97441 – Jerk-off marathon !!! – SD

Cum! Cum! Cum! A true jerk-off marathon awaits you, slave! *laughing* Do you want to know what you have to do? You cannot take it any longer…? There is nothing more than clearance inside your balls? *laughing* I don’t care! You have to jerk-off and cum as often as I want it! Follow my commands and do whatever I tell you to do! I am your mistress and you are my little jerk-off piggy! I hope that you haven’t cum few minutes ago… Otherwise it will become even more difficult for you, little maggot! You can be very happy that you are allowed to watch me moving in my sexy, breath taking outfit! That should be enough for you, shouldn’t it…? This will give you the possibility to jerk-off all alone – but don’t dare to cum before I tell you to do so!!
Jerk-off marathon !!! - SD
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98480 – Extreme sock sniffing fresh out of boots (small version)

How do I get very stinky socks? Wearing them in boots on a hot summer days (well over 30 degrees celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit) sure is a good option! I bind the slave’s hands behind his back and put tape over his mouth first, then take off the first boots and immediately press it on his nose! After taking the second boot off he gets both of my stinky socks on his nose and there’s no way he can get away from the smell. Then I take off the socks, and press them on his nose with my wet bare feet. In the end I rip the tape off, stuff one of the sweat-soaked socks into his mouth and use the other sock to cover his nose – now he’s not only smelling my foot sweat, but also tasting it! 😀
Extreme sock sniffing fresh out of boots (small version)
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98175 – Jenni’s Friendly Conversations – (High Quality Version)

Jenni?s is coming back from a long working day at the office so it seems like she needs to rest her sweaty tired feet for now! She wants to make a few phone calls to plan her weekend with her friends, and it seems like she wants to do it with her footslave at her feet! The slave was already in a perfect position to serve as a human furniture so she just sits on his crotch to use him as her personal chair! She wants to make her first phone call but she really needs to make sure her slave will not talk during the call, so she makes him take her high heels shoes off, to completely cover his face with her sweaty nylon feet! They were actually super warm, and just a little wet from her sweat, but his face was just the only spot to rest her tired feet! There is no way he can talk or make any noise with her sweaty feet on his face so that was just perfect to her! Jenni talks and laughs on the phone while ignoring her footslave, so he just had no choice to breathe in her smelly feet! She rubs her sweaty nylon feet all over his face, and makes him stick his tongue out, to lick the sweaty bottom of nylon soles! It seems like Jenni really enjoys her personal human seat and human footstool! Especially after a long working day! Hot Clip!
Jenni's Friendly Conversations - (High Quality Version)
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98558 – Jamie-Kate humiliates with facesitting (SD Video)

Jamie-Kate’s always found a way to humiliate this guy. Today she comes up with the idea of letting him sniff her ass. Of course this works best, when she sits down on his ugly puss. Hard facesitting tortures him and prevents him from fulfilling his task, while Jamie-Kate’s sitting on his head with her full weigh. And his breathing air becomes his biggest concern.
Jamie-Kate humiliates with facesitting (SD Video)
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98587 – You Better Obey Me – HD

I’ve know I’ve been putting in all that work for you so I’m going to need that raise, if you want to deny me, that’s fine. I can tell everyone that you came onto me asking about my feet. You think the girls don’t know? We all know about your foot fetish; you are always peeking at our feet! Remember that you will never amount to much compared to us. Now come over here and clean my feet, prove to me that you want to keep your measly little job. Hahaha That’s right moron. Now thank me for allowing you this privilege and not just telling all the big bosses what you’ve been up to. How about every week we do these little sessions and you can worship these feet of mine. You are so fucked either way. I’ve got all this backed up too. You are a sad little man. Some say I’m mean and manipulative but you got yourself into this mess. Now you have a think about that until next time! – Becky
You Better Obey Me - HD
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98586 – Cum Eating Whore – HD

Don’t I look so fucking horny? I want you so turned on for me, that’s it. I know how much you love this perfect body of mine. These huge juicy tits, my perfect round ass. Now start jerking for me, that’s it. Jerk, jerk, jerk!! Don’t stop for me, keep jerking for me as you stare at this wonderful body of mine. I’m so horny right now! I love teasing you. Now take this, I want you to cum in it. Yes, that’s right cum into it. Cum in 5-4-3 good now I want you to dip your hand right into that pot and lick that cum right off your hands. Go on do it! Now hold it In your mouth and get a nice good taste of it, make sure you get it all!! Let me see it, ugh you are so disgusting!! Hold it there for 10 seconds then swallow it…. – Jenna
Cum Eating Whore - HD
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98585 – Addiction Is A Bitch And So Are We – HD

You get to so weak and horny when you get pissed don’t you. It’s great for us but very bad for you. You think about giving away every little penny. Every month you almost do it! almost never quite make it. Drink another shot for us. You try so hard not to drink but it doesn’t work. Try drinking 3 in a row for us. 1, 2, 3. Well well we thought you were a drinker, what the fuck. You can’t handle us can you? Prove it and get tributing as you stare at these huge tits of ours! It feels good doesn’t us. Spending on us. Paying us. You love it. We are worth everything single penny. Drink bitch and jerk that dick. Just let it all fade away as we control you. Good boy, keep spending. Now pause this clip and go sleep for a bit and come back. Hello again little bitch, how does your bank account look? Not as good as you were hoping? Hahaha!! That’s what you get for thinking with your cock bitch!! Fuck off idiot! Becky & Sam
Addiction Is A Bitch And So Are We - HD
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98584 – I Hate You More Than Anything – HD

Guess what, I fucking hate you. I really fucking hate you. It makes you hard though doesn’t it. Well not like anyone would ever tell you I love you. Since no one loves you, no one will deal with you or your pathetic cock. Lucky for me I don’t even have to do much, no showing my tits or pussy. Haha! Now wank bitch! Thank me for letting you jerk. Now grab those balls and squeeze them. You are so lucky that I don’t have you locked away! Now jerk faster for me, that’s it. Good boy. Now stop. Put your hands on your head or sit on them if you have to. Now just because you aren’t allowed to touch doesn’t mean that I can’t touch! No not you sicko! Myself. I can touch myself all I want and you can’t even touch your dick, you have to sit there and dream about how good it would feel to jerk to me. Ha! You are not allowed to have this pussy loser. Oh you want to wank so bad!! Haha. Beg to jerk! Now jerk for me nice and fast, come on wank that dick! Feels great to be allowed to stroke doesn’t it! Now stop! It’s so hard not to touch when I tease you like this isn’t it. I love watching you squirm. Now stroke for me as fast as you can, nice and tight! Getting close huh bitch? Now stop!! Now start again and cum! – Dannii
I Hate You More Than Anything - HD
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98571 – After The Club Punishment – HD

Well, here we are! My bedroom! You pinched my ass in the club so I brought you home. Did you have a good time at the club? Look at you, you are so eager! You are really excited huh, ready for fun! Well here go ahead and tie yourself to the bed here. I am going to strip for you. Let me just bend over so you can see how short this skirt really is! You look like you are getting rather excited! Well, you don’t really think a woman of my standard would bring a male of YOUR standard back to my place to fuck? HAHA! You don’t know me do you? Pinching my ass like I’m your property to be touched. Too bad you got that wrong. I’ve just brought you back here for MY pleasure, certainly NOT what you had in mind. I brought you here to punish you! Now you can’t run away I’m going to whip the shit out of you! I want to teach you a lesson! I deal with idiots like you all the time, most guys have to pay a fee to get this! Idiot! Tell me you are sorry, scream it bitch! I’m not going to let you leave until your ass is red raw!! Oddly enough your cock is still hard! I think you have a secret! Pathetic swine, get the fuck out of my house. If I see you again I’m taking your money bitch!! – Mikaela
After The Club Punishment - HD
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98562 – My Ashtray Boy – HD

Welcome to being my new slave! Today is going to be a crash course! Unfortunately, today it’s not ass or tit worship day it’s human ashtray day!! I know how much someone as conservative as yourself is against smoking. Lucky you have me. Today is a great day to start picking up a new bad habit! Now here take this and watch me. I want you smoking cigarette after cigarette. Oh I know they are bad for you, thats why I want you addicted to them! Because I dont give a fuck about your well-being! Aw look at that face your making! Haha tell me you love it loser! Take a nice long drag! If you stop thats 10 in a row for you! Now do it. Good bitch. Stop coughing loser! The more you cough the more I will make you smoke! Haha, aw what a loser! Now go buy another big pack and I expect you to smoke them every day you fucking reject! Now come here so I can put this out on your tongue. – Sam
My Ashtray Boy - HD
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98559 – I Have A BIG Surprise For You – HD

I’ve got a special little treat for you. You are back again because you are so addicted to cock, just admit it. You can’t get it off your mind. I bet you daydream about getting fucked in that ass of yours don’t you. You are a gay little bitch. You love to jerk to gay porn, my cock addict. Come here and suck on this dick while I grab your hair bitch. I want you gagging on it. You need to practice and be a good bitch! Suck on it, nice up and down bitch. Time for the real fun! I want to fuck you! Well really this cock is a bit small – so I brought a nice 10-inch cock! Get ready bitch, here it comes and NO I’m not going to spit on it! Scream bitch as this monstrous cock penetrates your asshole. Scream for me a bitch, tell me how much you love it! Scream it bitch!!! That’s it, scream for me you fucking faggot!! Take this cock in that tight little asshole of yours you filthy little slut! Now turn around and lick this dildo clean you dirty little slut!! See you next time, I’ll be ready to ram that ass of yours again! – Brook
I Have A BIG Surprise For You - HD
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98546 – It’s Only A Few Pictures – HD

Now go to this site: https://ss.deviatenow dot com/mailtimer.php and put in your email, my email, upload a few humiliating pictures and set the timer to random.You are so fucked now, I am going to get exactly what I want. Lets see if I cant keep you distracted while that timer runs out. Once that times runs out, I win. I will have everything I need and everyone will see what a pathetic loser you really are! Come and worship my perfection loser. You cant leave until I say so. You must do everything I say. Now come here and worship these perfect tits of mine. You are drooling all over yourself! What a loser! Look at these huge tits of mine, I know you love them! Just think about all the power I have over you and that any minute your life is over! Haha, you are so desperate to turn this off and stop that timer but you cant get enough of these tits of mine! Get that cock nice and hard for me and stroke it. Mmm thats it, faster! FASTER, harder! Mmm yes cum for slave! Hurry before the timer goes off! Mmm yes cum for me slave! Oh look at that, you’ve made a mess and the timer just went off! Now your picture is all mine!! Haha! – Jenna
It's Only A Few Pictures - HD
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98545 – Bucket Head Humiliation – HD

I really think you have been misbehaving lately. For starters, keep that hand away from that cock. You donâ??t touch it unless I give you permission. Now you need the following items, pause the video and get: a spanking paddle/hairbrush/belt, secondly I need you to get a big dildo like object, preferably with a suction cup, thirdly I want you to get garden pegs, the kind you use to hang your washing up or any kind of clip. Lastly I want you to get a bucket type item. Lay them all out for me. Now get up and spread those legs for me nice and wide. Are you ready? Haha! I love kicking you in the balls. Now strike yourself 10 times with that belt and I want you to thank me for each one. Let me get a good look at that red ass of yours. Maybe I should rub it better for youâ?? no. In fact, I want you to spread those ass cheeks and fuck that ass of yours. Put it in your throat and get it nice and wet. I want to hear you gag bitch! Now put it right in that tight ass of yours! Now jerk and fuck that ass of yours! Now cum inside that bucket for me. Now pick that bucket up and put it on your head bitch! Do it or I will punish you all over again! – Dannii
Bucket Head Humiliation - HD
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98544 – Get A Good Look Perv – HD

I’ve noticed you coming to the gym more and more frequently, since you first spotted me working out. You don’t seem to be doing much though! You are always staring at me… You can’t seem to be able to help yourself. As I work the treadmill, I keep catching you staring at my ass. Err you don’t seem to realize I can see you through the mirror! I am getting increasingly angry, but not wanting to get into a very public dispute I ignore it. However, you can’t stop and eventually I have had enough when I catch you on the floor pretending to stretch so you can get a better view! I don’t care anymore and embark upon a full, humiliating and very public dressing down. As you lie on the floor, you are overwhelmed with embarrassment. I’m going to treat you like the pervert you are. – Becky
Get A Good Look Perv - HD
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