87076 – CLIP – Queen of Smother 2

Murderotica begins by grabbing a fistfull of Walter’s hair as she sits on his face! Spreading her cheeks, she wiggles her bum side to side making sure his face gets buried deep between her butt cheeks! Everytime he attempts to squirm out for air she pulls him back in by the hair!Murderotica plays with her thongs as she smothers her victim, enough to drive you insane! She bounces on his face as he gasps desperately for air! She lowers her thong seductively to tease him as he chokes for air! He slowly begins to turn purple! Murderotica conitnues fighting to keep his face buried as she giggles at his feeble attempts to squirm free! Then what she does next is unexpected! We’ll have to keep it a surprise! She continues to brutally smother and bounce on him until he eventually passes out!THE CLIP YOU SMOTHER FANATICS HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! EXTREME OXYGEN DEPRIVATION! MURDEROTICA GOES ALL OUT IN WHAT IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST SMOTHER CLIP SHE’S EVER MADE! INCREDIBLY HOT IN THE STYLE OF OLD SCHOOL MASOROTICA! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!THERE ARE MORE CAMERA ANGLES TO THIS CLIP INCLUDING CLOSE-UPS! SOME WERE JUST TOO HOT TO SHOW!
Queen of Smother 2
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86893 – CLIP – Salty Addiction (FULL HD MP4 version)

We were hanging out at a local pub, discussing some possible new stuff, when Dorothy admitted, that she started to develop some kind of an addiction to the salty juice that Candy sweats on her soles and if once let to worship her soles on her own way, she would never forget it. I was turned on just by hearing a girl actually like licking the soft soles of another, so urged to back inside and shoot a proof of it immediately. Upon arrival Candy layed on the sofa, kicked off her hot sneakers and waited giggling for the enthusiastic tongue to caress her perfect soles! Dorothy kept her word: she liked and kissed Candy’s gorgeous feet with utmost pleasure – for them both!Other available formatsHD WMV
Salty Addiction (FULL HD MP4 version)
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87110 – CLIP – You will cum in your own face (Quicktime Version)

You little wanker slave will now humiliate yourself for me.I want you to jerk off for me. And you will do this exactly the way I tell you to!First, you’re going to get all hot and horny watching my sexy ass. You can grip your cock, but you will not cum – yet.Lie down in front of a wall, up with legs and pelvis! Now you can really get going. Jerk off until you cum – right in your slave face!I know you’re horny and you know that you will feel extremely humiliated afterwards. But I want you to do as I say – because this is what makes me horny! So, listen to my voice, watch my hot body and then you can start wanking, cumming right into your own face, your filthy cum face!
You will cum in your own face (Quicktime Version)
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87034 – CLIP – Can he handle 2 girls & 4 high heels? (small version)

Until now this slave only had to handle us with flat boots or bare feet – now he’ll see how much pain 2 girls in high heels can cause him! We’re both wearing nice open straps high heels with high and thin heels 🙂 After a few minutes of high heel trampling we’re taking the shoes off – but of course we’re not going to make it more easy for him – now with our shoes off we can jump on him, stomp his belly, stand on our tip-toes and even stand on his head. In the end we even both stand on his head at the same time shortly!
Can he handle 2 girls & 4 high heels? (small version)
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85722 – CLIP – Risky jerk-off marathon

Are you ready for the ultimate jerk-off marathon, slave? Watch out, it’ll be definitely another hard challenge for you. I know you’ll do anything for your mistress and it’s gonna be enormous fun. When you hold your completely pumped out slave dick in your hand in the end, you’ll only wanna show your mistress gratitude! And you’ll do that, you understood? So grab all your remained courage and stick to my jerk- off marathon! I don’t accept any failure!
Risky jerk-off marathon
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86888 – CLIP – Cruel Soles and a Mouthful of Ash (FULL HD MP4 version)

Candy orders her pathetic slave to clean her soles, while constantly insults and humiliates her. Is this something that can be called life? Licking the sweat and dirt off someone else’s feet for living? No matter how hard the 18 y/o footgirl tries, her efforts are in vain. After a while Candy gets sick of her and decides to humiliate her even more: she knocks the ashtray over, steps in the ashes and orders this miserable slave to lick it off her perfect soles while she smokes a cigarette and uses her mouth as her new ashtray.Other available formatsHD WMV
Cruel Soles and a Mouthful of Ash (FULL HD MP4 version)
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87056 – CLIP – The shoes shine boy life – episode 4

The unlucky shoes shine boy get visited by Mistress Lea, her marvelous high heeled shoes Louboutin are dirty and she want them cleaned, She promises 50 ? at the boy if he clean them with his tongue, the boy is poor and accept the deal, he lick the dirt from the Mistress Lea’s shoes over and over, suck the heel but Mistress Lea is not satisfied and go away with the 50 ?.
The shoes shine boy life - episode 4
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