86002 – CLIP – Money for your mistress – Quicktime

I wanna go shopping – with your money – so give it to me so you at least fulfill one purpose. The feet of your goddess need new shoes – of course ill pay them with your money – ooops – my money. Of course your money is my money! You dont need any money – it should be enough for you to know that ive money. You should consider yourself lucky that i spent any time on a loser like yourself and drained you as my money slave. You should put “Im Princess Jennys money slave” in big letters on your wall !!!(Original Princess-Jenny Clip “Rank 3” only for my personal cash machines)
Money for your mistress - Quicktime
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Today I was very diligent – now it’s time for a little break . My slave has the camera , however, run … In this case, not so bad! I just lit my cigarette as my phone vibrates . That little bastard really brought his wify to the club – now she will spend her first night there and she will be filmed around the clock . A few minutes later I receive the first clip on my mobile phone. Looks like she had fun.
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85987 – CLIP – Disarmament by giantess

Another troop of tanks, airplanes and little soldiers found their way into my home – they clearly didn’t learn their lesson of catastrophic destruction last time! This time I’m wearing a pair of boots with hard wooden soles – perfect to grind little men and their war toys to dust! One after another gets crushed by my sexy high heel boots, for some it’s over quickly – others have to suffer!
Disarmament by giantess
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85997 – CLIP – First class feet care… – part 1

… is exactly what spoiled princess Daria insists on, after she spends the whole day in her flats. Her soft and sensitive feet skin must be treated with utmost care and all of the sweat, dirt and fatigue accumulated during the day must be removed by tongue only! She likes her feet to be licked thoroughly and for a long time. The first class treatment of her feet also must include the cleaning of her shoes and a high quality massage.
First class feet care... - part 1
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85995 – CLIP – For her favorite old sneakers… – part 1

… Goddess Victoria usually says that they need a special care. With high quality maintenance, She wants to make them last longer so Her slaves always must have a special approach to those old sneakers. It has to be an approach full of love and care, and it always starts with gentle sniffing, continues with kisses and finishes with devoted and high quality licking which removes any dirt. Of course, that’s not the end: after that it is necessary to thoroughly wash Goddesses sweaty feet which, after a while in those old sneakers, release quite intensive smells!
For her favorite old sneakers... - part 1
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86001 – CLIP – Im fueling with your money – Quicktime

So you little paypig wired me a bunch of money as you’re supposed! I’ll use your money to fill up my fuel tank and you can stay in the car and watch your money literally flowing into my car. Watch the fuel gauge closely – litre after litre flows into my car and i’ll pay for it with you money. Of course you’ll walk home – i don’t want to have such a loser in my car anymore!(Original Princess-Jenny Clip “Rank 1” only for my personal money slaves)
Im fueling with your money - Quicktime
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85991 – CLIP – Eternal Chastity Part 2

Saffronism is now your new religion. You worship ME as your Deity. I am the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful ultimate creatrix of your reality. As the architect of your future, I issue my Divine Will, which becomes your will and destiny and binds you to me eternally. When you pray to me, You strengthen my Divine Will which leaves you trembling and submissive within my Divine Power. I take over your thoughts and consume you completely. You dream at night about me. You daydream throughout the day about me. You live and breathe for me. Your heart beats for me and me alone. As you are in eternal chastity for me, I offer an alternative form of orgasm: The Slave to Goddess Saffrongasm – a full body submissive orgasm achieved only through constant prayer, devotion, and following the commandments of My Divine Will. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: CHASTITY, RELIGIOUS, FEMDOM, FEMDOM POV, HUMILIATION, ORGASM CONTROL, ORGASM DENIAL, LEGS.
Eternal Chastity Part 2
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