109820 – Contribute you vile specimen!

Get on your knees while you watch this fool!Far too long you’ve been skipping around thinking you actually belong on the same level of existence as normal human folk!Come on now!What possessed your thick skull to entertain such fantasies? I don’t know what’s worse?!?! The fact that modern existence allows weak fools like you to walk on the same platform as greatness? Or that you actually buy into the stupid hype that has no backing up in reality?I mean, look at you!Look at you!Pathetic vile worm!Beta at best. It’s a good thing weak-minded beings like you were given a true leader that can actually move you into doing something marginally worthwhile! Because nothing else about you is worthwhile! The only thing you can ever hope to achieve with any degree of success is tributing me. And tribute hard!I’m not talking about fly by tributes here worm! Basically your very existence is a waste of DNA! The fact that I permit you to stain the planet with your continued irritating personality is because I have decided you have some kind of use. To me! And you will diminish yourself to the very lowest echelon of existence just so you can remain pleasing to me!You pathetic moron! SubhumanDon’t ever for a minute fool yourself into believing that you are normal! Nothing about you is normal!Is it normal for you to pay to be humiliated? Spat on? I bet you I could charge you extra for the priviledge of me extinguishing this cigarette on that thin skin of yours! And you would lick the ash right up!Hah!So frikkin pathetic!Now pay up loser!On your knees in your true display of submission before your Alpha Goddess! Present your pathetic tribute to me now!
Contribute you vile specimen!
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109879 – Stomping the slave’s hands hard

You thought normal trampling with hiking boots was insanely hard? Let me use my new hiking boots to show you what really hurts! They’re brand new and the deep hard tread is still sharp edged. I push the slave’s hands to the ground and then lift one foot over his hands slowly … only to stomp down HARD on them right away. Mercilessly I stomp down on his hands again and again – and each time he’s screaming in pain and nearly jumping from the ground in pain! He’s clearly afraid I might break his fragile fingers, his hands are shaking and he’s almost in tears – but I continue to stomp his hands relentlessly. In the end I even make him kiss each boot to humiliate him even more – making him kiss the boots that just hurt him so badly! This clip contains nothing, but hard merciless stomping throughout the entire clip! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Stomping the slave's hands hard
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110201 – My hot, violet pantyhose – SD

I make myself comfortable on the chaise corner sofa and really enjoy making you horny with my violet, sexy nylon pantyhose! My ass moves closely towards your face, so that you clearly can define my g-string beneath it. You can’t take your eyes off of my long legs while my hands start stroking the soft fabric gently…. obviously! And everytime I pluck my nylons, I’m about to drive your mind even more crazy!
My hot, violet pantyhose - SD
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110204 – Workout on my slave

And again I got a grand idea of how to keep my Body fit and sexy! Instead of paying for expensive workout equipment, I’m making sports on his face instead! While I’m starting with squat units, I dip my ass on his face everytime that I come down. For a plus of comfort for me, he has to count my units. Fitness has never been more revolutionary than here and now, haha! Really, he can’t complain. Secretly he loves the scent of my sexy workout on his face!
Workout on my slave
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110253 – Fuul version.Princess Bertie and female slave

part 1.Sexy girl.Princess Bertie female slave Spanking Hummiliation(mobil version) Mistress Berty has found a new toy. On the latest party she got acquainted with a girl and decided to ask her to the house. In the morning Mistress decided to play with her. She placed Trina (a bondwoman) on the bed, did not allow her to wake up and bonded her. She stood near the bed and whipped the girl in different ways. Berty beat her on the ass, legs, back, laughed at the defenseless girl. She loves to humiliate girls, beat them and make them obedient. But the slave girl only screamed, cried and squeaked in pain. To be continued …part 2.Sexy girl.Princess Bertie female slave Spitting HUMAN ASHTRAY(mobil version) part 2.Harassment of the girl continues … Trina keeps crying and can not resist her Mistress. Bertie is very strict and can punish if she does not like something. Bertie turned the bitch on her back, put her foot on her chest, spit on her face. Trina only takes it upon herself, whines and twitches, because she has nowhere to run, she is bound, there is a collar on her, she’s like a . Bertie laughs at the girl, smokes and makes an ashtray out of her, tramples her with foot and presses with heel against her stomach. But that’s not all … To be continued ..part 3.Princess Bertie female slave Spitting Face Slapping Boot Domination(mobil version) Humiliation of Trina. Part 3. The lady decides to take a rest. She sits on the bed, makes the slave stand on her knees and makes her lick her boots. Trine tries to resist, but she is completely powerless .. she is beaten, humiliated .. Bertie spits in her face, laughs, beats and slaps her face, pulls her by the chain and does not allow the girl to resist. At the end she puts a foot on her head. Trina whines and cries …
Fuul version.Princess Bertie and female slave

110281 – Cucumber handjob danger long nails high heels

Best erotic crash high heels & sharp long nails handjob cucumber. My long sharp danger nails, high heels crush cucumber. This video worthy to watch only the best!Long, sharp nails & high heels tearing the balloon in the trash!Look what I’m doing with the ball. Also will do to you!Have you seen my long sharp nails? You lost a lot!If you have not seen, we lost a lot!
Cucumber handjob danger long nails high heels
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109062 – Cassandra’s Webmaster Depreciation – (High Quality Version)

Cassandra is a super confident woman and she well knows about all the love you have for her feet with her videos. She also knows that she is actually the number one dreamgirl, and she likes to read all your comments all around, and watch the work that we do on her vids. That was one of those days where she was actually sneaking around our website, and she was not really happy about some of our animated gif. I have to say she is a really demanding woman too. She is actually our number one, and she wants to stay there, so she calls her slave in the room, to show him again how to worship her feet! She makes him take her lovely boots off, and just covers his face with her warm sweaty white socks! She was not really happy at all, so she makes him take some deep breaths in her socks, and makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks! Cassandra also makes him take her sweaty socks off with his teeth, and just pushes both of her socks inside his mouth with her toes! She wants him to chew on her dirty socks! She also makes him take some deep breaths in her feet, and gives him another lesson about how to worship her feet properly! She makes him lick the bottom of her soles, and makes him suck on her toes like a good devoted loser slave! Another classic to add to your collection, and another Cassandra’s chapter! Really intense!
Cassandra's Webmaster Depreciation - (High Quality Version)
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109874 – Extreme meal for you, ashtray slave! (small version)

Get over here, slave! Get on your knees and open your mouth. Watch me closely as I light up my cigarette – yes of course, you’ll be my ashtray! And maybe I’ll use the glowing tip of my cigarette to burn you a little bit as well?! Did you notice the little sandwich I brought for you? Am I not a nice mistress? Always caring for her slaves’ nutrition! But before you’ll get to eat it I’ll put out my cigarette in the middle of it! Still looks delicious for a slave, doesn’t it?! I’ll give it a final touch before you can eat it … I’ll rub it through the dirty full ashtray! And remember, slave … I’ll hurt you … I’ll hurt you so badly …! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Extreme meal for you, ashtray slave! (small version)
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110279 – Für arme Versager

Du bist chronisch pleite! Zum dienen und bespielen zu arm, sogar für Videos reicht dein Geld nicht! Oft begnügst dich mit den Clip-Vorschauen. Du kannst einem schon fast Leid tun! Lady Gold hat heute ihren sozialen Tag für solche armseligen Würstchen wie DICH!! Du darfst sie bewundern und anbeten für einen winzigen Betrag in deiner Preisklasse! Kratz die letzten Euros zusammen und kauf dir den Clip, du erbärmlicher Versager! PS. Es wird nicht dein letzter sein! Versprochen!
Für arme Versager
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110153 – Paypig automatism

Best thing according to freaks like you is the fact that you are so addicted that it’s so damn easy to manupilate and reprogram your subconscious. I decided to make you act more like a real atm. But we will skip the part with the card and authorization and make it really simple: I will train you to open your wallet and empty it right in front of me whenever I snap my fingers *snap*! That’s right: Whenever you hear a *snap* you will instantly bow the fuck down to my feet and vie me everything you got. It doesn’t matter if there are $ 100, $ 500 or even $ 5,000 in your pocket because all you do is performing what you have been told like that little slut you are. Don’t think you get away with my money because I’m not in your presence! Of course you will lose your money in that case too. Listen and obey to my commands. I expect full attention and thankfull pampering and spoiling as I got used to.
Paypig automatism
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110274 – Inflatable pirate island (small version)

Lady B gets a inflatable pirate island from user. First she playing and trample woth they. She kicks the pirate like karate style with her naked feet. Again and again in his ugly face. She trample the large Palm tree and jump on the island. She wands to destroy they, but without succes. Now she take her black high heel Boots and start the game from the beginning. She kicks and trample the pirate so long until finally it is flat. She trample the large Palm tree gut without succes. Christin comes with her high heel boots and together trample and jump the Girls the pirate island completely flat.
Inflatable pirate island (small version)
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109877 – Dirty socks and sweaty feet

Look at these dirty white socks … they’re not only pretty dirty, but also terribly smelly! And obviously the slave’s face is not only going to be my footstool while I read a magazine – he’s also going to smell these dirty stinky socks! After some smelling I take off the socks and shove my sweaty toes into his mouth. He has to lick and smell my sweaty bare feet – while I just relax and enjoy my magazine!
Dirty socks and sweaty feet
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