117049 – BM – Abusing your Addiction (Part 1-3)

$$$ Get the complete Trilogy for a special Price! All three parts in 1 Clipfile!$$$Blackmail – Abusing your Addiction – Part 1 / 3Description:A good day to you again, my little Blackmail-Bitch-Boy! Today, I have a special surprise for you! I made not only one Videoclip for you, but three! That’s right! Three magnificent pieces of heaven for you to buy. Today! Three Clips to change your life! I took some time and thought about the perfect way to abuse all your little fetishes, your fantasies, your pure lust, growing more and more by watching me. I intend to take full advantage of you! Make you addicted, make you MINE! These three are special! Never have I teased more, never though of more twisted ideas to make you exactly what I intend to: My very own personal Blackmail-Paybitch! I have even designed some delicate Tasks for you to fulfill during the Clips (remember, you’ll need all three of them for full fun!) Curious which one of you will make it till the end! Further information for these Bonus-Codes for (my) higher pleasure in the Game are also included! So dont’t wait, don’t waste out (especially MY) precious time and buy the first Clip NOW!Part II And here we go again! You have made it to this point, which means, you already liked Part 1 of my little BLackmail-Junkie-Addiction-Training and as always, you can’t get enough of it! No Problem, Bitchboy! Our second step will demand a little more commitment from your part. I will demand certain things, precious things, both financially and personally! And you will give them to me, for my offer is to tempting. You won’t be able to resist anyway. Deep down, you know it. I already do for sure, since you are reading these words. Right now, I look deep into your soul and exploit what you truly are. An obedient servant – MY obedient servant! Don’t spoil the fun by all your doubts and hesitation, it will only spoil my fun with you! ;)Part III I am impressed! You have gone all the way, bought both previous Clips and are now ready for your final step? If not, if you have been cheating, repeat watching the clips , calculate how much you already owe me, round it up, add a decent tribute and then you are allowed to enter the final stage. Here I am, the fate of your life, at least your bank account. You already know it, you feel it right now in your pants – it is already too late. All your hesitation, your thoughtful approach, pondering every single step in your head. It was all in vane! It escalated, even before you realized, in what danger you were already trapped. Now take your time. Realize, what just happened. Free yourself of all the bad energy, the hesitation, doubts, depressing feelings about right and wrong! Trust your feelings! What are they telling you? yelling at you? Give in! Let go of all doubts and meet your final fate: Be Mine!
BM - Abusing your Addiction (Part 1-3)
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116821 – Addicted to the jingle

Includes – chastity – femdom pov – cock tease – ebony – lingerie – chastity tasks – slave training Do you hear that? The jingle of this cock cage as it bashes against the keys?That is your cock you know… these keys are your cock. Made your cock leap into action didn’t it? Oooh I bet that really hurt…It’s funny how easy it is for me to get your cock to obey just by shaking these keys in front of you. Like a little remote control direct from my fingers to your cock! I love it!Since I locked your cock away you have become the complete perfect slave… so attentive. So devoted. Mmm, I love the power that having your keys gives me. In fact I want you to worship these keys! And the hands that hold them. Because after all we wouldn’t want you to disappoint me and make me have to extend your stay in chastity now would we?
Addicted to the jingle
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117045 – Lady Amy – punish and smother

Lady Amy will now show the slave who is the boss here! The loser talks too much anyway! She hold shuts his mouth and nose with both hands and does not let him speak or breathe. He is tied up and cannot defend himself against his mistress. He has to endure this breath reduction and put up with it whether he wants to or not. Lady Amy enjoys punishing her slave, humiliating her and even taking control of his life!
Lady Amy - punish and smother
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116973 – Crushing the slave’s belly under the table (small version)

I’ve wrapped my slave in cling wrap and then placed a large table over him – with one of the legs directly into his stomach! Then I sit down on the table and my full weight comes crushing down on the table leg – digging deep into the loser’s stomach. He’s in great pain and begs me to stop – but this will take a while! I slowly start to count … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … until 100! While I count slowly the slave suffers under me and constantly begs me to stop – but I don’t get off until I get to 100. Then I give him a short rest and he thinks it’s over now … but I sit down on the table again and start to count to 100 once more – but this time even slower!
Crushing the slave's belly under the table (small version)
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116634 – Seven Shoes One Session (part 3)

We never used so many shoes at one time, sometimes mean, sometime beautiful, sometimes sexy.And they are leaving nice heel marks of course. So after the trampling in every pair you can see the shoes and the marks they left on the body.In this clip i am wearing three pairs: elegant pumps with a sharp heel, white sandals with thin heels too and my dirty wedge heels.
Seven Shoes One Session (part 3)
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115545 – Charlotte’s Sweaty Feet – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Charlotte also knows about your strong addiction to smelly feet, and she thinks that your case is really pathetic! She has been wearing the same pair of white socks for about a week inside those old and filthy converse, and she now wants you to bow down on your knees, and get ready to obey all of her instructions! She totally teases you with her sneakers on, before she takes one of her shoe off and let you sniff the inside of her shoe! Donít you like that? She also takes her other shoe off, and gives you the permission to take another deep breaths inside her second shoe! The smell is really strong, but you have not seen anything yet. She is now ready to cover your face with her very sweaty and dirty white socks! She wants you to take some deep breaths in her socks, and describe her how bad you love that smell. Arenít you? She also wants you to stick your tongue out, and lick the dirty bottom of her socks, like a good devoted loser slave. Charlotte also peels her socks off, because she wants you to sniff her sweaty naked feet after walking all day with her feet inside her filthy converse! She makes you take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes you stick your tongue out again to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants you to be a good slave, and obey all of her instructions! Make sure you are doing it right!
Charlotte's Sweaty Feet - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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113533 – The Victorian Riding Mistress (FULL HD) – Lady Agatha

Next clip in our popular femdom pov series of cruel mistresses enjoying themselves by preparing for a session with her upcoming next slave! beautiful czech mistress lady agatha is awaiting her victim soon so she works through our collection of riding crop, dressage whips and everything else. she even checks out a long lounge whip. ideal for taming human horses and make them exhausted by a hard cruel training! agatha even checks out our big paddles, which she enjoys a lot as you can watch her smiling… and she loves that swishy sound some of the instruments of punishment producing… class a femdom pov clip in top quality as usual! english language! clip duration: 09.55 mins. nice price!
The Victorian Riding Mistress (FULL HD) - Lady Agatha
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116633 – Trampling 33

This is a film in which the girls stand on guysí heads. At first just one, then they stand two at a time. Once there were even three girls on top. They are in stockings and one is wearing socks. Then another guy joins the one on the floor and the girls start walking the length of their bodies but focus especially on their heads. Then a third guy lies down. One of the girls starts reassuring the ones that are apprehensive by telling them to imagine that they are walking on rocks, not heads. Then one guy gets a special gift: ten feet suddenly appear on his face. Another guy who wants to balance the girls on his head lies down. When two of the heaviest ones (62 kg. and 67 kg.) climb on him, he momentarily loses consciousness. You can see this in the 14th minute of the film. He gets a bit scared and asks the girls to walk over his back instead. All 5 get on at once without any problems. But the girls donít have anything to hold on to so they move up against the wall, where they feel more stable. Time: 18,51 min.
Trampling 33
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116966 – Sexy girl 051 Lady Betty spits in the mouth

Sexy girl 051 Lady Betty spits in the mouthThese young beauties all have the same thing in common. They all love spit fetish. They like to use something as harmless as spit to make slaves and losers obey them. They like to use it as a form of punishment and at the end of the day, get their way without resorting to using pain. They like to spit on slaves and make them lick and swallow the spit.
Sexy girl 051 Lady Betty spits in the mouth

116976 – Smothering the slave under riding pants

I’m done riding for today – now it’s time to use the slave’s face as my saddle! I’m still wearing my riding pants and riding boots when I walk into the living room with him. I use a belt to whip his ass and order him to lie down on the floor so I can sit down on his face. He’s struggling for air under my ass, but his struggling only means more whipping for the loser!
Smothering the slave under riding pants
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116963 – Girls are pouring the guy with loogies!

Girls are pouring the guy with loogies! Saliva covers his face, nose and mouth. Sexy girls smoke and enjoy the humiliation. The slave sits on his knees and is obliged to obey the girls. Betty, Bertie and Julie are sitting on the table. They are above the slave and consider him a nonentity. The slave is happy and catches every saliva on his face.
Girls are pouring the guy with loogies!

116820 – We need to talk

Includes – pov- ebony – mindfuck – cuckolding – taboo – hot wife – hot wives – erotic taboo – cheating confessions – entrapment – plans to cheat – blackmail fantasy – home wrecker Here honey, I brought you something to drink. I thought you might appreciate it, especially as you’ve been so stressed out lately with this project.Ah, I know it’s over-running so I’ll leave you to it. But I have something I need to talk to you about. When can we do that?Oh you have time now? Ok…Well, you see hon I just needed to let you know that I love you and I love being married to you. I’d never dated a white guy before I got with you, but you changed my mind about all the things I used to assume about white guys. But lately you’ve just been off sex with me. It’s got me worried…So I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I couldn’t help it…I went on your computer and checked out your browser history… Big black cock porn hon!?!? Are you serious?Is there something you need to tell me? Are you gay?What?!?You’ve been thinking about ME having sex with a black guy? You couldn’t get the thought of my exes out of your mind? Are you serious?Wow!Yeah… I’ve thought about it… But I took our vows very seriously. Forsaking all others and all that…Oh c’mon sweetie don’t push it. Yes I still remember my ex’s phone number. You know if I call him he’s going to want to fuck. He’s a dirty fucker… but the sex was so good! Don’t dare me to do it… I will you know…Last chance to back out of it…You can’t be serious…..If I make this call right now there’s no going back you know…There’s no taking it back…You’ll have made your wife cheat. All while your head is buried in your ‘project’…*Picks up phone and dials a number from memory*”Hello, is that Bayo….?”
We need to talk
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117015 – Alena – Shoes Worship [retro]

This is old video with Alex. Alena loves and really enjoy when boys licks her feet and shoes. Alena just came home after night party. She is tired and wants to relax and get some pleasure. She tells Alex to kiss and lick her feet in white shoes and white stockings. Alex loves Alena’s feet very much and tries to make her happy. He licks and smells her feet in white stockings. They are sweaty and smelly because she was all night on foot, but Alex loves it too. Then Alena tells the slave to lick and suck her soles of the shoes. They are dirty from club and streets but Alex so much likes it and tries to lick it very carefully. Alena is really excited and now can go sleep at last.
Alena - Shoes Worship [retro]
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