81825 – CLIP – Stroke like a slut

Hello my sissy slut. Do you want to be as beautiful as me? Well, thats impossible and you know it. I am a Goddess and you are a slut. But do you know how to properly stroke your clit like a slut? Hmm, I will teach you how to do it and be sexy. But before we start, you have to dress up for me. Nice lingerie, stockings, make up…. Also you need a butt plug and when you are ready, the slutty stroking lesson can begin. With my help and guidance, you will be a perfect sissy slut;)
Stroke like a slut
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81908 – CLIP – Kiss Sarah’s Feet Nicely Or She Will Crush Your Head

Sarah dominates Mark with her feet and orders him to kiss them & if she isn’t satisfied she then stands full weight on his head crushing him under her sexy white high heel shoes, he kisses them to the best of his ability but Sarah is a special girl & expects more so under her feet he goes the very feet he has just been kissing are gonna slowly crush his skull.
Kiss Sarah's Feet Nicely Or She Will Crush Your Head
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81806 – CLIP – Something you can dream of only! (SD Video)

Jessica owns the key to your little dick because she has shut away this tiny thing… It’s of no use and you don’t use him anyway…! Someone like you is soo pathetic that no one wants to deal with you… especially no real woman! But look at Jessica’s hot ass! That’s something you can dream of only…! Such a hot ass is far away out of your reach – regardless if your dick is shut away or not!
Something you can dream of only! (SD Video)
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81871 – CLIP – Sweaty foot worship session

I get back home after a hard workout – and my feet are hurting and sweating inside my gym shoes – time to get them worshipped and pampered by my slave. I call for him and make him kiss the dirty shoe soles for starters. Then he has to take off the shoes, stick his nose into them and I use my foot to press his nose in deep! These shoes must stink terrible – I’ve never washed them and I wear them in the gym at least 3-4 times a week – but that’s his bad luck – not mine 😉 Next he gets to smell and kiss my sweat-soaked socks – before he’s allowed to take them off as well. But I not only want him to smell my feet – he should taste them as well – that’s why I shove my stinky socks into his mouth before I press my bare feet on his nose! In the end he gets to smell and kiss my bare feet as well 😉
Sweaty foot worship session
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81907 – CLIP – Sarah Sits On Mark & Holds His Neck & Makes Him Eat Her Spit

This girl is in total control she is sitting on her victim she has a hold of his neck with her hands she repeatedly spits into his mouth & she shows off to Emma who is off camera & watching the action, she punches & hits her slave & makes sure she empties all of her spit into him until she is all dried up & can’t spit no more.
Sarah Sits On Mark & Holds His Neck & Makes Him Eat Her Spit
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81824 – CLIP – Pay for my attention, retard

Hey pussyboy, do you want to see me naked? Then you have to buy this clip…. and then you can watch my beautiful body and listen to my verbal humiliation which is like a music to your ears, isn’t it, retard? You can stroke your little dick and be happy then I even talk to you. That I pay any attention to you. Well, after all, you paid for it, haha! And that’s the only thing you are good for – sending me your cash and buying my clips. You are a lonely loser, chronic masturbator, you have no woman, your only lover is your hand. You see? You need me, even though you know I don’t give a sh.it about you, only your cash…. still reading? Haha, you are really retarded!
Pay for my attention, retard
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81906 – CLIP – 5 CLIPS – only 15.99 Euro !!!

Sensual Alicja (18) loves to bask in the sun and sunbathe their shapely, lovely feet. Look what doing Alicja in his free time and how gives pleasure her feet. Alicja’s feet are beautiful, she has sweet, fantastic soft soles and long nice toes… The movie consists of a few different scenes: Feet in the sand on the beach in sandals on the pier, pedalo + bench (embalming feet), in the park (jeans and knee-highs), fun feet & watermelon
5 CLIPS - only 15.99 Euro !!!