97280 – Hurt your cock on the hour every hour – Part 1

I love playing games, o so very much! And moreso a game that will keep you very close to me for a full 24hrs. Just you and me, engaging in our own little game that no one else needs to know about.I want you to pay close attention to these instructions closely because they will get you through your test for me.Part 1 will explain the pleasure pain endurance task in front of you and will map out your day from rise till 4pm…
Hurt your cock on the hour every hour - Part 1
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97775 – Destroying another one of my slave’s watches

I walk into the living room with my sexy new beige high heels and a magazine to read – but notice a watch on the coffee table right away. My slave should know better by now – but this idiot really thinks he can buy new watches and I won’t find and crush them? I throw it on the ground and start to crush it under my high heels – but it just won’t break – the brand-new heels are too soft! I grab another pair of high heel boots where the heels are really run down and the metal tip sticks out – but this watch seems to have a guardian angel of some sort – it just won’t break! I grab it and walk over to the parking lot – there it only takes a few hard hits and the watch explodes under the metal tips of the heels! I put the crushed remains back on the coffee table for my slave to find it … maybe now he’ll learn!
Destroying another one of my slave's watches
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97802 – School Girl Bully 5

“ooh! Can I draw too!” asks Walter! “No. Make yourself useful though, come here.” Kate replies tapping her bum. Walter knows exactly what to do after suffering years of abuse and bullying at the hands of Kate. He begins sniffing her cute little bum as she continues to draw. He puckers his lips and kisses her butt cheeks before burying his face back into her panties to sniff around some more.”You’re soooo creepy!” Kate tells him! She gives him permission to pull down her panties so he can continue kissing her bum like a little puppy! He buries his face deep between her cheeks once more until she completes her drawing!PRODUCED AND DIRECTED BY KATE HERSELF! HER DRAWING KICKS ASS BY THE WAY, I ACTUALLY KEPT IT! THANKS KATE
School Girl Bully 5
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97801 – School Girl Bully 4

Kate sits all over Walter! She tries doing her homework sitting on his chest, neck, and face! She’s in her school clothes and hikes up her skirt a little before sitting directly on his face! “Do you like my PINK underwear? Can I draw on you? You sure? I don’t think there anything you can do about it” she says laughing sitting on him keeping him pinned under her bum!She has a lot of fun asking him if he can still breathe as she sits on his skinny little lungs laughing as she feels his lungs struggling to inhale/exhale! She takes the camera in her own hands and films her writting on his stomach that says “I love Kate”. She can be such a bully! “so this is what I did to Walter” she says filming her work with pride. “He’s very…really proud to be such a bitch! My little bitch!” she says laughing.”So you like my underwear huh?” Kate asks Walter. She sits on his face while still holding the camera giggling at his struggles to survive!KATE HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME FILMING AND PRODUCING THIS CLIP AND DID SUCH AN INCREDIBLE JOB! IT’S NO WONDER MASOROTICA PRODUCTIONS IS THE BEST AMATEUR SITE ON CLIPS4SALE! IT’S ALL THANKS TO GIRLS LIKE KATE!
School Girl Bully 4
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97277 – Coasting by on my looks and your wallet

I love having dumbass minions like you rushing around doing my bidding! Most days all I have to worry about is if I coordinated the right amount of sexy for the day! ahahahah! Do you like what you see loser?!?!? Banging curves, cute face, body made for lust, and oh so fucking opinionated!Every time I walk out the front door I have someone begging to lose everything they have for me! Life is just too fucking perfect!You WILL do everything I tell you to… You WILL tribute me so I can splurge on my favorite luxury items and treats, and you WILL beg me for more opportunities to grovel and humiliate yourself!
Coasting by on my looks and your wallet
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97772 – Making him lick my muddy boots while trampling him

My slave opens the door for me and I immediately order him on the ground. I step right on his white shirt with my muddy boots and then make him lick the muddy boot soles while I stand on his chest. While my boot soles get cleaner over time you can see his tongue going dark brown quickly 😀 After he cleaned both boot soles to my satisfaction I stand on his face and head before I rip open his shirt with some hard kicks – making the buttons fly all over the flat and destroying the shirt for good!
Making him lick my muddy boots while trampling him
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