111341 – 6603 Best episode

Current building has some nice places, including the roof. But there are so a lot of cameras, and guard dislikes me visiting office on weekends and bringing random young girls. Guards are envious… It’s not so cold this winter day, so girls’ hot breath explodes 16 inchers on balcony where camera gives better picture with day light.
6603 Best episode
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114312 – Humiliating tasks vs. fucking

Someone like you doesn`t fuck ! I bet you are even unable to pleasure a woman because your penis is to small or you even can`t get a boner in the right moment !? You aren`t a real man, all you need is humiliation. You prefer humiliating tasks instead of fucking a woman so I will give you plenty of them in this clip. Today you will prove me once again how much of a loser you really are. Come, buy this clip pathetic fool !
Humiliating tasks vs. fucking
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113312 – My feet – as close as never before

Let me ask you a question, do you always dream of my feet and wouldn’t you love it to press your face against my soft soles for 24 hours every day of the year? Inhaling nothing more than the warm moist air between my toes or do you prefer to admire the dirt on my soles? With this clip, you come very close to this longing desire, because I’m meticulously detailed in the details, centimeters for centimeters of my divine feet, which you would like to worship right?!
My feet – as close as never before
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113665 – This is what a real man looks like

Come here loser!Pathetic excuse for a man!How pathetic that you should think that you have any claim on getting that penis of yours anywhere near a woman?!You think someone like me would actually settle for your cock as an only option in the sack? Never mind the cock! It’s attached to you! And that is a crockpot of sh|t right there! Nuh uh! You have no saving graces at all that would make my clitty even remotely excited for you.You’d make a great housekeeper though hahahah!That’s probably all you can ever hope for if you want my approval. While I go off and have fun with better men than you. Better men that look like him. Yes! He is what a real man looks like!Tall, toned, packing some major heat. Gorgeous!Nothing like you…. ewwww
This is what a real man looks like
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114288 – Lick away the dirt and spit

Because my stupid slave is worth nothing when it comes to be a human doormat I decided to give him a better task today. My shoe soles are very dirty and I don’t like it! I spit a lot at the soles and position them right in front of his mug. Now he has to lick everything clean again. He tries to get deep into the rills of the boots with his tongue. He better does a good job because I don’t want to see any more dirty when he finishes his job…!
Lick away the dirt and spit
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114286 – Worship my hot jeans ass

My fucking hot ass is so adorable. I know that you also love it in my short jeans, don’t you…!? Come a little bit closer and take a look at these fringes. While you take a closer look I even move it a little bit more towards your face. This makes you soo horny! You love this ass and you worship it! Adore it as much as you can – like a really jeans loving worshiper should do!
Worship my hot jeans ass
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114306 – After the lessons Bertie has invited her friend to home by deceit

After which Trina was tied up, riveted to the wall. Trina did not even suspect what was waiting after her. Bertie will not have mercy upon disobedient bitches and she really wants to make Trina obedient, an obedient slave. Bertie began to hit her girlfriend’s belly and spat on her face, and this was going to continue until Trina would feel powerless. Trina regrets that she succumbed to the deception and came to visit her friend, because she did not think that she would wait for this. After extensive strikes, Trina surrenders and just stands powerless, she already agrees to everything … To be continued.
After the lessons Bertie has invited her friend to home by deceit

114305 – Erotic Cuckold Tease

He honey thanks for taking the time to sit down with me. Well i really need to talk to you. Its about our sex life… You already noticed that im not happy with our sexlife, did ya? So i was thinking about something that could make me happy again. And i really want to explore something new. So the thing is i want to go to a swinger club tonight. And we will go together BUT,… Well you will take care of my needs like snacks, drinks, champagne ect… But for the rest you will wait in the corner. While i will explore that sexy club and hopefully some sexy alphas. I will let you come home with me and hopefully some alpha cocks but you cant be in the bedroom tonight. I need it when you understand what i mean,… Well so what do you think of the dress im wearing? Is it sexy enough? Im so exited for tonight..
Erotic Cuckold Tease
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114085 – Crushed fingers or hard face slaps?! (small version)

I told the slave before that I’m going to trample his hands and fingers with my sexy over-knee boots. And if he dares to make a sound of pain I’m going to punish him by slapping his face – hard! So I begin to trample his fingers and although you can tell by his face that he’s in a lot of pain he manages to suffer in silence – until I dig one of my heels into one of his fingertips! Of course he gets punished like I promised him – and then the hand trampling continues. My heels leave behind painful marks on his skin and his flesh turns white as my full weight comes down on his hands. How long am I going to make him suffer?!
Crushed fingers or hard face slaps?! (small version)
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113487 – Cute Latina Vacuuming (FULL HD) – Fernanda

We will never forget our vacuuming fans and so also not in february! after fernanda crushed a truck there is a lot to clean up here. first she uses a broom to take all big parts together, but then its up to get the vacuumer into action. fernanda looks gorgeous btw. with a very modern jeans and her personal sexy wooden plateaus (originally bought in south america on her holidays…). and she is very playful and teasy with the vacuumer, looking at YOU sometimes… very nice vacuuming clip with a beautiful lady! clip duration: 07.24 mins.
Cute Latina Vacuuming (FULL HD) - Fernanda
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114284 – Slava – Trampling with Maximum Pain

Slava loves to make fun with her slave. And what fun if the slave didn’t suffers? So Slava decides that Alex should suffers a lot in this video. Slava wears white stockings and creamy cloak. She stomps her slave with maximum power and tries to make him maximum pain. Slava stands on Alex only on one foot and on tiptoes with her full weight (63kg / 139lbs). You can also see fullweight head standings and face standings. When the slave get a small rest Slava pushes her sweaty feet into his mouth as deep as she can. She also loves to perfoms foot gagging and throat standings. You also can see some hand trampling and other Slava’s foot domination fantasies.
Slava - Trampling with Maximum Pain
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114283 – Your Cock Has It’s Day!

Sometimes everything starts off harmlessly … Sex has never really existed in your life, when it’s awful or just with yourself! You want to change something, you can browse through porn sites, through clips, land at sissytraining, TV whores training, etc … Do you notice how it draws you in the spell, getting worse and you want ultimately only one thing: to be a TV slave, fucked and used by real cocks! Of men, yes probably. even suitors! You just want to be the little slut who wears suspenders, nylons, heels, sexy lingerie! It turns more to be fucked in the ass and in your mouth than anything else! Your dick is completely secondary matter! This belongs in a tail cage, because there he is best kept! The only benefit he will have in your life is to urinate, that’s it! Your cock will seem to you, as if it would no longer exist, it is almost air, not available! Your ass, however, only smiles after tails, he drips at the thought of it! Be my little assfucking sissy !!
Your Cock Has It's Day!
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A femme fatale (Goddess Celine) is a mysterious and seductive woman(so true) whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading them into compromising, dangerous, and situations.A femme fatale tries to achieve her hidden purpose by using feminine wiles such as beauty, charm, and sexual allure. In some situations, she uses lying or coercion rather than charm. She may also make use of some subduing weapon such as sexy red manicure,, sexy legs, sensual lips . h*pnotic eyes..Her ability to entrance and hypnotise her victim with a spell was in the earliest stories seen as being literally supernatural; hence, the femme fatale today is still often described as having a power akin to an enchantress, seductress, vampire, witch, or demon, having some power over men.Whats Goddess Celine ‘ s secret weapon to k*ll her victim today?fully fashioned stockings, stileto dangling, femlae domination, nylon slave training, vintage stockings

114281 – Smoking and Ignoring You

I need to relax a bit, so I decide to take a break. I lit a cigarette (Sobranie Superslims), while laying in bed on my pillow and playing some game on my phone. All this time, I ignore you, but I let you stare under my skirt. I feel too lazy to hide my pink thong, and, after all, I don’t care if you are around. (7:42 min)This clip includes elements of: IGNORE, SMOKING FETISH, PANTY FETISH, PINK PANTIES, STOCKINGS.
Smoking and Ignoring You
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114277 – You MUST worship me

Over 100 Pictures are ready for you to worship in this clip. Best enjoyed on loop over and over again. Every day again. Pray to me, worship every little detail of my picture perfect body. Just how it should be. You addiction will go deeper and further and this is a good way to give yourseld another shoot over and over again. I will be in your little brain in no time and forever. Get to work now. Get to worship me.
You MUST worship me
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