94325 – CLIP – Alpha princess vs second class loserbitch

Better watch out, piggie – this clip will kill you! My sweet voice and my beauty is just too much – you turn immediately to a helpless, head banged payslut. You are a lot older than me but without a chance; I am too pretty, too clever and I realy know how a loser like you has to be treatend. As a second class sub it’s your job to work hard making my life even more comfortable!
Alpha princess vs second class loserbitch
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94322 – CLIP – new jobs for slaves

After I removed some lazy worthless of my stable , you get Beta victim now the chance to apply for these free slaves Jobs ! You always wanted under the leadership of a beautiful , clever Alpha lady standing and working ? Same time plaintext advance: payment ? You pay monthly payments X in me, that you may ever toiling for me ! Recognition? Reward? It’s for you reward enough to be privileged to be allowed to take this job! Which sites are available? Look at the video and do not be so lazy ! I hate !!!! lazy employees
new jobs for slaves
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94321 – CLIP – Your Lunch is ready;-)!

Be thankful and happy that you prepared your mistress Your Lunch. While I’ll take an exquisite gourmet menu to me, You can be my stunning, sexy feet kneel and lick your lunch off the floor and out of my designer heels! I have trampled just for you … haha ​​…. Crushing finest. I bet alone the thought of it, brings you to your mind already!
Your Lunch is ready;-)!
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94312 – CLIP – Poppi-Ruin

You love it to be stupid. You sniff the whole day to get a stupid brain. Now you get instructions for it from me in this video, as you correctly have to obscure the brain to you. Always nicely deeply pure sucking ? right and left, so that also both slave brain halves gaga become. And if you look so really nicely silly, I fuck you in your (financial) ruin. You will be able to think nothing else more than: Mistress Ella is my goddess to whom I give all my having and property. Carry earphone for the ?perfect, ultimative ASMR-Brainfuck?!! You will be astonished! You will feel it and pull out immediately your sweet small credit card and make happy me with your money!
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94318 – CLIP – Cash & Go am Bankautomat

Mein Sub Mad kam wie immer am Wochenende zum Cash & Go, um seinen wöchentlichen Tribut zu leisten. Wir gingen also zu seiner Bank, er überreichte mir seine Karte. Wie gut, dass sein Gehalt schon da war. Ich nahm mir das Geld, warf ihm 10? hin. Mit denen muss er nun die ganze Woche bis zum nächsten Wochenende auskommen 😉 Je sparsamer er ist, umso mehr habe ich von seinem Gehalt 😉
Cash & Go am Bankautomat
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94205 – CLIP – Feeding Time

Rosie has her toes totally unkept for a while, just to do this utterly humiliating clip. She files her nails, while Clarissa has to lick her soles clean. Once she’s done, the feeding begins. The slavegirl has to open her mouth and Rosie cuts her toenails on her tongue. No exception, all of them! And their thick and huge! Clarissa has to swallow each toe’s waste, one by one! When they’re all gone, she must keep her position, as Rosie refines her tonails with the file she used on her hand before. And of course, she must submit her mouth as a wastebin again!
Feeding Time
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93631 – CLIP – Felicia’s Black Nylon Feet – (High Quality Version)

Felicia likes to have attention on her feet all the time but especially after a long day with her feet inside her shoes! She knows how bad you are addicted to her feet so she slowly takes her shoes off to let you smell them! She wants you to take some deep breaths inside her shoe because this is exactly where her foot was all day long! Felicia also takes pleasure to cover your face with her sweaty nylon feet! She just loves to use you as a slave! She wants you to smell them and describe her how bad you like that smell! She also wants you to stick your tongue out and lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants you to taste and swallow her sweat! Just make sure you are doing it right!
Felicia's Black Nylon Feet - (High Quality Version)
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94310 – CLIP – Nylon victims joyride !

Come victims , we take a ride ! I just came back from the shop and take you today simply times with ! The preview has already made ​​you crazy , the thought of it to be my passenger once in a lifetime ! However, the will by then not an easy road , because 1. would you drive me and 2. you have not long enough for it paid to me ! Nevertheless, I ‘m going to fuck your tiny brain in these horny 7 Minutes, where are you my nylon legs delivered completely and make you sacrifice the perfect number ! Without a word, the payment to indicate you’ll even come in hindsight the idea , which is much better suited for me your money ! This has always been so and will continue to do so ! My sexy nylon legs you can not resist !
Nylon victims joyride !
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94294 – CLIP – Caught at smelling gym socks – POV

Your girlfriend Daniela has just returned from the gym, she stripped her sweat soaked smelly gym socks in the room and went to shower. You are together for a year, so don’t mess it up now…but you can smell her socks across the room and you just need to smell them. You went smell them but you can’t stop and suddenly Daniela is standing in front of you surprised what she sees. She asks you what you’re doing and whether you like it but she takes it very well and wants you to give her a foot massage now. She enjoys every bit of it and than she starts to be naughty. She has all these ideas what you could do with her socks and her sexy feet…maybe she will even help you with your fetish…you know to make everyone happy.
Caught at smelling gym socks - POV
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94204 – CLIP – The SweatQueen (FULL HD MP4 version)

Into juicy sweat, aren’t you? Well, if yes, then this one will blow your brains out! Candy Blade shows off her unique sweating skills! Her feet are always sweaty for no particular reason. Barefoot, in socks or sneakers, hot or cold weather, going around or just hanging out, no matter what, her soles are moist. Now combine this gift with an hour in plastic boots! Can you imagine the results? You don’t have to, Candy gladly shows it all. You can gaze into the thick drops of sweat on her soles and between the toes as well as it’s remains in her boots. When you’re totally at dream sweatland, she just laughts and tells you to fuck off. Just because she is the Queen, and she can do that.Other available formatsHD WMV
The SweatQueen (FULL HD MP4 version)
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94308 – CLIP – Spending challenge week 9

Clearing mental space for meWhat a busy world we live in… Constantly rushing around in pursuit of the next task to tick off our to do list.Task, tick, assess, repeat.Sometimes it can be almost impossible to do the things we really want to do…Such as obeying your Mistress and listening to Her commands more fully.Don’t you think it’s time you started to clear more mental space so you can become more devoted to Her message?
Spending challenge week 9
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94300 – CLIP – Make You Cheat on your Wife… With a Man!

You pretend to be a man but I know what a FAG you are. You dream of having your wife or girlfriend feminize you and make you suck a cock…because you’re really a homo. I know you watch my videos and jerk your cock, but you’re not thinking of fucking me. You’re thinking about how incredibly hot it would be to BE me. To have a perfect feminine body, to have the tits and ass to make any man crawl for me, and of course, to indulge every cock sucking and fucking desire I’ve ever had. So come on faggot, just give yourself over to me. I’ll have you cheating on your wife before you know it. But it will only ever be with a man!
Make You Cheat on your Wife... With a Man!
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94298 – CLIP – ******Sub – Feminization Tr@nce 1

This is a powerful real tr@nce for those who wish to be feminized. Have you longed to feel REAL feminization? Do you want to experience the vulnerability and sensuality of being a true woman? Today is your window of opportunity to experience femininity like nothing before. I am going to reprogram your mind to feel every sensation. Throughout this video, I am going to reduce your masculinity. I am going to condition you to experience both mental and physical female awareness. Warning: This is a real ******s1s file. It contains hy-pn0t1c imagery and audio. Do not watch or listen if you have any form of mental disorder or illness. Do not operate machinery or drive after watching/listening to this clip. By watching this clip you accept full responsibility for any results that may occur, both negatively or positively. CONTAINS ELEMENTS OF: MIND FUCK, MENTAL DOMINATION, SISSIFICATION, FEMINISATION, FEMINIZATION, SISSY, FEMDOM POV, LIP FETISH, TIT WORSHIP, GODDESS WORSHIP.
******Sub - Feminization Tr@nce 1
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94295 – CLIP – Pindick Measuring Test

I know your itty bitty cock is so fucking small! You couldn’t possibly hope to ever actually satisfy a woman with that little clitty could you? Well, I want to REALLY make sure you realize how utterly inferior your totally inadequate cock is. So I’m going to give you a series of humiliating measuring tasks to highlight to you exactly how small that little pindick is. Did you know I only fuck cocks that are nearly a foot long? I bet your little dick isn’t even as big as a pencil. Go on, follow my instructions, get your little dick hard, and go get each object I tell you to, hold it next to your little dick, and let’s see how small you are!
Pindick Measuring Test
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