106466 – Please me wallet

What can someone like you possible offer me? You are stupid, you annoye me and a zero in bed. Nothing that could ever please a beautyful Goddess like me. Someone like me you can only dream about. Out of your reach forever. You pay me and be soooo happy if you get humiliated in exchange then just being ignored like most of the times. My Attention not matter in which form is what you crave so much. Jerking your dick once more while having the truth punched into your loser face. You reconize more an dmore that this is the only way. The only way for a loser like you to possible be “close” to me.
Please me wallet
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104352 – Slave smirched and circumsized – SD

Pure slave humiliation – while the Mistresses paint the loser’s face with an edding and mark up the parts of his body where he’s too fat, they additionally prepare a bun with their spittle and the ashes of their cigarettes. By the way they give him a nice, individual haircut – and he has to go outside with it later, ha ha! He also has to lick a little bit of spit from the floor that Mistress Blackdiamoond spit between the cutted hair. Soon his bun is ready and he eats it from the floor with his hands tied on his back. What a feast, with divine spittle!
Slave smirched and circumsized - SD
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105095 – Jerk-off provocation 2.0 – SD

You want to jerk-off again, loser…? That’s sooo surprisingly! *laughing* You are really a lucky guy that I show mercy to you and that you are allowed to wank very soon again… but of course I have some requirements first! And because you are my submissive slave you will do whatever I will order you! But be prepared, this one will be some kind of a provocation and a challenge at the same time! I hope that you can handle it… 😀 If you can’t, you are not allowed to cum of course!! So better give your best and don’t disappoint me…!!
Jerk-off provocation 2.0 - SD
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105988 – The punishment

This pitiful Loser was not able to cum, although I, his mistress, gave him a personal handjob. This special treatment wont get many of my slaves and he should appreciate that. As a punishment I bount this Loser at the St. Andrews Cross. His ass gets thrashed until its red. Next I use the long bullwhip and whipping his ass and back until there rise big weals. This deadbeat has deserve a punishment like that! Finally he gets a sound flogging with the cane. He will learn from that!
The punishment
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103054 – Get stunned by my nylonass movements! – SD

Let’s get down to business asap. I’ve already been waiting for you in my transparent blouse and my nylon pantyhose. From now on you’ll only think of me and my tasty ass, which I stick right towards your face! And I know just how much you’re into it. Dauntless I grab between my ass cheeks – this is what you wanted to see all the time, right? Come closer and get caught by the magic of my nylonass movements!
Get stunned by my nylonass movements! - SD
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101423 – Hot ass in short jeans hot-pants

Today I wear very short jeans which allow you to glance at my hot ass soo good! But just come a little bit closer when I spread my legs for you while sitting down at the couch. I’m sure you almost lost your mind, don’t you…!? But I’m not finished now… I will stretch my ass right towards you! I’m sure you won’t see such a hot ass soon again…! So better enjoy every second and worship my sexy jeans ass!
Hot ass in short jeans hot-pants
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106370 – Blindfold gamble – will I crush a toycar or a finger?

Another fun game I invented to spice up my domination – and Madison will assist me on this one. She puts a blindfold over my eyes as I stand in front of the slave’s hands. Then I lift my heels up and Madison puts either a small toy car or one of the slave’s fingers under my heels – and I decide if I lower my left heel, my right heel or both heels – without knowing what’s underneath the heel – and of course I need to come down hard to crush the toy cars. Of course this results in extremely brutal finger trampling for the slave!
Blindfold gamble - will I crush a toycar or a finger?
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106355 – Stinky converse and socks

These converse aren’t even old yet – but they’re already so stinky! I put the beanbag on the slave, sit down on top of it and then make him lick the dirty soles of the converse for starters. Then I take the shoes off and put them on his nose. His disgusted whining won’t help him – he has to smell the stinky shoes for a while! Then I shove my sweaty black socks on his nose as well – and after a full day in the stinky converse they’ve a pretty strong smell as well!
Stinky converse and socks
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106199 – Time for a smoking break

Mistress Ava Black and Miss Kitty Bliss take a smoking break and instruct you on how best to serve as a human ashtray.From taking the smoke directly from their lips individually, to taking it from both of them at the same time.Maybe you are now ready for the smoking chain? Where Miss Kitty exhales into Mistress Ava’s mouth, and then into yours? You must do your best human ashtray…
Time for a smoking break
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106457 – Just about your wallet

You knew it from the beginning that that money is at the wrong place. It shouldt be in your bankaccount it should be in MY hands. Where it belongs to. That money that you work so hard for is ony there to make ME happy. Aint i right loser? Ther is no better feeling for you then the possebility to make ME happy. Besides your money you dont have anything that i want. Nothing that you could offer me to please me. Iam way out of your reach and still you want exist and be a part of MY life. To have a use and a reason why you should be a part in my life. That money lays right now completly unused and bored in your account. Its waiting, waiting to be in my hands, close to me, closer then you ever could be. Lets be honest to each other. I know it better how that money is best invested. Listen to my voice and just jerk it, jerk it and jerk it. Be seduced and ready to accomplish todays task. You will send it. All of it. To where it belongs to.
Just about your wallet
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106455 – Yulia – First Facesitting [retro]

[retro] This is old video with Alex. In search of true love Alex invites a new girl Yulia to his home. She is very shy so Alex carefully ask her to sit on his face. Yulia says that she never done this before, but she wants to try. Yulia sits on the Alex’s face very carefully, but then she relaxed and sits on the Alex’s face with her full weight. She even loves this! Yulia gets a lot of pleasure and even forgot about Alex and focused on her own feelings.
Yulia - First Facesitting [retro]
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