882 – CLIP – jerk off instruction 4 from 5

Fear? Should you have! Even if this job sounds in the approach very simply – it will have it like every jobin herself! It will lead you to the nausea – but who wants to polish and does not have finished his emergency-randy tail under control – well he has to go there, unfortunately, simply! Small Herrausforderung for you! Will you create it? I am curious. *hihih*
jerk off instruction 4 from 5
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80880 – CLIP – True Cuck Suck Off

Im glad you were able to come over on such short notice. My alpha and I just returned home from a fabulous date. We went to the finest restaurant, had numerous drinks and had an overall romantic time. Now were to the part of the night when we just got home and its time for sex. I mean I can’t not put out, he took me to such a nice dinner and was so romantic. My alpha really wants to get his dick sucked but Im not in the mood. I am more of a receiver.. I really hate to give. So I was thinking it would be great if you could blow him while he goes down on me. That way my alpha is still getting what he wants and I am getting what I want and all you have to do is be our cuck-slut. Do you think you can handle giving your alpha a blow job while I moan in the background?[Alpha enters]He demands you suck his dick.
True Cuck Suck Off
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80879 – CLIP – Lindsey Leigh Takes Your Job

You hired me to work in your office. At first you thought it was great to have an attractive girl walking around daily in short skirts, pantyhose, tight blouses and always looking sexy. You thought how great you had the company writing my pay checks and you got to benefit from it. Every day during or after work you find yourself jerking off to the hot office girl. Sometimes you even call me into your office mid jerk just to say a chauvinistic remark and ask me to leave. I know that really gets you going. Well no more!You remember the last company picnic when you introduced me to the CEO and your bosses? Well I had a little talk with them and they believe I would be better fit for your position. I mean can you blame them? They wanna see me at every business meeting looking fabulous. So we all decided that you must be terminated so I can fill your position. No more jerking off like a pervert in your office. No more bossing me around. I am the boss now! Gather your pictures of your wife and cat and get out.
Lindsey Leigh Takes Your Job
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80878 – CLIP – Sniff My Arm Pussy

You are such a weakling for my pits. Today you are being punished. Last time you saw these pits you were licking, sucking and tongue fucking my armpits. This is not good for me, you were too ravenous and disrespectful to my pits. You need to worship my pits, love them, admire them, not suck them like they are your last meal. You must earn your licking. Worship, sniff and compliment and then you may lick.
Sniff My Arm Pussy
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80877 – CLIP – Lindsey’s Warm Moist Panties

I have been shooting all day in these panties. They are super sweaty and so moist. I can put my hand on my sexy pussy and just feel the steam coming off it. These panties smell like I have been wearing them all day too. The smell of my sweet, sweaty and moist pussy rubbing all over the inside of these panties. I know you are so desperate to be closer to my hot pussy. You ache and edge while I tease you with them. You want to crawl closer and lick my sweat but I only allow you to smell. When I have you right where I want you I press my tight moist panties right on your face. I know this combined with a cum countdown will send you into orgasm. Come here little panty sniffer.
Lindsey's Warm Moist Panties
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80876 – CLIP – Weakened By Goddess Shots

I am getting ready to host a Halloween party. I bought so much liquor I can not fit it all in my cabinet. I need your help. You see these two bottles? One is Fireball the other is tequila, they couldn’t fit. I need you to drink it for me. See I like when you’re drunk. You are more fun to toy with, so easy, so weak. I am going to get you wasted. I fill up shot glass after shot glass and ordered you to drink. First tequila then fireball, back to back. You are so easy to push shots on! All I have to do is show off my cute breasts. 2 shots gone.Then I remove my skirt and expose my black G-String, look at you how many shots have you taken now, 6! Lets keep playing. For every 2 shots you pay me $100. Oh my gosh, look at you, you’re doing it. You must be really drunk, here drink more!
Weakened By Goddess Shots
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80875 – CLIP – Tranquil Addiction

In this clip I will be using a “Magnet Induction”. This brainfuck is meant to leave you feeling relaxed without even knowing I have infiltrated your mind. While you sleep I will implant triggers to deepen your addiction to me. Triggers placed so deep a simple sound can have you thinking of me. Causing you to become instantly hard. I must delve deep into your psyche to turn you into the ultimate Lindsey addict. Using multi-level deepening I will create a safe space for you and I. I will reprogram your entire body to ache for only me. You will reach a state of total relaxation and submission. I will slowly awaken you feeling happier, relaxed and satisfied. Without even knowing you have been imprinted or trained at all you will be aching to feed your addiction to me.
Tranquil Addiction
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80874 – CLIP – Therapist Louboutin Seduction

You have entered my office today out of desperation. No therapist will see you in town due to your perversions. Every therapist and analyst you have seen so far has either given you medication to shut your dick off or turned you away. You want into my office under the impression I do not know anything about you, this is false. I have your file right here and it tells me everything I need to know. That you stalk young girls wearing Christian Louboutin heels around. That you have a breaking and entering charge where they found you cock deep in a pair of heels. The list goes on. Today I am going to fix you and help you rejoin society as a normal person. What we do here in my office stays in my office. I will model my Christian Louboutin heels and further your fetish. I will model 3 pairs for todays session and request you orgasm for them. I am your therapist now and here are your orders. You will not stroke or orgasm outside of my presence to ensure the safety of other. You will not worship any other women’s feet or high heels. Break these rules and I will have you sent to a mental institution where you belong.
Therapist Louboutin Seduction
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80873 – CLIP – Sniff My Mans Gym Bag

My mans gym bag stinks to the high heavens. I hate how bad it smells but I see an opportunity here. He just finished up a soccer game where I was the referee, everything in his bag is soiled, stinky and still fresh. Since I make all the rulings on the field, I am going to make some rules of my own for you. I know there are freaks out there (like yourself) that like the smell of a man. Men out there that actually like the smell of another mans sweat. The sweatier the better. You would sniff jock straps, soiled socks, gym sneakers, gloves. Anything that you can bury your nose in that stinks and today that is my mans gym bag. Follow my rules and you’ll find your little perverted fetish has taken you to a whole new level.
Sniff My Mans Gym Bag
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80721 – CLIP – Admire Gina’s sexy jeans ass (HD Video)

Gina Gerson wants to wear her dark blue jeans today and starts with her right leg first. While she raises the jeans above her leg with full power she has to moan – because the jeans is very tight and so it’s amazingly tough to get in there! But with some effort she finally put it in there… and her second leg too… Now tries to squeeze her sexy ass into the jeans too! Wow – this was really exhausting! But the result looks soo amazing and the jeans fits perfectly!
Admire Gina's sexy jeans ass (HD Video)
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75580 – CLIP – Eaten by Nova and Katelyn

Katelyn and Nova decide to do a little bit of cheese taste testing before their New Year’s Eve party tonight, but during do so an un-welcome guest, Jo, shows up at the house. They welcome him in but previous to his arrival, they were chatting a bit about the people they’ve shrunk and eaten in the past week, and with both not liking Jo they plot to shrink and eat him right before his eyes.He likes them so much he doesn’t run. He know’s what’s coming but he kinda puts his blinders on because of the attention he receives from the girls. Not to mention, Katelyn seduces him and starts stroking his cock while licking her lips. He blows awfully fast and right after he cums the girls shrink him down to midget sized.While at this size they joke. He’s the perfect slave size and he could even serve cheese at the party tonight! He’d enjoy that kind of attention but… it might be even more enjoyable to eat him. He wasn’t welcome, after all. Katelyn licks his face, and so does Nova. They can taste his fear and they want more so they shrink him even smaller.Once shrunken to bug sized they bring him up to the table and begin tasting them with their cheese. They even playfully torture him with the stinky blue cheese that neither of them like! Since they’re going to eat him, he lucks out enough to not get blue cheese all over him. However, next they slice some Parmesan cheese and place his tiny little body in between the thickly cut pieces.Jo can see his final fate nearing closer and closer with every bite they take one after another sharing the cheese. He begins trembling in fear, nothing he can do. With the last two bites, Nova eats his lower body with the cheese, and Katelyn enjoys the final bite entering her mouth with cheese and his shrunken upper body- Jo never to be seen again.Afterwards they talk about how annoying Jo was while they eat more cheese. He wasn’t even invited to the party and he arrived early- what the heck?! They’re really happy they’ll never, ever, have to deal with Jo’s awkwardness again!This video features a candid style intro while Katelyn and Nova eat cheese and chat (14 minutes), slight humiliation and full seduction of Jo (Katelyn gives him a handjob), slow shrinking, Giantess voice sound effect, and getting eaten in between cheese by two girls at once sharing bites. This video is priced at a slight discount because of how long the candid style beginning is before Jo arrives.Special thanks to Jo for ordering this custom video!
Eaten by Nova and Katelyn
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79857 – CLIP – Flirt boy 3

This guy is conditioned by beautiful Sibilla. He tries to flirt with her but she is so disinterested. She can have any guy she wants but it’s hard to find the guy who can be pounded into submission, So, she uses her charm to said every wish she wants to him and he must obey her requests. She just says “maybe”… Feet washing. The guy worships her lovely bare feet.
Flirt boy 3
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