100136 – Hiking boots face trampling and licking (small version)

I made it very clear to the slave after my last hiking trip – he was supposed to lick the dirty soles clean! But when I grabbed them today I saw the soles are still covered with dirt – obviously I can’t tolerate this laziness! I put the slave into the facetrampling box and start to walk over his face with the dirty hiking boots. The deep tread surely hurts him a lot – but that’s not my problem – I wouldn’t punish him this way if he did like I told him! I’m walking over his face again and again and make him lick the dirty boot soles in between until the soles are clean again and I think he has experienced enough pain as a punishment. I included a short POV scene in the end to give you a good closeup of the boot’s brutal tread!
Hiking boots face trampling and licking (small version)
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99894 – Payday!

So my lovely sunshine… I have to be honest with you: You are just a pathetic loser! But I know that you already got your salary – and now it’s payday! So don’t wait any longer and give me the bucks! But don’t think you can just give me only few of them… I want so much more! I will take them all of you! I will gut you like no other CashGirl did it before… that’s a promise!!
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99891 – Loser education – SD

His performance absolutely dissatisfies me.. this loser could’ve worshipped me some more the last days. I suppose he had some more mistresses besides me and for that I’ll punish him really hard. This behaviour is absolutely unacceptable! His behaviour makes me beat him! My hand breaks into his face. Over and over again. This slave seems to be unable to get educated and receives therefore a double amount of slaps in the face by me!
Loser education - SD
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100021 – Lady Anastasia – ‘New World Order’ – Foot Worship And Foot Massage On Face

Superbratty Anastasia believes in the New World Order: Women rule, men are slaves! ‘Nobody is worthy to be my boyfriend, just maybe my slave, and he must try a lot!’ says Anastasia! In her 18 years old, she loves to dominate older men and remind them their position, piggies under her, giving all their money to her to get abused!Beautiful Anastasia relaxes on the armchair with her legs up and she calls her footbitch to come near and worship her feet. She totally ignores him as she makes selfies with her phone and she plays with her cute little . The slave does everything to please his young Goddess, but she just checks her phone and ignores him. When she finally looks at him, she starts to massage both feet on his face, making him lick and suck at the same time! Anastasia is a real young Diva, having this much older man at her feet as her footbitch!
Lady Anastasia - 'New World Order' - Foot Worship And Foot Massage On Face
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100162 – Slut Training 4

Request:slut training part 4 I’ve been a bad boy I jerked without permission my punishment is to tie string around my cock and pull tight when ever you command I also must slap my cock and ruin 2 orgasms eating both really humiliate me for my small cock as well mistress make me repeat things and beg to stop pulling the string on my cock after lots of begging you allow me a orgasm but tell me i’m getting fucked in the ass tonight could you wear a corset stockings and lots of close ups to your face
Slut Training 4
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99978 – Lady Alice – ‘English Exam’ – BRUTAL Barefoot Trampling, Jumping And Facestanding

Lady Alice is not only superbeautiful and sexy, she is also highly intelligent and educated. Tomorrow she has her English exam and she really studied hard for it. As usual, the last day before an exam or a beauty competition, Alice just wants to have a relaxing and fun day. She already planned a dinner with her friend Rea, but before that she will have some sadistic fun with Rea’s houseslave!After the brutal trampling in socks, Alice doesn’t stop! She keeps trampling her slave brutally, now barefoot. Rea comes to the room in a very sexy casual style, she stands on the slave in her shoes next to Alice and she kisses her girlfriend goodbye, wishing her to have fun and making the slave kiss her shoe for goodbye. Alice continues the brutal trampling, she is in a crazy mood and she totally destroys the poor slave. She tramples his dick very hard, stands on his throat, but the most of the time she spends on his face, standing on it, trampling it, kicking it and at the end, jumping on it as high as she can!!!
Lady Alice - 'English Exam' - BRUTAL Barefoot Trampling, Jumping And Facestanding
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99536 – Cassandra’s Costumed Feet – (High Quality Version)

Cassandra is coming back from a long Halloween ride so she wants to have some attention on her feet! She had walked all day long with her nylon feet inside her Converse so she wants you to bow down on your knees right in front of her feet and just obey her instructions! She teases you with her sneakers on before she makes you take them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty nylon feet! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her feet, and just enjoy the smell! They are actually super warm, super smelly, and just a little wet from her sweat! Cassandra wants you to sniff her feet and tell her how bad you like that smell! She also wants you to stick your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon feet! She just loves to feel your wet and juicy tongue at the bottom of her soles after a long day! She also gives you the right to sniff the inside of her shoes! Make sure you obey all of her instructions!
Cassandra's Costumed Feet - (High Quality Version)
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99481 – Extra exercises for losers! – SD

You didn’t fulfil one – or more – orders in the past? Well, bad luck for you as there are consequences of course! Today there’ll be an extra exercise for losers like you – and there’s no skipping or saying no! You’ll follow my orders precisely and endure humiliation, punishment and your own failure! I’m going rough on you – as you loser don’t deserve any better. A pathetic loser – that’s what you are – and that’s what you’ll be treated like! I’ll punish you for your pathetic existence and you better get into a submissive state right now!
Extra exercises for losers! - SD
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