112449 – Will i let you or will i not

There is only one question today.Will i let you cum or will i denie you? You better be prepared for everything and dont go to wild today as long as i made not my decision.I know its really hard with my hot body taunting and teasing you you keep your dick controlled. Never forget today that its only me who will decide what is best for you today. Will it be a pleasuring explosion or blue balls?
Will i let you or will i not
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112443 – Addiction To The Whip

Your mistress, a whip in my hand – you know how it sounds and much more you know the feeling when she strikes! You jerk, sometime it run freezing down your back, your cock starts to twitch, becomes hard! It makes you more than horny to be edited and used by me! Again and again I close, use every mm² as my target! I love to whip you when the whip sounds, on your naked submissive slave body! Come, lie to the mistress, take your place, on knees, naked, with lowered eyes! Complete your birth purpose and serve !!
Addiction To The Whip
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112442 – Komm her! Kriech schneller!

Los, komm her, Eheloser! Los, kriech schneller zu mir! Wie seh ich aus? Geil wie immer! Ich weiss! Ich werde gleich ordentlich feiern gehen und NEIN, du bleibst zuhause! Was soll ich da mit dir? Ich geh mir meinen Freundinnen richtige Kerle aufreissen! Natürlich nehm ich deine Kreditkarte mit! Läuft doch eh schon alles auf meinen Namen: Haus, Auto…. All der Luxus den du mir bezahlst! Nur aus dem Grund bin ich auch nur noch mit dir verheiratet! Denkst du wirklich, sonst würde ich mich mit jemanden wie dir abgeben? Du bist nur noch meine Schuhbitch! Naja, während ich jetzt feiern bin, mach den Haushalt und mach das Bett. Vielleicht komm ich nachher mit nem richtigen Kerl nach Hause und dann wollen wir in einem frisch gemachten Bett spass haben! (Custom)
Komm her! Kriech schneller!
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112344 – Lady Juli punishes slave for stealing her stuff

Lady Juli went to her slave’s room and found some of her missing items there. She had never gone to her slave’s room so he had no need to fear about her finding her lost items there. When she found them, she immediately embarked on humiliating her and she did this by spitting on his face and crushing the same face using her bare feet. It was both humiliation and torture
Lady Juli punishes slave for stealing her stuff

112332 – Stomped under my rubber boots

I’ll use your face as a doormat – to clean my dirty rubber boots on! They’re see-through rubberboots – but in the beginning they’re still full of dirt – but the more I stomp all over your face the cleaner they get! Oh, the deep tread hurts your skin? Well, you didn’t really expect mercy, did you? Your whining only makes me stomp your face harder – or I just jump on it – get my shoes cleaned and your face crushed at the same time! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Stomped under my rubber boots
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112430 – Now Mistress comfortably sits down on the slave – Part 2

And sticks legs in her mouth, spits in her face. She gets great pleasure from such humiliations of her slave, who resists and moves about. Bertie likes to spit on slaves and adores when her sweet legs are being licked. Next, she wants to beat her. The girl gets up and her feet just want to slap this defenseless and bound bitch over the face, so she stops yelling. Bertie hits the slave with wet feet on the cheeks, spits and laughs at her insignificance.
Now Mistress comfortably sits down on the slave - Part 2

111374 – Felicia’s Human Furniture – (High Quality Version)

Felicia loves to relax and rest her lovely feet after a long day with her nylon feet inside her boots, but it seems like on top of it, she loves to do it with her footslave at her feet! She just loves to use his face as a footstool, and humiliate him with her sweaty feet on his face! She slowly takes her boots off, then immediately covers his face with her sweaty nylon feet! This loser slave will now have no choice to deal with her stinky feet on his face, while she is relaxing with a glass of wine, and reading her book! Felicia totally ignores him, and just rubs her smelly feet all over his face. She also makes him stick his tongue out, so she can wipes both of her sweaty nylon feet on his tongue! This is just the perfect way to refresh the bottom of her soles. She also takes pleasure to dip her toes inside his mouth. This loser slave is just the perfect thing to use after a long working day!
Felicia's Human Furniture - (High Quality Version)
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112429 – Mistress Bertie tied her slave – Part 1

And she is sure that she will not be able to move. She does not want to be prevented from enjoying sweet torment. The miss orders the slave girl to lie down so that she can take the sweaty socks of Lady in her mouth. Then she spits into her mouth and face, smears it by feet on her face and lips. Likewise, the slave gets strong blows with a stick and screams in pain. Mistress laughs at the girl and humiliates her.
Mistress Bertie tied her slave - Part 1

112428 – An utter shitjob!

I went for a ride again. During the ride my horse let some leftovers falling on the path. To collect refuse is naturally one of the main duties of my servants. So I ordered one of my abortions to clean the forest and horse trails according to my perceptions. Someone who knows me, knows that my ideas of a cleaning action could be realy mean and sadistic – and I think, you could get a right and drastical impression on it. A showel ISN‘T what this idiot needs to collect the shit. So why does this bimbo have two blank jerking paws and a slavejab? It works perfect with that! With whips of my riding crop I speed this stinker up through woods and meadows, always being on track oft he horse thurd. Yummi! Naturally he got a proper beating so he has a long lasting unpleasant memory of this day. A day, he had a real „Shit-Job“…
An utter shitjob!
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112426 – Im the one for you!

I know im the one for you! You have a wife or girlfriend? I know that im much more beautifull than your wife! My boobs are so hot and my ass is totaly amazing! You also know this and that is the reason why you like to jerk off now! I don’t care if you have sex with your wife, because you think with me all the time, I’m in your mind when you fuck with her. In fact, you dont want sex with your wife! You want a jerk off instruction from your Mistress! Do it – Jerk Off your dick for me now!
Im the one for you!
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