99137 – The Jerk-off and Pay – Game! – SD

Today I want to play a special game with you, slave! I heard that you are hungry for lechery and that you want to jerk-off your dick? Then you have to pay! Whit my nasty jerk-off games I will bring you to your borders and you will believe that you are cumming very soon and then… *g* … uupps! 😀 Don’t be so silly to believe that I’m going to tell you what will happen then! For this you have to buy the clip and follow my instructions!! I know that your dick is already hard just thinking about me, your mistress. My hot body! So don’t lose any more time, get the clip and start watching it!! NOW!!! I’m going to pauperize you! *g*
The Jerk-off and Pay - Game! - SD
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98829 – Real ruin, real exposure

A signature of 6k which will destroy his life!!! Lets see how much he will be able to save from it? After a short brainfuck and a boner of his tiny dick he was mush in my hands to sign the contract! I had to kick his ass to get my first instalment and with the second instalment he already pissed me off. Does he want to top me from the bottom? Watch how this will end! He signed a loan contract of 4.8k and besides the redemption amount there will be attorney fees for this cash cunt in total of 6k! I will sue his ass till hes broke. But this is not enough! You can not only see his loan contract and your Goddess but also every detail which you need in order to make a visit to this cunt Haha! Of course, I let you know when the bailiff will stand in front of his door too! Now this blackmail bitch will be outed! I dont fuck you, Ill smash you while fucking you!!!
Real ruin, real exposure
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99361 – Slave has to lick my muddy wellies

I’m in a really sadistic mood today. I’m wearing my see-through wellies when I see a muddy spot in the woods. I grind the boots in the dirt right in front of the slave, then push his head down into the mud and rub my boots all over his face. I even walk over his head a few times before I drag him to a nearby tree. I sit down and show you the dirty muddy soles of my wellington boots – then make the slave clean them with his tongue. He struggles to swallow all the dirt that collected in the deep tread of the rubber boot sole – but he has to try harder. After a while the boot soles are pretty clean – but I don’t care – it was only to humiliate his boot licking loser and I’ll show him that. I grab his neck and drag him back to the muddy spot – where I grind my freshly-cleaned boots in the mud again and then make him lick them again!
Slave has to lick my muddy wellies
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99382 – Satisfy The Animal in You – HD

Inside, you are just an animal. You try to be a normal man but we both know who you are. You are an animal. You are no one but a pig in man’s clothing. You can pretend all you want but we know the truth. I know what you want. You are consumed by money and I am here to take control of that weakness. You can’t help it. You want to jerk; you want to tug. You want to feel your dick in your hand as you spend. Lucky for you I’m a money hungry bitch and we both get what we want. You keep jerking away for me as spend. Let the animal in you take over. Just as I let my animal out, you must obey the animal inside. It’s all about the money. Dollars, pounds, euros, I don’t care. All I care about is that money going right into my hands. Wank that cock for me my little piggy. Do it bitch. Oink like a little piggy. A woman like me knows just how to break down your defenses and use your cravings and weaknesses against you. You want to feed your appetite and so do I. Keep handing over that cash. We both need to feed our addictions and let the animals out of their cage. I make you weak and you just can’t help yourself. It feels so fucking good; you can’t help being my little piggy. Miss Foxx
Satisfy The Animal in You - HD
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99381 – Mail Me Your Keys Loser – HD

I’m glad you are home. What do you mean why am I here? I have a key so I just let myself in. I know your wife wouldn’t be here. We have all our nights alone but this is different. We are always messing around but I want to change it up. I’ve got my keys here and there is an extra one there. I’ve got this cage for you, put It on. I’m taking so much control of you and now your cock too. I control when you jerk now loser. No more jerking for you. Go, put it on, good bitch. I’m going to hold this key until I feel you should be let out. I will be spending plenty of time teasing you while your cock hurts as it tries to get hard in its cage. I am just going to laugh at you the entire time! I’ve got all the power and you are totally fucked now! – Jenna
Mail Me Your Keys Loser - HD
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98582 – Cassandra’s Second Episode – (High Quality Version)

Cassandra is a girl who really knows how to take advantage of her slave, and that day was no exception! After her private session clip on the couch, she wanted to watch another hour of her episodes on Starflix! Her slave was just on her back, and her sneakers were so close to his face! She knows that he will not resist for a long time to have her smelly feet on his face! She makes him take her sneakers off, and just poses her feet, right in front off his face. Am I blocking your view or something? What a teaser! She perfectly knows that she will get full attention on her feet! She slowly rubs her sweaty black socks all over his face, while watching her favorite program on Starflix! She also makes him sniff and lick the sweaty bottom of her socks, because she wants him to taste the sweat of her feet! Cassandra also makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and just rubs them all over his face with her toes with her usual cruel smile! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and stick his tongue out again, to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! It seems like she just loves to have full attention on her feet after a long day with those sneakers! There is a very nice close up part of her sweaty socks and feet in this clip! Another hot clip to add to your collection!
Cassandra's Second Episode - (High Quality Version)
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97062 – Four as one 3

The group of four girls meet at the same time in the same place. They make a fetish party between themselves. They are not soldiers but when the friends are together they make some circle of happiness and fantasy. Meg, Britney, Maya and Nina, a new one on the site. The girls change their sit position. One is always on his face.
Four as one 3
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99350 – This Perfect Ass Makes You Weak – HD

I know you are so weak for a huge ass, lucky for you mine is perfect in this sexy shiny latex dress. Your dick would get lost in this huge ass of mine, but it doesn’t matter anyway because you don’t deserve it. You just get to stare and worship this perfect ass. It gets you even harder when I rub oil all over this perfect ass. You can’t get enough. This juicy peachy ass drives you wild. I bet you would love to rub your cock in between these ass cheeks, too bad you will never get to. Jerk that cock for me loser. Watch that oil drip down on my huge ass. You couldn’t handle this ass because you are a pathetic loser with a tiny cock. Stare at this perfect peachy ass. Keep stroking for me, I know this ass fucks your mind. Go send me a nice big tribute bitch. Tribute this huge perfect beautiful ass. Good bitch, now keep staring and jerking for me. I love torturing you with this huge ass. Now fuck off until next time bitch! – Becky
This Perfect Ass Makes You Weak - HD
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97061 – Four as one 2

The group of four girls meet at the same time in the same place. They make a fetish party between themselves. They are not soldiers but when the friends are together they make some circle of happiness and fantasy. Meg, Britney, Maya and Nina, a new one on the site. Pride crush and trample with four girls.
Four as one 2
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99359 – Crushing the boot licker’s hands

I took the slave for a walk in the woods when I spot a high seat. I walk up the ladder and show you the brutal tread of my hiking boots – then order the slave to put his hands on the steps! I step on his hands and crush them under the hard boot soles – but he’s not only going to experience some serious pain – I also want my boot soles licked clean! He struggles to lick my boots while his hands are crushed under my full weight, but I show no mercy. I even grind my boots on the back of his hands and jump on them. In the end his hands are completely sore, his tongue is dark from the boot dirt – but my boots are clean again and I had some fun 😀
Crushing the boot licker's hands
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99357 – The smell of your dreams inside black heels

I invite you to their summer balcony! Maybe in your house is not as warm as I have and you want to enjoy your dream, then for the fact that you’re willing to give up a lot, the smell of your life, the smell of charms, excitation, the smell of women’s shoes and women’s legs! You so it’s exciting and you’re anticipating this temptation! Do you want to poke your nose into my shoes and live there! You are doomed, and dependent on the smell of beautiful female feet and shoes! I myself when I try to cover the smell of a new era of passion and excitement! Be yourself, come down scrip from these black heels and noh madmozel beautiful brunette!
The smell of your dreams inside black heels
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98581 – Carolina & Mandy’s Starflix Session – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Carolina and Mandy had so much fun that night so they both wanted that night to never end! After they had a poker party with this loser at their feet, they now want to watch a full movie with this loser slave on the floor as their private footstool! Could we blame them? Not really. It seems like they just like to make fun at this loser! Carolina is the first one to take her sneakers off in this clip, to cover slaves face with her sweaty funny socks! Mandy also makes this loser slave take her boots off to completely cover his face with her dirty grey socks! They were super sweaty, smelly, wet and dirty! It seems like Mandy just dont care! She seems really confortable with her feet in his face! They both make him sniff and lick their dirty socks, before they make him take those socks off with his teeth! They both make fun at him and just pushes their dirty socks into his mouth with their toes, while rubbing their sweaty naked feet on his face! Carolina and Mandy takes pleasure to rest their sweaty feet on his face and both think his face is just the perfect footstool! They also want him to stick his tongue out, so he can lick their smelly naked feet! Mandy again seems to really enjoy to feel his wet and juicy tongue at the bottom of her soles! Super Hot Clip Alert! This clip is a must!
Carolina & Mandy's Starflix Session - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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