109601 – Faceslapping with sweaty feet

Miss Serena wants him to lick her sweaty sneakers… yes lick the dirty bottom of the shoes, you can already smell sweat of her feet?He takes off her sneakers and slaps his face with the shoes and forces him to smell her sweaty feet. She rubs her warm, smelly bare soles on his face. She also slaps his face wit her sweaty feet and orders him to smell again…
Faceslapping with sweaty feet
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109016 – Watering my own way – SD

Every ordinary guy would burst from horniness, when he could have the chance to see me in pink lingerie. But this abject pussy shivers from fear, even if I haven’t started yet! I have to admit that he knows me well, that’s why he knows exactly that my look doesn’t fit the merciless games I’m playing with him. And he’s right with that… quickly my spittle rains down on him and hits his face! He’s so disgusted at it, but before he even has the chance to clean his face, I smear the spittle all over it with the help of my fabulous ass and pussy. What a nice look he got, haha!
Watering my own way - SD
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109598 – Became a part of my wordwide Nyloncult -Englishclip

Another nylon masterpiece of your goddess! I wear stunning real vintage nylons and give you an extra class nylon steamer! Also you footslave will not be able to expect me to serve! Live, breathe and work only for me. Become a part of my worldwide cult “Noramania”. Follow me, put your money to my perfect, sexy feet and become a Noramaniac! You too will not be able to escape my power and my nasty action! Become part of my World Wide Slave Community now. Look for your addiction and become mine!
Became a part of my wordwide Nyloncult -Englishclip
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109287 – Babysitting a grown man goes horribly wrong

Your dad has been getting more and more upset about your grades in Uni. He paid for you to go to the best Uni his money can buy and now all of a sudden your previous good grades are plummeting through the floor. He can’t understand it! After all you have told him you are studying hard.In a desperate measure to try and get you more focused on your studies and less on the parties at Uni he makes you move back home and asks his next door neighbour Ava to come and keep an eye on you while you study. Just to be sure…You don’t need a babysitter! You tell him this but he is adamant that you will thank him eventually.Ava turns up and gets down to business. If business is watching TV full blast and distracting you!You decide that you really can’t be arsed with studying. And after all she looks all demure and innocent with that long dress of hers and sensible cardigan. All grown up. You reckon she must be your dad’s age. Practically mature…But you bet she hasn’t had any cock for ages. You can just tell by the way she’s acting ‘relevant’ but doesn’t have a clue about anything…And when she starts telling you off about how you’re just a you feel like you just have to let her know that you might be young but not where it counts.And when you put her hand on your rock hard cock you can tell by the way her eyes light up that she can tell how much of a big man you are! So much that she can’t resist the urge to stroke it until you cum…Best. Babysitter. Ever!
Babysitting a grown man goes horribly wrong
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108786 – Olivia’s Restful Reading – (High Quality Version)

Olivia felt like she needed to relax after a long day, and she thought that her loser slave could take some good care of her feet, while she is relaxing on the bed, and reading her book! She makes him bow down on his knees at her feet, and makes him take her boots off, to enjoy the smell of her sweaty black socks! They were actually super sweaty and super stinky but she just rubs them all over his face without really paying attention to him. She also makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her socks, and just relaxing her toes inside his mouth after her long working day! Olivia also makes him take her socks off, and makes him take some deep breaths in her feet. She just loves to feel the fresh air coming out from his nose on her feet. It makes her feel good. She also felt like her feet needed to be cleaned, so she makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants him to lick them clean, and makes him suck on her toes like a good devoted loser slave. You also will have an amazing point of view on her soles, while she not paying attention to you, and reading her book.
Olivia's Restful Reading - (High Quality Version)
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109581 – Princess Punk rock foot socks

Foot sniffing Princess Simone’s sweaty used wild and crazy punk rock socks in a pair of hot skyscraper fusha bubble gum candy pink high heels fetish pumps. Get a good sniff out of them and remember how your cock stays hard as my distinctive foot sent is the only formula to your male enhancement. I repetitively tease you with these long gorgeous runway model chocolate brown legs standing at the height of 5’8. My body is well proportion as you stare at the sexyness of my thighs. Only a Princess like me can make these socks look HOT! now sniff ……..
Princess Punk rock foot socks
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109438 – 3965 Biggies are big now

We are in the meeting room with manager temporary table. Someone of software testing students plays team lead now on his place. Yes, she can finish balloon testing job 1st to her subordinates. Camera can’t re-translate impression of these rounds being closely to your face. I believe that 19 is a true grade while previous B2Ps shown more 16 outlook.
3965 Biggies are big now
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109481 – Sock Worship Extreme

Miss Serena sits on her defenseless victim and takes off her sneakers and orders him to smell inside her smelly sneakers. She Slaps his face with the sole of the sneakers and orders him to take a deep sniff… Then she orders him to lick and smell and suck her sweaty socks while slipping his face with her feet again. The final of the session is that she takes off her socks and wants him to swallow them while she has fun with her foot slave!
Sock Worship Extreme

109549 – My Feet Deserve To Be Worshipped

I want you to recognize how amazing my soft delicate beautiful goddess feet really are. I’ll tease you while I wiggle my toes in your face while you kiss my feet a thousand times. You’ll show me exactly how these feet deserve to be worshipped. I want them worshipped every single day for the rest of my life. You will pamper them by massaging them, soaking them in a foot bath to keep them soft and pretty, kissing them non stop. I know its turning you on just thinking about it. Get down on your knees and start memorizing every little detail of my precious feet. I want you to get so obsessed all you’ll be doing is begging to worship my soles. Do you want my feet to be a permanent part of your life? Do you want to be here every day as my foot slave? Get ready to adore my feet right now.
My Feet Deserve To Be Worshipped
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