113329 – Loser since High School!

You are addicted to your goddess for so many years now, even in high school you knew that you were nothing more than a pay bitch for me. At that time, I’ve pushed you to your limits. My sexy outfits drove you insane while your concentration for the lesson was gone!Even today you are still addicted to the bank account draining! Those draining are the only thing that give you the pleasure and kick that you need so much! Paying, jerking, transferring money let yourself be fucked by your goddess! Buy this clip to get your personal highlight! Afterwards you will be thank me for this wonderful kick!
Loser since High School!
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115119 – Lady Betty decided to go to the pedicure service today

and enjoy a rest in the evening, go to a party and relax in full. She came to the young girl and got down to business. But this girl did her work very bad. She demanded money for this terrible work. Betty will never tolerate such an attitude toward herself. She grabbed her hair and tied this sloppy girl in her own bed. Betty began to poke fingers in her mouth, so that this bitch could get what she deserved and understood to whom she raised her voice. Miss Betty humiliated her as best she could, sat on her, spat on her and after that … she left her tied up, even without realizing that this bitch liked it a lot!!!
Lady Betty decided to go to the pedicure service today

111542 – 4466 I was wrong

I already tried it. Old balloon did not survived 2nd compressor blowing after flying away and deflating. This time Katya had to do a lot of job. She almost deflated it after initial extension to let compressor add enough air to not to wait half of an hour. Anyway, machine job passed. She blew it well and occasionally released, but was lucky to capture quickly enough. D*mn, Katya herself blows as a compressor! Anyway, she lost hope a bit and was offering S2P, but. Yes, she won in a B2P way. Trying to sit on it could hurt backbone after falling.And you know what? I was thinking that Gemar GD220 is kinda 22. Something possible to blow. But actually its rated as 80 cm (31), so was more like 36 when exploded.
4466 I was wrong
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115129 – Vintage car under my cute high heels

Another valuable model car from a fan’s collection – this time it’s an expensive vintage car. I walk in on the guy playing with it – but I’ve other plans with it 😀 I slap his hands off the car and then immediately start to dismantle it under my cute black heels. One piece after another is torn off the car’s body and crushed under my weight. In the end even the metal chassis is crushed flat completely! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Vintage car under my cute high heels
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115018 – Drink my smoky spittle

You tiny loser will do some nasty tasks for me now… and one of them will make you inhale my cigarette smoke. But that’s not all – you will swallow my spit too! But don’t think that I will spit right into your mouth… No! This would be too easy and too nice of me. Instead I will allow you to watch me smoking my cigarette and how I spit right into the ashtray. Can you already see the nasty soup which is collected there now…? So much spittle mixed up with ash! But now there is enough soup inside the ashtray – and so I will use your mouth next! And I will mix up some ash with my saliva in it too! Come on and swallow it – how does it taste…? This is just the beginning! At the end you will drink the complete ashtray until it is empty!
Drink my smoky spittle
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114799 – Valentines Day – Your role is to pay!

You got less than a week left to keep up with my preparations for this big day. What I’ve planned? Well, this day has been planned FOR Me of course. Let me tell you what will happen step by step and how YOU can finally make yourself usefull and serve my needs and plans until Valentine’s Day! For all the little Cuckies out there! I’m planning a huge surprise for you! Just for you and my pleasure, so listen carefully what needs to be fullfilled by YOU during this new week!
Valentines Day - Your role is to pay!
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113977 – Charlotte’s Distraction – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Charlotte is actually a good friend of mine, and she didnt know at this time about my foot fetish. She came at my home to watch something on the computer, so we were both in front of the computer, but she was really confortable, and her feet were actually really close to my face face with her sneakers on. She was just coming back from a long working day, so I was just dying to take those lovely sneakers off, and sniff her sweaty nylon soles! At my surprise, she asked me to take her sneakers off to be a little more confortable to watch that episode on the computer. Her nylon feet were now really close to my face, but she didnt really pay attention to it. The smell was really strong, so I just tried to bury my nose in there, without she could see me. The smell of her feet was so strong. Sweaty and stinky! I also tried to stick my tongue out to catch a few licks at the bottom of her feet without she could noticed, but she actually caught me. I thought I was in trouble at this time, but at my surprise, she told me that she knew I actually have a foot fetish and also knew about my foot fetish website. Charlotte starts to rub her sweaty nylon feet all over my face. You wants to smell them? So dont be shy, sniff them! Does it turns you on? I know you love that! She makes take some deep breaths in her sweaty nylon feet, and also makes me stick my tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylon soles! This clip was actually kind of a first experience clip. That was really intense! There is just nothing like sweaty nylon feet fresh out of sneakers after a long working day!
Charlotte's Distraction - (Full HD 1080p Version)
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114886 – Slave’s a doormat for muddy hunter boots (small version)

I just got back from a lengthy walk in the woods and my beautiful red hunter boots are covered in mud and dirt – perfect to torture the slave with them! I order him to lie down on the floor with his chest bare – then start trampling the loser brutally. In between I order him to stick his tongue out to get the soles cleaned on his mouth – before the merciless trampling continues. Of course in the end he also needs to lick the dirty boots again and then wipe the floor clean in front of my eyes. What a pathetic living doormat he is! This is a non-exclusive custom clip for a fan. If you want me to do a custom clip for you contact me at marissa@madamemarissa.com!
Slave's a doormat for muddy hunter boots (small version)
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115127 – Conditioning To The Chaste Crawler – Part 2

The first week in complete chastity is now behind you! You were chaste? You were a good slave and you did not trouble the mistress ?! Repeat: I am the chaste slave of Mistress Lady PinaPunish! That’s enough for you last week and you’ll continue to do that! This will be the most important sentence in your life: I am the chaste slave of the mistress, Lady PinaPunish! Next step: You will learn from me, what you absolutely need for the 3rd part! However, you will not be inactive today! Because except your cock, you finally have more regions where the mistress likes to play !! 😉 IMPORTANT: THE CAGE WILL BE DIRECTLY WEARING AFTER WATCH THE CLIP !!
Conditioning To The Chaste Crawler - Part 2
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115126 – Mistress Natalia – Human Doormat

Mistress Natalia uses Alex as a human doormat. Her slave is lying on the floor near the door and waiting until she find some use for him. Mistress Natalia decides to go out. She takes her blue boots and notice that they are dirty, because Alex didn’t clean them in time. Now she will be clean it on the slave. She put on her shoes and place her feet on the slave. Then Mistress Natalia began to clean it with brush. When she is finished she decide to trample her slave with her full weight (70kg / 154lbs). It’s very hard for Alex to endure all this pain, because he lies on the tile floor and the soles of Mistress Natalia’s boots are very rough and cruel. You even can see very clear pattern of her boot’s soles on the slave. Especially good footprints are leaves on Alex’s body when Mistress Natalia stands only on one foot on him for a long time. And she loves to see this pattern on the slave.
Mistress Natalia - Human Doormat
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113501 – Whipcracking In The Mansion (FULL HD) – Lady Danica

Next clip with beautiful brunette mistress LADY DANICA! she is dressed in a shiny pvc secretary outfit wearing also shiny high heel pumps. and its about playing with and cracking whips…and lady danica is not a shy one when it comes to whipcracking…some ladies or even mistresses are sometimes a lil bit affraid when cracking a long bullwhip or so cuz they are affraid to hurt themselves, but not lada danica… first she is playing with a shorter snake whip before going over to a hunting whip, then up to our deer leather whip and then our very long brown bullwhip – bringing them all down with loud cracks… very fearful or slave? yes…cuz YOU know when a lady can play in that way with whips she can handle it and she could even whip YOUR body all over… 🙂 clip duration: 07.02 mins.
Whipcracking In The Mansion (FULL HD) - Lady Danica
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