100918 – Hands destroyed under heels and bare feet (small version)

Hopefully he’s ready for some pain – because now his hands will get to meet my sexy blue high heels. I step on his hands and crush them under the hard platform sole – or simply use my heels to dig deep into his palms, his fingers and the back of his hands! After some time I take the shoes off and continue to torture his hands under my bare feet – but it’s not going to be easier for him. Now I can stomp and jump all over his hands until I get bored!
Hands destroyed under heels and bare feet (small version)
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100900 – Your tribute for the chastity key

Do you know what happend when you are in chastity and i have the key. Once a week you have the pleasure to pay a tribute and maybe i give you the key. Do you think its enough? Do you think the tribute is high enough to send you the key. If it is not enough i dont give you the key and we try it again in one week! Do you only have once chance a day. If you didnt pay enough you have to stay in chastity!
Your tribute for the chastity key
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99474 – Your luxurious mistress has to tell you something!

Attention, slave! I have to tell you something! And you have to listen very carefully! Is that clear?? I want you to do EXACTLY what I tell you! No back talk!! I will give the orders and you will obey! There are some very important things you have to know! I’m going to tell you here and now! And don’t believe that you are allowed to stroke your dick today! You are going to be chaste! Or maybe you have an idea to change my mind…? I don’t believe so… But let’s find it out, slave! 😀 Listen to my orders and let’s start!!
Your luxurious mistress has to tell you something!
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100933 – Big crush-party with Madison (small version)

A fan sent us all of this stuff to make a big crush party! In total there’s 1 keyboard, 2 guitars, 8 large cars, 10 small RC cars, 15 model train wagons and 2 big construction trucks – that’s a lot to crush! We start walking over the keyboard without shoes, but it already breaks under our weight. Then we put some high heeled boots on, the beige ones for me and the black ones for Madison – and start to get serious! The keyboard is quickly destroyed and the guitars follow shortly after – Madison stomped them so hard one of her heels breaks off – but she just continues! Then the big cars get to meet our boots and are quickly destroyed completely, followed by the model train wagons and the small RC cars. For the big trucks we concentrate on one at a time as they’re pretty sturdy and hard to crush. Madison stomps them so hard again that her second heel breaks off as well – but of course that doesn’t stop us and in the end both big trucks are destroyed as well. We stand next to the big pile of crushed stuff when I take off Madison’s broken boots and throw then onto the trash pile as well! This was a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me/us to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Big crush-party with Madison (small version)
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100077 – Lady Electra – ‘Music Appreciation’ – Foot Worship and Face As Footstool

Tattooed beauty Lady Elecrea relaxes listening her favorite band, On The Dance Floor. Her slave presents himself in front of her and he asks if he can say something. Electra gives him the permission and he says to her that he thinks that the music that she listens is naive and annoying! Of course Electra has to teach him some music appreciation!After the punishment Electra relaxes on the chair, using her slave’s face as her footstool. Her favorite band sounds from the speakers in a low volume and Electra makes her slave worship her perfect feet. She runs her soles on his tongue and makes him suck her toes and heels and she massages her feet, rubbing them all over his face. She is very relaxed and sometimes she just uses her slave’s face as a footstool. Her pathetic slave has to do perfect job in the foot worship to please his Mistress and, at the same time, to listen to the songs and appreciate the music!
Lady Electra - 'Music Appreciation' - Foot Worship and Face As Footstool
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100075 – Lady Adrianna – Your Face Under My Feet!!!

You are on the floor waiting and exotic Princess Adrianna comes over you, looks at you and smiles! She commands you to lick her creamy soles, running them on your tongue. Adrianna covers your face under her feet and she makes you kiss them. But she thinks that you are not worthy enough, so she kicks your face hard for the privilege to be under her feet!
Lady Adrianna - Your Face Under My Feet!!!
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101098 – I want to see PERFORMANCE, cringer!

Well, look who is crawling under my desk. Such a naughty, selfish little creature, which you are carrying between your legs with you. Greedy driveling and lust for my feet … Make you ready to effect performance! The more the merrier, because you want surely, that I am well-meaning to you, or not, you little snoop? Or even more clearly: If you do nothing – as in a competition or in your case, as in real life – You are as often the loser and you reach: NOTHING!
I want to see PERFORMANCE, cringer!
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101053 – Latex in the bathtub

I put on a tight and shiny latex outfit and now I want to enjoy this nice material in a very special way.I let the warm water run over my legs covered in rubber while I fill the bath tub. The water drops just feel incredible on my legs through the latex. As soon as the bath tub is filled with water I immerse myself in the nice warm water. I just love the feeling of it flowing around my thighs.Watch me and keep me company in this soecial moment.
Latex in the bathtub
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100009 – Lady Anastasia – ‘Hangover’ – FULL MOVIE

Foot Massage With Hands And Foot Massage On FaceSuperbeautiful and bratty Anastasia loves to party hard, but of course she hates the morning with hangover. Her houseslave is always there for her to treat her as she orders him, until she recovers! She calls him while she rests on the couch with her feet on the stool and commands him to massage her sexy creamy feet, this always makes her feel better. After a while she commands the slave to bring the foot cream and she commands him to put on his face and go closer to her. The slave fills his face with cream and Anastasia starts to rub her feet all over his face, spreading the cream and massaging them! She commands him to lay on the floor and she keeps massaging her sexy feet on his face, using him as her massage device. This is the way bratty Anastasia likes it!Foot WorshipAfter massaging her feet on his face, now Anastasia wants some foot worship. She commands her houseslave to worship her perfect feet, while she checks her phone and ignores him. The slave does his best to please his Mistress, licking and sucking non stop. Anastasia rubs her feet all over his face and without even notice him, she moves them in a way that she guides him how to worship themEXTREME Barefoot Trampling And FacestandingAnastasia is already full of energy and she wants to be more active to recovers faster, so she commands her slave to lay on the floor and she starts to trample him hard under her sexy feet! She kicks and stomps him and she stands on his face most of the time, changing positions on it, trampling it and kicking it! After a lot of facestanding and facetrampling, Anastasia footslaps his face and goes of him. How Amazing style Anastasia has, even with hangover!ScissorholdsThe hangover is almost gone, so is time for some exercise for sexy Anastasia. She calls her slave and grabs him, putting him in head scissorhold, squeezing his throat between her strong tights! Anastasia puts him in various scissorholds, on the floor and also standing and she has to stop as she feels her loser slave ready to passout!BRUTAL Trampling In Combat BootsAnastasia did her ‘hangover ritual’ and she already feels much better, so she puts her fashion combat style boots to go for coffee with her girlfriends. Of course she must reward her slave for his services and his price is more brutal trampling under her boots! Anastasia is now full of energy and she enjoys it by trampling hard her slave, jumping on him, kicking and stomping him brutally! She tramples his dick and crushes his throat, standing full weight on it and she stands full weight on his face, destroying it under the very raw sole of her boots! She tramples his face hard making him moan in pain and she brutally kicks him some more times, leaving him on the floor in deep pain as she leaves to enjoy the day with her girlfriends!
Lady Anastasia - 'Hangover' - FULL MOVIE
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100340 – Frederica’s Cheating Experience – (High Quality Version)

Frederica is totally in love with her new boyfriend and it seems like she needs to give him a call! She doesnt want her boyfriend to know that she is owning a foot slave so she sits on her slaves crotch and makes him take her sneakers off to totally cover his face with her sweaty and smelly socks! She thinks this is just the best way to shut his mouth and just make sure he wont talk or make any noise during her phone call! She also thinks this is just the best way to relax and rest her feet after a long working day! She makes him take some deep breaths in her socks and rub them all over his face, while lying to her boyfriend on the phone! She told him that she is kind of busy for the night, so she wont be able to see him! It seems like she prefers to dominate her slave! Frederica also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks before she peels them on his face! She makes him take her socks off with his teeth, and just pushes them inside his mouth with her toes! She makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him stick his tongue out again, to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She just loves to feel his wet and juicy tongue at the bottom of her soles after a long working day! This is just the best way to clean the bottom of her soles!
Frederica's Cheating Experience - (High Quality Version)
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101067 – Victory Pose Smother 2 (HD)

“Come on I don’t sit on peoples faces for free like that. I want to see some blue, come on! Yeahhh!” KBunny says filming my face slowly turning blue. She loves sitting on my face watching me turn colors, squirming, and the fact that I can’t speak or breathe. “Ooh I see some blue around your eyes. You’re crying? Are you crying you little baby? You’re crying!!! That’s ridiculous LOL” KBunny bursts out laughing as my eyes begin to tear while she films it!”I wish I could just put my butt up your throat or something.” KBunny goes on taunting about the tears in my eyes, she’s truly getting a thrill seeing me suffer so much! She films her own reflection in the mirror showing off her gorgeous body crushing down on my face.Towards the end she celebrates her dominance with a display of Victory Poses all while smothering me beneath her powerful thighs. She flexes her arms and raises them in Victory while laughing. KBunny rubs the victory in my face, not only with her butt, but with her words as well. “I win! I win! You’re the loser, I’m the winner!”Suddenly I black-0ut, “Hello? He fainted? You fainted? Ahh, this is no fun.” seemingly annoyed by the fact that I black3d-0ut too soon and didn’t suffer enough to her satisfaction.(clip time 5:44)
Victory Pose Smother 2 (HD)
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