104372 – 100 Euro Contract

I blow your mind in this ASMR Findom Video. YOU are my slave, my moneyslave! No? Oh yes! I fuck your brain in this GERMAN ASMR VIDEO so lovely, that you buy a contract after this. My two sweet slave ears are the direct access to your slavebrain. So wear headphones and listen to my sexy voice. Open your mind and feel my breath. I am reading the money-slave-contract over 100 . This is a unique opportunity for you to get an idea of what to expect when you make a sweet little contract with me. Do you have enough courage to buy this Asmr video? This contract is sooo good for you! You will be my Paypig! You do it! I know it! And if you’re not sure, watch this video every day, every hour, every minute :). You will fall in love to my Mind, my intellect, my Strongness! Promised!
100 Euro Contract
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104378 – Tha ass of a GODDESS

Look closely and worship this divine splendid ass.Crisp, trained, just beautiful. Do the previews already fuck your labile beta-brain into perfect mash? This is exactly how it will be when you will buy this splendid clip. The question is only if such a horny beta male as you is able to tolerate this view without getting horney to PAY.Of course you can not resist, loserlike even! You will always be ruled by your genetics and have to pay a MONEYDOM like ME!Oh Paypiggy, I know you too well and use every second to get what I want and deserve: CASH !!!You will kneel for ME and always be grateful, I will show you what you really are: nothing more than paying and usable meat, is not that the hottest destiny for you, hahaaahhhhh !!!!!?
Tha ass of a GODDESS
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104317 – So small it’s literally a clit!

Well I never!Such a sad sight on such a strapping lad!That wee little mess floating around between your thighs is what.That’s not even considered a penis my dear. Pweenis if you’re lucky!Which is why I’m amazed that you’re even trying to tug away furiously at that thing as though you ever successfully came like a real man. Stop it! EuuurghThat’s not a cock!That’s an itty bitty little clittyWhich is why I’m brushing this wig here…I think it’s about time we finalised what you really are.Just a chick with an unfortunate clit.And today I’m going to dress you up!
So small it's literally a clit!
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104371 – The Contract

Oh what did i enjoy this Asmr video. Here I will elaborate together with you, yes: THE money-slave-contract, which binds you to me, forever, so it should be your wish …It is your wish, I know that, and if not, then I COMMAND it.So: I’m typing here in this Asmr video with hot tapping Asmr sounds almost YOUR GAG CONTRACT and speak it to you with my infinitely horny Asmr voice also loudly … slooooowly and unmistakably, so that you word for word exactly understand.We together discuss YOUR REASONS why you should bind yourself to me contractually. I would like to explain to you the agreement in detail and I will tell you exactly the contracts punishment which awaits you loser in the event of a breach of contract.Listen carefully!Buy this contract on my HP in the shop!Read it through, point by point!
The Contract
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CUSTOM REQUEST -‘Hello Miss Gaia,A little time ago I requested a personalized video: MISTRESS GAIA – FOR YOUR FRIEND . I loved it, but unfortunately the last part of the video I did not have the courage to do it, the one where I had to call my friend to make me actually caught. I wanted then request another custom video if possible, this time getting shot in POV style where You humiliate me at Your feet.Maybe if You want, You can reproach me for not having completed the task of the previous video, You insult, spit and punish me for it. I’d like to receive a number of orders and humiliations to do by myself. During the whole video I’d like You to tell us what You would do to me and my friend when we are together in front of You. I would like throughout the video so that during the humiliations and punishments You would tell me these things to make me excited. In fact I’d like orders and punishments with clear intention to get caught seriously by my friend: orders and humiliation can involve anything, Your shoes or Your used clothing, the cell, photos and videos, social networks, email, notes, or sniff Your feet while You’re sleeping … so what ever You like (You can surprise Me with Your ideas). It’s wonderful if the humiliation is insane and dangerous. And to convince me to do riskier things You can excite me by telling me what You would do then in live session and how it would be fun for You to see that I humble myself following Your orders etc etc. I would like to receive a nice CEI with a countdown (I would prefer self facial, because that’s what I usually do, but if You want to make me do it in other ways that’s ok). I hope that this time I will be able to get caught by my friend.
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103068 – Shoot down smother-victim – SD

Anna and Mia tie their smother-victim hard up at the chair. From now he is helpless delivered to this two dominant girls. Alternately they hold his nose and mouth closed, so he cannot breathe. The hot girls dont accept that this slvave breathe the same air. They stop his breathing for a long time, put a stranglehold on him and make fun about his oxygen deficit.
Shoot down smother-victim - SD
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104202 – Dirty shoe soles covered in spit and licked clean (small version)

The soles of my hiking shoes are pretty dirty and I want the slave to clean them with his tongue, but I know it’s hard to get the dry dirt out of the deep tread – so I decide to make it a little bit easier – and a lot more humiliating – for him by covering the soles in my spit! At the beginning I’m still wearing the shoes while I spit on the and rub them all over the slave’s tongue – but that’s not very comfortable for me, so I decide to take them off and hold them in my hand. This way I can spit on them more easily and then rub them clean on his tongue. I also hold the shoes above his head while spitting on them – so all the spit that runs down the shoes hits his mouth and face! In the end both shoe soles are black and shiny again from heel to toes!
Dirty shoe soles covered in spit and licked clean (small version)
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104286 – Trampled mercilessly under boots (small version)

The slave was late today – and obviously that can’t be tolerated! He has to lie down next to the kitchen counter and I jump on his body immediately. I trample him brutally under my rough boots and enjoy as he suffers under my feet. I stand on his head a couple of times as well – and in the end both his chest and face have nice boot prints all over.
Trampled mercilessly under boots (small version)
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103205 – Jenna’s Sweaty Feet – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Jenna has been wearing the same pair of socks for a full week to give a try to our sweaty socks challenge, and it seems like it is now your turn to deal with those dirty socks in your face! She well knows about your addiction to feet so she makes you bow down on your knees, right in front of her feet! She takes pleasure to tease you with her sneakers on, and just drops them of the floor, to cover your face with her sweaty yellow socks! You are just helpless now, and it seems like you have no choice to smell them! She rubs them all over your face, and makes you take some deep breaths in her socks. She also wants you to stick your tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Jenna really likes the attention that you pay on her feet, so she just takes her socks off, to reveal her amazing and sexy naked feet! She rubs them all over your face, and makes you stick your tongue out again, to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She also wants you to suck on her toes, like a good devoted loser slave! Make sure you are doing it right!
Jenna's Sweaty Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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104373 – Cock Shrinking Brainfuck

My little pindick has such a LITTLE problem! And I know why you’re here, you want your little problem to vanish entirely. You know with mind over matter techniques I can make that happen. Using guided meditation and relaxation, subliminal messages, and soothing verbal commands you’ll find your cock getting even smaller, shrinking into yourself, and vanishing with every breath
Cock Shrinking Brainfuck
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100458 – Thong-ass brainfuck – SD

You’re curious about what I’m wearing underneath my clothes? Come a little bit closer and I’ll show it to you! When I stick my ass towards you and pull my leggings down bit by bit, I stroke my tasty ass with my gentle hands.. this scene will drive you crazy boy, and you immediately start to worship my incredibly tasty g-sting ass. As I start to move my ass cheeks, you become a slave to me absolutely. You don’t even want to see any other whale tail ass than mine!
Thong-ass brainfuck - SD
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104199 – Trampling and foot smelling combined (small version)

I just got back from a run and decide to give the lazy slave a workout as well – and give him a taste of what a workout’s aftermath smells like 😉 I take off his shirt and push him to the ground – only to start trampling him under my jogging shoes immediately. The rubber sole leaves nice bruises on his chest and his face after walking over it a couple of times. Then I take off the sneakers, put them on his nose and continue to trample him with socks. Of course he gets to smell the socks as well and the trampling doesn’t get any easier. Finally I take the socks off as well – and got a mean idea – I put the socks over his nose and mouth and then put one of my sneakers on top as well – with his nose sticking into the shoe – then step on top of it with my bare feet – pressing his nose inside the shoes with my full weight!
Trampling and foot smelling combined (small version)
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